I Found You

After Tiaras dramatic break up before her dad's past Tiara wasn't much of
Relationship person

But when she is dragged to a party by her best friend Jessica it all changes

She meets Justin the rebel who doesn't care for anyone

But soon as they discover a deep relationship

Tiara figures out some of Justin's deep secrets.


1. The Party

It was dark in the closet. I was looking for an outfit for Nelly's big annual party tonight. Not that I gave a damn, I was getting dragged by my best friend Jessica. Yup, she's forcing me to go to a party full of drunk guys who pick up girls. The regular boys I have to deal with at school. "TIARA, JESSICA'S HERE!" My mom yelled from downstairs. I rolled my eyes. Don't get me wrong, I love her its just that when it comes to party's she gets to excited. And she has a sick obsession of getting my a "fella". I'm not much of a relationship person, since after what happened with Carter before my dad pasted. My footsteps on the steps echoed through the room. Before i made my last step Jessica already was heading up my room. With a sigh I headed up the stairs again. "So...what are you going to wear for the party tonight?" She said while jumping on my bed. "I don't know and I don't really care." I said sitting down on my purple computer chair. "Come on Tiara have some fun for once, you can't keep living in the past. I know it hurt you but you have to move on." I knew she was right, but after what happen my trust in love disappeared and faded in the air. I don't know how to trust anymore. I looked at Jessica for a minute then looked down. She knew I was upset so she changed the subject. And walked to my closet. "How about this?" She asked and held up a short sparkly hot pink top and denim shorts. "Too slutty". I said while giving her a disgust face. Her style of clothes sometimes scared me, you should see the things she wears. I looked at her long leather jacket and her pink tutu that she was wearing. "Just give it a try..pleaseeeeeeeee!" She said flashing me her puppy dog face. Something about that face always made me cave in. "Fine". I said snatching it away from her. "But don't get used to this." I warned her. "Don't worry, I wasn't planning to." She answered at me with a "do you think I'm stupid face". I rolled my eyes at her then left the room and entered the bathroom.

Jessica switched the radio station then looked up at me. "What's with the face T? Oh come on you can't still be mad I'm bringing you to Nelly's party." She said in disbelief. I didn't answer and just kept looking at the road. She scoffed at me. "Stop being such a fucking baby, this party's gonna be fun okay." She said. "By fun you mean sluts and whores walking around with beer bottles shoved down there mouths." I said glances at her then doing a double take. "No, I mean music, dancing, snacks." She took a pause. ".......Boys" She smirked at me. I gave her a sarcastic laugh then pulled into Nelly's street. I noticed cars parked almost all the way down the street. "Holy shit". I murmured. "Awesome" Jessica said. "Park there" She said pointing to an empty spot across from the party house. "You ready?" She asked me with a wide smile. "Not really". I said pulling the keys out the ignition. "Your coming you here me young lady?" She said. She got out the car then opened the door for me. I yelled as she suddenly yanked me out of my seat. Nearly falling on the street I slapped her then moved away from her. "Come on" She said while grabbing me and dragging me across the street to the lawn of the house. The loud music echoed though out the whole neighborhood. I walked slowly behind Jessica towards the front door, which was already open giving access to any outsider looking for a good party. I walked into the crowded house. I was surrounded by familiar faces and getting squished In between every body dancing. "JESSICA?!" I yelled. Great i had lost the only reason i came to this stupid party. I glanced in front of me and a saw a room at the end of the living room. I made a run for it, wanting to get away from all the chaos. I wish I was at home in my quiet room. I wish I didn't let Jessica convince me to coming here. I walked into the room, which I thought was empty. There was a group of boys of boys in the corner. They all got quiet as they saw me enter. One tall dirty blonde caught my eye. He was tall and was wearing a leather jacket , black t-shirt and high top sneakers. "Well look what we have here." A brunette one said to the rest of them while smirking at me. "A lil girl" another one said. "Really cause last time i checked we were all the same age, maybe not the same IQ but still the same age". I said giving them a sarcastic smile. "Ooo we got a feisty one in our hands." The brunette one said. "And a sexy one" another one said. "What do you say we head to my crib." He asked. "I rather cut my fucking legs off" I said rolling my eyes. "No need to be a bitch". The dirty blonde one said. "Whatever". I said then headed back to the crowed party.
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