I Found You

After Tiaras dramatic break up before her dad's past Tiara wasn't much of
Relationship person

But when she is dragged to a party by her best friend Jessica it all changes

She meets Justin the rebel who doesn't care for anyone

But soon as they discover a deep relationship

Tiara figures out some of Justin's deep secrets.


4. It's A Small World

 Tiara POV

i was driving to my grandmas house to meet her "new cat". Yeah my grandmas kinda crazy, everytime she gets a new cat she invites us over to see it. My mom was already there and waiting for my arival she says she's not comfortable staying alone with grandma for a long time. I pulled up in the gravel driveway then killed the engine. The sound of my heels hitting the ground got louder as i rushed to the door. I rang the doorbell not willing to wait so long outside. My mom opened the door and whispered through her gritted teeth "your late". "Sorry" I whispered. "TIARA!"'grandma yelled while fast walking to me. For an old lady her speed was incredible. "Hey grams." I said embracing her in a hug. "Oh here wanna hold em?" She held out the orange-furred creature that was in the middle of yawn. I can imagine how long grandma keeps him up. "Aw he's adorable, but I'll pass." I gave her a small smile, trying not to hurt her feelings.  "Oh well then you can feed him. Sally can you grab the milk from the fridge!" She yelled from the across the living room. "Your all out ma!" My mom yelled right back. "Aw, TeeTee can you be a doll and go pick me up some milk?" She asked popping a smile, which she knew would crack me. "Sure." I wasn't gonna disagree, anything to get out of this akward episode. "Oh honey, if your leaving dont take the care you'll need the rest of the gas to get home." My mom said walking into th living room. I gave her a nod and headed out the door. Walking wasn't the problem, I need the excersise after laying in bed and thinking about everything that's been going on all this week my room has been my life. I walked down Bellmen road which lead to Eas road. There was a Quick Mark at the end of Eas road. As i got closer to my destination i heard blasting music coming from the nearest neighborhood. Probably another one of those worthless party's. I remembered the  shortcut through the small alley my grandfather use to take me through to get to the park. I decided to take a trip down memory lane and take the shortcut this time. I remember how my gramps used to squeeze my hand when I got scared in the dark alley. I entered the alley and noticed nothing has changed from the last time I came here. As I got farther into the alley i heard voiced a bottles crashing. I didn't know if I should turn back or just ignore the noises and make-believe they were never there. I just kept walking at faster pace. "HEY!" The voice screamed. Holy shit, I was doomed. "Baby where you going" The figure got closer to me and is as that it was the brunette guy from the party. His breathe smelled like a mixture of marywanna and beer. His other friends were against the wall. Justin was looking at me with cautious eyes. I glared at him. I automatically thought to myself that this was Justin's fault. The brunette came closer to me until his body was pressed against mine. "What's a matter babe, you scared?" He gave me a chuckle then brushed the back of his hand on my cheek. "Get the fuck off of me!" I screamed. But he was right i was terrified in the inside and on the outside I was acting like i didn't give a fuck. "Oo your feisty, your gonna be a fun one." He grabbed my waist. I knew it was it, I had not chance. I glanced at justin he gave me a signal to push my knee up. As much as I didn't want his help he was. My only hope at this moment i had to. I pushed my knee up hitting hit where the sun don't

shine. "YOU FUCKING BITCH!" He yelled. Before i could run he grabbed neck tightening his grip. He was chocking me, he was.      

basically killing me. My eyes were almost shutting me. This was it. The end of me. Right when I thought it was the end the 

brunette calllasped to the ground. I gasped for air, trying to recover. Someone grabbed my hand and dragged me towards the

exit of the alley. They stop wallking. I finally caught my breathe and noticed who it was, it was justin. "Are you okay." He asked. 

I just nodded. "Why'd you help me?" I asked. "What are you talking about? You almost died." He said in disbelief. I didn't say anything. He was still holding my hand. But I didn't pay much time to it. I was shivering, but not cause i was cold, but because I almost got raped and i almost died. I was scared, scared for my life. Justin noticed it and he squeezed my hand reassuring me that nothing was wrong. Just like my grandpa did. And the weird thing is, it had the same affect on me. 

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