Summer Love

Jessie is an average 18 year old until she meets someone that completely changes her life. The relationship takes a turn and goes downhill. What will happen?


8. I had to tell them

I woke up in the hospital. The light was blaring in my eyes. I tried to speak but no words came out. I tried again and I was able to muffle "where?". As soon as I spoke a figure bolted upright and stared at me. I blinked a couple times only to see that it was Liam. "Are you ok? Hello? Jessie?" I was deep in thought about what happened yesterday. "Liam what happened yesterday? I mean before this happened to me?" That's when it all came back to me. "We'll uh you were diagnosed with lung cancer, had a seizure and remained unconscious so I called 911 and the ambulance brought you here and your in the hospital bed right now!" I just sighed and shut my eyes. "What'd they do to me?" I didn't know what they did I was unconscious. "Well… they ran tests, gave you a couple shots and transferred you here." I sat up in bed taking in what all of this meant. "Liam. I have cancer. I hate university. I'm no where near pretty. Why do you stay?" He stared at me with enlarged eyes "I stay because even if you have cancer and hate university I love you for who you are and I don't care how ugly you think you are, I just want you to know how beautiful I think you are. All the others are-are snobs. They just want me for popularity and-and fame. None of them are like you."  I stared at the wall. "Liam I don't want to live. I will die. Soon enough. This world is a world of torture and cruelty. God's kingdom is about faith love and hope. If I die please don't cry for me. Don't join me. You don't deserve to." He stared at me with wide brown eyes. "Anything for you. Anything." 

At that moment a nurse came with my mom and dad. I sat up in bed and Liam told them what happened and sat with his head in his hands pulling his hair. Hard. Why did he have to suffer for something that happened to me? Why? It's unfair. Unright and unjust. But he still stays. "Jessie are you alright? Your story is quite scary." Dad said. Mom shut him up and said "It's ok we know you're going to get through this." She said through tears "Now I must teach your father a lesson on emotions." And with that she left Liam and I laughing in the small room. Liam and I shared secrets and moments. We shared out best parties and worst nights. Our drama stories and friendship breaking stories. It was a lot of fun but I just couldn't say the words "I love you" it was too early. Way too early. I asked for food but Liam stopped me from eating hospital food so instead he brought me a breakfast sandwich and bottled water from the cafeteria. I was discharged that night but I had to have a lung transplant in the next year or I was surely going to die. They posted my info onto the donor site and instantly I had 4 people wanting to donate. The doctors checked over they're profiles and it was bad news. None of them had great working lungs. And one of them was a baby. Imagine that a baby was going to die soon. A little child that has no experience of life. Imagine what the parents might got through , what the whole family might go through. I wanted to save that baby's life but no I couldn't. I wasn't Jesus or God. I couldn't work miracles or save lives. "Jessie? Are you ok?" I must have been day dreaming for a while. "Nim fine just day dreaming Liam. Oh my gosh. I haven't told Jayden or Jenna yet. We have to call!" "No were going to announce it at the party. At the end of the blacklight party. Ok" "Fine" I said. I HA debentures through my first day of knowing I have lung cancer. I did it👆.

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