Summer Love

Jessie is an average 18 year old until she meets someone that completely changes her life. The relationship takes a turn and goes downhill. What will happen?


7. Mondays

It was Monday when I woke up. I wanted to skip school so badly, university just wasn't my thing. I loved to dance. But, if my dad paid for something he expected me to use it, so I guess I was stuck with university for 3 years. It was 5:00 am. I showered under hot water, it relaxes me on Mondays and any other stupid days like them. I put on a lot of makeup because I was never the prettiest one in the crowd. I took out my makeup bag, applied some eyeshadow and made the smoky eye effect. I then used foundation and blush. Last, I applied a thick strip of eyeliner which made my eyes look way bigger then reality. I almost forgot my mascara and lip stain. I straightened my hair then curled the bottom. It was now 6:00 am. I sorted through my closet and decided on a short yellow sunshine dress and turquoise heels. I took a bit of time after that trying to style my hair into a waterfall braid and this time, it actually came out successful. I checked my phone and my mentions were blown up by followings and tweets from (let's just say mean Directioners) and I brushed it off and left for uni. It was kind of awkward because in a couple of days I was moving in on the campus just next door to this uni and I didn't even know one person here. I told myself I had to make at least one friend today, but take ended up being really hard because of the transitions. It was one class to the next. My only chance of finding friends was at lunch. This was my schedule. 1st: Spanish 2nd: English 3rd: Language Arts 4th: French 5th Law *~*Lunch*~* 7th: Chemistry 8th: Art. I stumbled from class to class lecture to lecture. In every single class or lecture I was at I had at least 2 boys staring at me and not paying one bit of attention to the speaker or teacher. One or two of them have me they're number but I told them I  had a boyfriend. Lunch came around and I met 2 people. Nyla and Destiny. Nyla was quiet and crazy at the same time but destiny was really really shy. I only got a couple words out of Destiny like what dorm she was staying in on campus and what she studies. But, Nyla was sooooo fun to hang out with. We realized we were sharing a dorm on campus and it was miraculous. After uni I took her shopping and texted Liam. To: Loki's Daddy. Hey I'm at the mall with a friend care to join babe?  To: The style masta   As much as I would love to babe I can't. We're recording for the album and I can't come. Ill make time this week though ok baby?  To: Loki's Daddy. Ok DD. :D love you lots   I slipped my phone in my pocket and chatted with Nyla. 


*~*Liam's POV*~*

I got a text from Jessie To: Loki's Daddy. Hey Im at the mall with a friend care to join babe? Great perfect timing. I was at the studio. I wanted to see her again but I knew I couldn't, I would be letting down everyone. I texted her back To: The style masta   As much as I'd love to babe I can't. We're recording for the album and I can't come. Ill make time this week though ok baby?I



 got a quick reply saying To: Loki's Daddy. Ok DD. :D Love you lots    I replied but got no message back. She had her phone in  her pocket just when I needed to tell her something. Come on Jessie stop being so cheeky, I thought in my mind. I swear she

 was acting sorta weird lately and so was Harry like something happened between them. Eh. I blocked out the thought and got back to work. I sang these songs for Jessie. I don't think I've ever sang with so much emotion. After I came out of the recording box I saw Harry with his head in his hands crying? He was crying. Why? "What's wrong Harry?" "Look man I.... I.... Kissed Jessie" My heart dropped. "Did-di-did she k-k-ki-kiss back??" "Look no. She didn't. She pulled away and she ran and hit into you at the door. Look man I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I just- she's just-" "ok ok I know you're sorry and everything but please just shut the hell up I really don't want to know about how beautiful you think she is. She could be my wife in the future. Who knows." "Yeah. Li I can tell you really like her. You should ask her out." "We're dating smart one." I slapped my head.  The day was long. I was tired of Harry trying to always get the girl. 


*~*Jessie's POV*~


I drove Nyla to her house and returned home with 4 huge bags of clothing and shoes. Makeup and sunglasses. I checked my phone and realized I had a text from Liam To: The style masta :D You're cute. I like that. This made me laugh. I decided not to text him back until tomorrow. I organized the merchandise I had just bought and had to buy a new makeup bag for all themakeup I bought. I went into the bathroom and stayed for about 10 minutes doing things. I decided to text Liam. To: Loki's Daddy. Get to my house as fast as you can. Please Liam I need you. I didn't even get a reply, just 5 knocks at the door. I opened it to reveal Liam with a worried look on his face I pulled him upstairs and say him on my bed, I sat beside him. I had changed into an oversized long sleeve sweater and white tights. I pulled out my right arm to reveal cuts. That's what I was doing in the bathroom. "What?" Is all I heard form Liam. I turned his head to my arm and he just stared in silence. I got up and grabbed the front of my head and pacing yelling "LOOK IM SORRY OK. DONT GET WORRIED. IM FINE. I SELF-HARM BECAUSE OF HOW MANY TIMES I'VE BEEN CALLED NAMES. YIU CNAT DO ANYTHING SO DONT EVEN TRY." I fell and collapsed into a ball and slides into the corner and then cried. Liam walked over to me and embraced me. I clutched his shirt and sobbed. I looked up to see Liam staring down at me. "Why would anyone insult you and call you names? Do they know that you're my world? My love?

A piece of my heart? " "no Liam stop." I covered my ears. Liam took me to the doctor to aid my cuts. I just got a bandage and blood work done. I saw a worried and strange look on the doctors face. He told me I had to get more tests. After the tests I left  with Liam by my side. Everything was good. But this Monday was going to change my life. forever.


*~*Liam's POV*~*


She got her tests done and we left. We would get the results ASAP. And ASAP was 2 hours later. We drove to her house and cuddled in her bedroom. We watched some TV and I did a twitcam with her doing my makeup. We ended the twitcam when she got an email. She told me to read it. I was shocked. I called the doctor and put her on the phone. I couldn't say it. 


*~*Jessie's POV*~* 


"Jessie Demetria Quaint... You have cancer" I dropped the phone and stared at the computer screen staring at the word cancer. My life was ruined. Liam held me in his arms and started crying. I just sat there. Dumbfounded. I collapsed out of Liam's arms and fell the the floor. I was thrashing wildly and when I stopped I was unconscious. I had a seizure.

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