I Found You

After Tiaras dramatic break up before her dad's past Tiara wasn't much of
Relationship person

But when she is dragged to a party by her best friend Jessica it all changes

She meets Justin the rebel who doesn't care for anyone

But soon as they discover a deep relationship

Tiara figures out some of Justin's deep secrets.


2. Call me

He was a jerk, what am I saying they were all jerks. Then they have the nerve to hit on me? I cursed Jessica for telling me to put these clothes on. Those dogs couldn't keep there eyes off me. Where could Jessica possibly be now. She's the reason that whole episode even happened. I headed towards the hallway. After getting stepped on by the girls at the snack table, I finally got to it. "Jessica". I yelled looking around. I was anxious to find her just to convince her to leave. "Jessica!" I yelled again. "Jes-" My head bumped into something. "ow!" I held my head. "Watch we're your going dumbass". I said, moving my head out of balance. "Sorry babe." The voice said. Oh shit... I recognized the voice. "Great just what I needed." I rolled my eyes. "Hey you bumped into to me." He said. "Whatever just leave me alone." I started walking down the hall. "What hold on, why in such a rush?" He asked holding me back. I moved away from his touch. "Like it's any of your business." I said crossing my arms. He looked at me from over his sunglasses. "Look I didn't do anything no need to be a bitch" he held up his hands in surrender. "I'm looking for my friend, she's the whole reason I'm in this mess". "You mean her?" He pointed towards the bar table. I turned my head and saw a totally drunk Jessica standing on a table with a shot in her hand. "Fuck. My. Life." I said turning back to him. "What's the problem she's just trying to have fun." He told me while smirking. "Yeah not so fun when you have to clean up her vomit. You have a totally different defenition of fun, unlike you I don't drink and have sex for a living". I told him. He raised his eyebrows at me. "Listen, you don't even know me." He spatted. I could feel his anger. Which caused me to fire up a little also. "And you don't know how glad I am that I don't". I smirked at him and leaned back mimicking his actions. "You know your cute when your mad." He said. I scoffed at me. Suddenly he took out a marker from his pocket. "What are you doing?" I asked, but he ignored me and pulled my arm out. He wrote down seven numbers on my arm. "Call me." He said with a wink. "Yeah, don't count on it". "JUSTIN" A voice from down the hall yelled. "YEAH" he yelled back. "Come on man, the bar is full of 12th grade girls having fun"The voice called out. "That's my cue". He said. "Yeah have fun" I said in a sarcastic tone. Justin vanished off to his little group of man whores. Wow pathetic. I looked down a my arm. Great soup and water won't get this off. "WHOA!" Someone yelled. Oh shit it was Jessica. She was struggling to get off that bar table in those heels. I ran towards her. "Jess what are you doing?" I whispered to her. "Having fun" she said with a giggle. Yup I was driving tonight. I grabbed her arm and dragged her to the front door. All eyes were on us, but I didn't really care at this point. All i cared about was getting out of this house and getting this ink off my skin.

The sunlight peeked through the blinds waking my eyes up. I looked around the room. Jessica was on the floor wrapped around in my moms "special" fuzzy blanket. All the memeries from last night suddenly flew through my mind again. I looked down at my arm, the numbers were smudged but still visible. I thew a pillow at Jessica. "Wake up". I said. "Huh?...What?" She said while standing up on her elbows. "What happened last night?" She asked in a sleepy voice. "Well I met some jerks you got drunk and almost broke your leg." I said in a normal voice. "Ugh! Do you hate me?" She asked sitting criss-cross on the floor. "I was but now I-" Jessica gasped. And darted to me. "Is that a phone number?" She asked griping my arm. "Who's is it!?" She yelled. "A pathetic manwhore."I said. "No give me a name!" She said desperately. "Justin" i said firmly. She paused. then dropped my arm. "Justin......Bieber?" She asked. "I don't know maybe." I said shrugging my shoulders. "Oh my fucking god! T do you realize what is happening. Justin is the baddest of the bad in our school and for you to be seen with him will boost up your popularity by atleast 50%." She said so fast she lost her breathe just finishing the sentence. "Yeah whatever, I'll never be seen with that jerk, you should of seen the way he treated me. I'm not gonna be his next slut." I preached out to her. "You have to call him." She said. "Not in this lifetime". I said crossing my arms. She took my house phone out of its base and started dialing the numbers on my arm. "No! Stop!" I yelled. But it was too late.... "Hello?" Justin's voice said
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