Summer Love

Jessie is an average 18 year old until she meets someone that completely changes her life. The relationship takes a turn and goes downhill. What will happen?


1. Summer

I woke up at around 12:00 am, got up, stared into the mirror and looked at myself. It was normal. Blue hair with black dip-dye, dark blue eyes and of course braces. Braces were what ruined my life. I always had good stuck in the brackets and my breath would stink. Just then, I got a text asking to meet at the lemonade shack. My friends and I work there, Jenna, Jayden, and myself Jessie. I showered and grabbed some short peach coloured shorts and a black tank. I added aviator sunglasses and a cowgirl hat, ooh don't forget the boots. You see, I was the type of girl who was really touchy about makeup but really deep down I had a thing for the country style, I don't know why but as soon as I saw a cowgirl hat I would go bonkers and drive my friends insane. I looked at the time. 17 minutes to spare so I decided to leave my apartment and head to the beach. And by the way I live in Miami. It was always beautiful in Miami no matter the weather. Well of course rainy days brought me down. But I would go to the beach about 2-3 times a week and it would never get boring. Since I had time to spare I got all of us some snacks and iced coffes and teas. I knew for a fact Jayden and I loved iced tea. I arrived and they were just pulling in. Perfect timing. I waved to say hello but all of a sudden I was knocked over by some sort of mob running after some guys?? I couldn't see until one of the 5 guys helped me up and said "oh my gosh. Are you alright?? Our fans went wild and literally trampled you" I looked into his dark brown eyes and said "no no I'm fine.just one thug what is your name?" "Liam" he said. I shook his hand and said "nice to meet you" he replied saying "It's my pleasure. Now would you like anything to drink?? Come on ill take you to the lemonade shack" I laughed and said "That shuts where I was headed, in fact I work there" I could see his cheeks turn bright red but I reassured him it was fine. He didn't know. My friends finally caught up to me and asked "you good?" I quickly said "yea good as ever" with a big grin. Liam was still holding my hand pulling me behind him to the shack. I asked if he wanted anything he said "no thanks ill see you later I guess?" "Ok" i said cheerfully. After he was gone I sat down and got to work the line just got bigger and bigger. This would be a day.
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