Summer Love

Jessie is an average 18 year old until she meets someone that completely changes her life. The relationship takes a turn and goes downhill. What will happen?


4. Stolen

I woke up all sweaty from that dream about kittens. Liam and I were in the meadow when 4 kittens came before us, there was a man with a knife... Picture the rest yourself. I can only tell you I was the only one who made it out alive but in my effort to save Liam he slashed my arm leaving an increasingly large red line on the length on my left arm. I was happy to know it was all a dream but with all the dreams I've had lately this one definitely meant something. I had to be careful. I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth, washed my face with that new cleanser mom bought me and brushed my hair. I realized I had my clothes on from yesterday so I grabbed my towel and went for a long hot shower and pulled on my doll-like turquoise dress with a bow on the back, black hanging earrings that looked like chimes and black flats. I skipped downstairs and asked mom what she was cooking. "French toast, bacon, eggs, and ham. While she was cooking I grabbed 2 glasses and filled one with milk for me and one with orange juice for mom. I knew she was lactose intolerant. I had the French toast, eggs and bacon, I didn't really have a thing for ham. I took my mom's glass and plate and my glass and plate and placed them in the dishwasher. I ran upstairs to get my phone and I had a message from Jenna   'To: Messie Jessie,     Hey wuddup. You know THAT GUY on the beach who helped you up? Why were you guys just stating at each other for like 2 minutes, it's like you guys knew each other for 1 million years and finally met again.  From: Jen'      I don't know what to say to her. Should I tell her I like him? Or keep it as a low profile. 'To: Jen. Nothing much just relaxing. Nah he just stared at me so obviously I stared back and I guess we just say there for a minute or two gazing.   From: Messie Jessie'.  That's when I got a text from Liam but it wasn't Liam it was one of the other boys. It said 'Hey love come meet me and the boys at the beach. We're gonna have a picnic on the cliffs.'  'I can tell you for a fact this isn't Liam. Give his phone back or else. He never says love to me nice try Harry. 😉😂'   I got a quick message back 'how do you kno- < that's Harry the boys "hacked" my phone while I was sleeping sorry Jessie. I was wondering if you wanted to meet me ALONE somewhere between you and me and that means not even your parents can know ill tell you where we're going once you say yes'   I wondered where we were going to go so I texted back 'yes' he told me all the deetz 'Starbrook Cove. It's very secret and I don't think anyone else in Miami knows about except Niall and I. Yep we haven't even told the boys. So what you say?' That sounded great no paparazzi or screaming fans could possibly find us. 'Sounds amazingly awesome' I packed some things and put on my swimsuit under neath my dress just in case. It was a one piece. I was insecure about my body sometimes. What can I say, most girls are! I was hoping to be the first one there but from the look of it, Liam looked like he'd been her for over an hour just walking. I walked up to him and he embraced me. "I want to tell you something Jessie" I smiled "what is it Liam?" I hoped to god he would say that he liked me "um..., I really like you. If you don't feel the same way that's ok I understand but I seriously think I have feelings for you and I was wondering..." I knew what he was gonna say so I said yes and wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him in for a sweet and quick kiss. "I feel that way too Liam" that's when flashes of the kitten scene came crashing into my head. I screamed and hugged Liam tightly. "What's wrong Jes?" He held me tightly in his arms. I told him about my dream and he comforted me. It felt totally right when he held me. It ended when he realized he had to go to the pharmacy and pick up a medication. He left and I was stuck with 4 other boys. I heard someone coming downstairs and they say next to me, I looked over and saw Harry. "What is it love?" I had been staring. "Nothing" I sighed and turned to talk to Harry again but instead he pulled me in for a kiss. I obviously didn't kiss back I pulled away and slapped him. Hard. "What the hell do you think your doing? If you think we have a connection well you're wrong Styles." I went to walk out the door and crashed into Liam. I fell and he stood tall. He helped me up, I gave him a peck on the cheek and told him I was leaving. I was never going to mention anything about what just happened. I was almost stolen. Stolen by Harry from Liam. Almost Stolen.




short chapter I know sorry. I need 2 characters for the next chapter. Just comment your name, hair colour, personality and some interests. :)

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