I Found You

After Tiaras dramatic break up before her dad's past Tiara wasn't much of
Relationship person

But when she is dragged to a party by her best friend Jessica it all changes

She meets Justin the rebel who doesn't care for anyone

But soon as they discover a deep relationship

Tiara figures out some of Justin's deep secrets.


7. We should go our separate ways

Justin grabbed my hand and rushed me out the door. He ran me almost 7 blocks. Damn he could run. I was loosing my breath by the second. I finally stopped running "Justin I'm tired" I tried catching my breath. Suddenly justin came to me and grabbed my body and threw me on his shoulder. He continued running. I was freaking out. This was the closest i was to justin and It kinda felt good. And I didn't know where the fuck he was taking me. Justin finally stopped and layed me down on the grass of the park. "What are we doing here"? I asked him. "I had to get as far away from the bar as possible. The cops can't find me or they'll lock me up cause of my record." He layed down next to me. "Your parents can always bail you out right?" I turned to him. "It doesn't always work like that."He answered sighing. We stayed silent for a moment. "Anyway we probably should go our separate ways. You can't be around me for top long anyway." He said standing up. I leaned on my elbows. "And what's that's supposed to mean?" I said standing up. "I mean that you can handle all of this it's way to dangerous for you so we should probably just stay away from each other." He said slower. "Oh so you apologizing back there was just a way of telling me to get way from you." I said putting my hands on my hips. "Hey I'm doing you a favor. Stay with me for to long you'll probably end up in jail. You don't look like someone who could handle that." He said. "Oh you don't know what I've been through." I said. "So your telling me that you've spend time in the slammer." He asked. I looked down. There was a lot of things people didn't know about me. "Your a fucking asshole." I yelled. "Why do you keep doing that!" He yelled. "Doing what." I asked. "Getting made hating me. I try so hard so you won't hate me." He said. "Yeah doesnt seem like it." I said refurring to the earlier conversation. "I'm trying to protect you!" He said. "Why would you want to do that." I said. "Because I-I like you." I froze. "This is such a joke. Why would you do like me. After everything really your supposed to hate me. You act like a jerk to me h-" I was interupted by a pair of soft lips on mine. My body flew right to a magical place. It was like sparks and chills flew through my body. Justin wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer to him until our bodies touched. He bit my lip asking for entrance. I hesitated but allowed him. Our tongues wrestle in out mouths. After a few minutes we let go. He rested his forehead on mine. "I like you Tiara, as much as i shouldn't I do." 

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