Summer Love

Jessie is an average 18 year old until she meets someone that completely changes her life. The relationship takes a turn and goes downhill. What will happen?


6. Life got worse

It was a Sunday. How I hate Sundays. It's the day before Uni. The only thing I like about Sunday is that I get to work at the beach. I texted Liam and asked if he wanted to come. He said 'sure' and I knew the boys were coming and their girlfriends as well. I guess I was one of them now. I had a cold shower and put some makeup on. Just a tip of eyeliner and mascara. I pulled on a bikini and over top I had neon high shorts, a tie up denim jacket and a white crop top. I added flip flops and a Hershey's cookies n cream hat. This outfit was weird. But, I'm weird. I decided not to buy any drinks and instead a slushie and tea maker for the stand. It was a 45 minute drive today because the traffic was very heavy. I finally got there and fortunately, Liam wasn't there yet. I brought the slushie and tea maker over to the stand and my friends Jenna and Jayden and they gaped at me screaming "NO YOU DIDN'T" I just walked over, placed the machines in front of them and said "oh yes I. Did." I plugged them in and made 4 slushies and 4 teas. 1 for each of us and 1 for Liam. I saw him walk past and screamed "LIAMMMMMM IM OVER HERE YOU DIMWITT" he walked over and laughed. I shoved the tea and slush into his arms and said "Drink it". It took him about 7 minutes to finish both the slush and tea. He handed me $4.oo but I said "hey hey what do ya want? It's on me." He took a pink lemonade with a curly straw. I told him we had to open soon and I couldn't talk until my shift is over. Instead, he jumped behind the bar and yelled "I CAN'T LEAVE JESS. WE'RE GONNA WORK. DAMN HARD" I burst out laughing and told Jayden she could go hang with the boys and Liam agreed. She was the hardest working. As the day went by I found myself getting closer to Liam. He was a great worker and made it really fun to work. As the day ended I counted all our sales. $1074. Not bad, we had about 750 customers today. Liam oohed and ahhed. I told him it was probably one of our worst days. I closed the door to the bar and went for a dip. I pulled off my shirt and shorts to reveal my bikini. Liam pulled off his shirt and we held hands and ran into the gleaming sunset. Scratch that the gleaming water. I dipped under the water and so did he. I made a rock sign with my hands and stuck out my tongue. He showed a heart with his hands and I pulled his hands down and pulled us up back to the surface. I swam to shore and as soon as he was out he grabbed me and carried me into the water. I giggled and laughed. We stood there staring at each other while I got the nerve to put my arms around his neck. He then put his arms around my waist and we kissed. It was about 1 minute long. Our moment was then ruined by 4 boys and 4 girls each of them holding a hand. Zayn with Perrie, Eleanor with Louis, Harry with Jenna and Jayden with Niall. They yelled "GET A ROOM" we broke apart and stared at them confused. I replied "And how do we do that?" We all burst out laughing and ended up in the water with water guns, ringy thingies, pool toys and a blow up zebra. Liam and I left them to have fun. I left my clothes off and dried my bikini. It was my car! "Hey wanna have a blacklight party at the boom box?" I said. Liam nodded and I drove to the party store and bought glow in the dark shorts for 30 people, blacklight blow up animals, balloons, favours and paint. Lots and lots of paint. We hooked the boom box on the phone and yes I put on shorts at the party store. Liam came to my house and met my parents for the first time. They loved him and he loved them. I knew out relationship was safe with my parents. Him and I wrote out the invitations for 30 people and hopefully all of them came. The invitations said: "WE'RE HAVING A BLACKLIGHT PARTY!" And on the inside it said "come join Liam and Jessie for their blacklight party on the 26th of September at the boom box from 5 pm - 12 am! Bring some glow sticks and glowing makeup to stand out! The next week everyone had RSVP Ed and the party was on. It was on. But my life got worse after that. Way worse.

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