I Found You

After Tiaras dramatic break up before her dad's past Tiara wasn't much of
Relationship person

But when she is dragged to a party by her best friend Jessica it all changes

She meets Justin the rebel who doesn't care for anyone

But soon as they discover a deep relationship

Tiara figures out some of Justin's deep secrets.


6. I know you hate me

I walked into the school wearing leopard print legging an off shoulder blouse and short boots. My usually look. Everyone was at there locker either trying to find something or making out with someone. I walked up to locker 34, Jessica was already at her class. She said she couldn't get to home room late anymore because Mr. Lambert threaten to give her detention for the rest of the year. I placed my sweater and purse into the bottom of my locker. My locker was so crowed that I had to make current placed for everything. A loud slam came from further down the row of lockers. I turned my head to the right. Not a surprise, it was Justin. He looked at me, his face had a purple bruise on it. He looked at me furious. He glared at me then walked away. I felt kinda guilty. Maybe I went to hard at him, but it still wasn't right for him to mention my father. It was none of his god damn business anyway.  I made my way down the hallway, until my body bumped into another figure. "I-I'm sorry." He said. It was Danny Handem from the football team. "Tiara? Right?" He said throwing me a smile. I felt kinda akward. Danny was cool, but I didn't really know him like that. "Yeah. Well we better get to class". I said trying to get away from the tension. "Wait, why don't I take you out tonight. I mean it is a Friday." He said smirking. He was really cute and I did need to get my mind off Justin somehow. "Sure, um pick me up at 8". I gave him my address then we said our goodbyes and headed to class


school was akward and frustratating. Justin was in half of my class and Danny kept looking at me with hungry eyes. It was frightening and unpredictable. Also I think that Justin noticed that because he got angrier than he already was. It wa 7:55 and I was finishing up putting my mascara on. I was wearing a skirt and a purple blouse. The sound of the doorbell echoed through the house. I fixed the strap of my heel than ran down the stairs. I slowly opened the door revealing Danny dressed in a black t-shirt and black jeans and sneakers. "Ready to go?" He asked smiling. I nodded and walked into his blue jeep with him. The inside of the car was dry and hot. Danny placed a pair of shades on his face before staring the engine. I eyed him, but then moved my head towards the windshield when he looked up. "So where are we going?" I said shyly. You couldn't blame me, this was my first date in a long time and I was a little frightened. "Just a little place I like to go to, at the end of Morrow." He answered me smirking cheerfully. Wow. We are going to a bar. I was surprised and not at the same time. I knew Danny was different but he was a jock, and jock's will always be jock's. He pulled up on the side of "Otto Only Bar" at the end of Morrow street. I left the car almost tripping on the tip of my heel. "You okay there?" He asked chuckling. "Yeah"  I knodded then entered the crowed bar with him at my side. "I'm gonna go get us some drinks why don't you go find us some seats?" He said before dissapearing into the crowd. Everyone from school was here, and when I say everyone I mean everyone. I took a seat at a booth at the corner of the bar. The music was blasting through each of my ears. I noticed a girl wearing a skin-tight dress dancing with Justin. They were practically grinding on each other. Way to ruin the night. This isn't what I wanted AT ALL. I just wanted to relax and talk to someone. But instead I'm in a bar with a guy I barley knew and crowed with everyone from school. Danny came with two beers

in his hands. "Thanks." I said placing to the table. He curled his lips into his mouth. "So you wanna dance?" He asked. "I'll pass." I said. "Okay then. Um well I'll be back." Danny jumped from his seat and went onto the dance floor. I shouldn't of came here. I glanced around the room. And spotted justin leaning against the bar. He looked at me. He eyed me up and down. I kept my eyes locked on his. After a few minutes he broke out gaze. It thought he was gonna continue his twerk festival but instead he came up to me and took a seat across from me. I gave him a confused look. "Are you lost?" I asked. He shook his head. "No, not at all. Actually I think I have gotten to my destination." He winked at me i scoffed. "Look I know you hate me. And I don't blame you. I am apologizing. And take it for a guy like me, I never apologize. I takes some balls. Im sorry for talking about your dad. And now that I know how hard you slap I won't talk about him again." He rose his hands in surrender.  I was silent for awhile, I let his words sink in. "Okay"". I said firmly. He smiled. "So who you here with"? He asked taking a sip from his beer. "Danny." I said. "Your kidding right? That ass crack? Yeah like that's gonna work out." He shook is head in disbelief. I sarcastically laughed. "What are you some sort of physic?" I crossed my arms. "No I just no things". He assured me. Doubt that. Suddenly Danny came up to us and pushed me over then sat next to me. "Looking good babe." He wrapped his arm around me. His breathe smelled like liquor. 'Who's the dumbass?" He pointed over to Justin. Justin glared at him. "I wouldn't be talking dumb fuck". He roared at him. Danny ignored him. "Come dance baby. And maybe later we could have some fun". He winked at me. Justin rolled his hands in a fist which made his knuckled turn white. "I said know already." I moved away from his touch. "I said come dance you lil bitch!" He yelled. The whole club was eyeing us. He grabbed my arm and tighten his grip then pushed me up to my feet. "Get the fuck off of me! Your hurting me!" I cried. Justin stood up. "Let her go Danny". He said. Danny pushed him and he fell to the ground. Justin chuckled then stood up. "You shouldn't of done that". My eyes widen as justin grabbed the pistol for his jacket pocket. "Give me the girl." He said. Without hesitation Danny pushed me away from me. Stumbling i landed him Justin's arms. Justin gripped my waist then rushed me out the door. 



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