Summer Love

Jessie is an average 18 year old until she meets someone that completely changes her life. The relationship takes a turn and goes downhill. What will happen?


3. Meet n greet

*Jessie's POV*


Liam texted me saying he wanted me to meet the guys so if we all went out we wouldn't be uncomfortable. I checked the time. 10:14?! I was supposed to be there in 25 minutes! I took a 10 minute shower and threw on yellow shorts, sky blue toms and shirt with a sun on it, shades and a black shoulder bag. I left the house texting my mom saying 'meeting someone, met a guy at the beach and he wants to introduce me to some friends'. 'Ok just be safe and what's his name?'. 'Liam from one direction?? Ever heard of it?'.' Ah yes. Just be careful.' .' I will goodbye mom'.

I checked the adress he gave me and programmed it into my gps. I pulled over to change into my dc shoes because the toms were getting uncomfortable. I pulled up to the "house" and had to walk about 400 metres into bushes just to get to it. It was hidden very well and was enormous. I almost fell through the frame while leaving against the door but someone caught me. "Wow could've hurt yourself there love" I looked up and realized it was Harry stuck my hand out and said "hi harry my names Jessie." He smiled and told me how liam talked about me all the time. I blushed at the facts. Just then, 4 boys and 2 girls came rushing down the stairs screaming "LIAM LIKES A GIRL CALLED JESSIE" I stood there arms crossed and glared at Liam. He punched Zayn in the arm and walked over to me. He whispered in my ear "sorry I know they have big mouths but I thought I could trust them, lets go for a walk in the woods" I shrugged and waited outside, we left and for about 3 minutes was complete silence. I broke it by finding a meadow and laying there. Liam stared at me confused and just shrugged and layed beside me. We stayed there talking for about 25 minutes when we saw 4 little kittens. All of them had blood on their fur and one or two possibly had eye infections. We ran up and each grabbed two bringing them back to the house. I yelled "get to the car now" I hopped in my car and drove to the nearest animal hospital. They cleared them up and said "you have a choice, keep them or shelter them" we decided to bring them home. Liam and I got the black one, Eleanor and Louis got the orange one, Zayn and Perrie got the brown one, Harry got the black and white one while niall got the white one. Liam and I fought over who should keep it this week, I wanted him to keep it but he wanted me to keep it. He ended up keeping it. I left and went home. Fell asleep in my clothes and had 1 dream. It was about kittens, 4 of them.

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