I Found You

After Tiaras dramatic break up before her dad's past Tiara wasn't much of
Relationship person

But when she is dragged to a party by her best friend Jessica it all changes

She meets Justin the rebel who doesn't care for anyone

But soon as they discover a deep relationship

Tiara figures out some of Justin's deep secrets.


5. You didn't mean it anyway

I yanked my and away "well, I didn't need your help" I spat at him then stood up brushing myself off. He rolled his eyes. "Really? You could of fucking died if it weren't for  me. Your such, such a bitch." His face was full of hat and disgust. "Yeah like you even meant it, you can stop the act its not working." I crossed my arms on my chest. "You know it's girls like you that keep guys like me away. You act like your all innocent and like your the one who's always getting hurt. Wy don't you take some fucking time to know someone better than go ahead and judge them. Wow I was stupid trying to give you a chance. A guy like me could never hook up with a girl like you." He yelled. I scoffed at him. "Hook up? That's all that matters to you, have you ever thought of that maybe that's why you were never in a real relationship. With you it's just fuck then bye. Like your throwing away a pice of garbage and waiting for the truck to pick it up and drop it at the dump so you can forget against it and move on." I rolled my eyes for like the one-hundredth time today. "Forget you. I don't need you, there are plenty of more sluts in this school anyway." He started walking off. My anger just rose up and exploded out off my head. How the hell does he have the nerve to call me a slut. What. The. Fuck did you just call me.?" I spat. My hands turned into fist. "Did I stutter? I called you a dirty slut like every other girl in this school, worthless and desperate for someone to chase after them." He stopped walking. I came closer to him. "So you only saved me and gave me your number, cause you thought I was a slut?" I said. He walked closer to me too. "Pretty much." He answered with narrowed eyes. Furious, I walked even closer to the bitch and yelled in his face. "Don't you dare call me a slut bieber because unlike your other victims I don't go around sticking my parts in people face for pleasure. And atleast i could in a relationship." I yelled fit at his face. "Yeah well atleast when I do have a relationship I doesnt end up with my dad dying." He yelled back. I looked down. That broke me. It-it killed me. How did he know? Why would he hold something so personal and hurtful against me." He looked up at me. "I didn't mean I-". Before he could finish his sentence the echo of the smack i planted on his right cheek surrounded the dark alley. "Fuck you Justin Bieber" I said. And with that I walked out quietly sobbing. Knowing that I got hurt again by a guy who I didn't even date. 


I figured I was gonna go home since I spent 2 hours in a dark alley with the biggest dick I have ever met. My mom was probably in her bed right now. Like she said grandma was a handful. I pulled in the driveway and walked into my driveway.  Then I walked I into the house. There was no sign of my mother so I walked into my room. The wind from the window hit my skin which caused me to shiver. I sat on bed and dried my wet eyelashes. I needed to call Jessicq, more importantly I her. She was the only person that could help in a crisist like this one. Immediately, I called her. "Hello?" She said. "Look, Jess please don't be mad at me i need your help." I pleaded to her. "It's okay, I'll be right there". She said in a cheerful tone. I smiled widely then said "Your a

lifesaver." With that I hung up. I finally had someone to talk to about everything. Different thoughts flew through my head. I had to get over Justin. I knew I would, at least with Jessica's help. I had way to many problems already, with justin it all just made it

worst. I couldn't just obsess over a boy who never noticed me until I walked into that party looking like a total slut. He was just like the others, and none of them deserved a girl like me. People like him were garbage, they didn't see a normal person through there eyes, they saw a new victim, a new crime. And after they get what they want they look for a knew victim to start the whole cycle over again. And I wasn't gonna let that happen, at least not to me. My thoughts were interupted by a pair of arms wrapping around me. Jessica had barged into the room giving me one of her "I missed you so much!!" hugs. "What's wrong boo? What did

 he do now? Are you okay? Tell me EVERYTHING!" She took a breath after her last sentence. "Breath Jess, it's a long story." I explained the whole thing to her. From my grandmas house to the present. "What-what the fuck is wrong with that two faced ugly ass jerk! I can't believe he could do something like that." She yelled. "Believe it Jess, he's the player of the school, I wouldn't have expected anymore than that." I told her. "Whatever who needs him. You don't even have to move on because you still haven't been there. You and justin weren't even a thing. So don't even let him get to you." She said leaning back on my bed. She was right I already told her I wasn't gonna pay attention to that dick anyway. I was done with him....;forever 



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