Then She Met One Direction

Blake Taylor was possibly the most innocent, unspoilt, untouched and kindest girls around.

Then she met One Direction.
And with them came destruction and trouble.

The innocence in Blake evapourated into thin air and within a month, she'd already: Broke her neon pink lava lamp, lost her job, recieved a slap from Eleanor Calder, called her best friend a slut (and meant it), and er, lost her virginity.



2. My Milkshake Brings All The Boys To The Yard

One Direction stayed in the Cafe for about twenty thousand years.

Not literally, but it sure as hell felt like it.

Not that i really minded being dragged over to their table by Riley, plonked in a seat next to Harry Styles and constantly winked at by him. The others would occasionally give me the once over, and It made me feel sorta sexy the way they were looking at me all suggestively and NOT Riley.

To be totally honest, they were all really nice and cute to us both. We mostly talked about fans and all that shit, the weirdest things that had ever happened and stuff like that. I felt like a bit of a stalker because all we talked about was them and what they did...but it wasn't like mine and Rileys lives were all that exciting.

Louis was so funny, he had me constantly creased. He didn't even have to try and somehow me and Niall, were the only ones who weed ourselves everytime he opened his mouth. It became apparent that Louis and I were quite simular; we did silly things for the humour and entertainment of other people. I liked that.

Niall was the cutest little irish teenager i'd ever met. For whatever amount of time we sat with them, he came out with the most adorable things, random and pointless stories and like i said, laughed at Louis at least every twenty seconds. 

Zayn...well he was a bit weird. He didn't really say much and instead he just listened and occasionally laughed. I never expected him to be the quiet one but he was Yeah, shy i guess. It was a bit dissapointing because he's just so so so beautifully perfect i could eat him. Hmm.

And Harry, well. 


"So, tell me about you, Blake." Harry murmered, his voice close to my ear. I shifted away from him a little, my cheeks flushing bright pink again. Damn him and his sexy mother fucking voice. I was way too innocent, what with all my blushing.

"What do you want to know?" I asked quietly as the others carried on chatting to Riley. It made me wary that Harry always chose to speak to me privatley when the others were already mid conversation.

"Well, tell me about yourself." He stated, gesturing with his hands. "How old are you? Are you a professional dancer? I'd be suprised if you weren't."

I smiled, the corners of my lips pulling up into a small grin. "Yeah, not really proffesional, but i can dance i guess. I'm nineteen...uh, yeah."

I was so bland. Fuck.

Why wasn't i more interesting...(sad face)

"Nice." He mumbled. "Anything else? Anything crazily interesting?"

I sighed and jutted out my bottom lip in thought. "Nope. Not really. Unicorns are fascinating, i guess."

He cocked his head to one side. "Unicorns?"

I nodded. "Yeah, they're so cute."

"You like unicorns?"

I frowned. "Yes."

"Why?" He questioned.

"How can you not?!"

"They aren't real."

I gasped. How dare he.

"Were not friends anymore." I snapped.

"We weren't friends in the first place." He answered back cockily.

"Fine." I muttered. Cheeky little shit.

"You're really pretty." He said suddenly, changing the subject completely and taking a sip of his milkshake which was nearly completely drained. I felt more blood flush to my cheeks and goosebumps rose on my arms.

Woah. Wooooah.

"Uh...thanks." I mumbled, scratching the back of my neck and diverting my eyes to the ground. 

I was so not used to boys telling me that. Only Riley told me that. And my mum. Sometimes.

But still. He hated unicorns...

"You think i tell lots of girls that, right?" He murmered softly. I just nodded. Of course he bloody did. He was Harry Styles. "And how many girls do you think i give my number too?"

My breath caught in my throat yet again.

He was giving me his number.




"I guess..." I looked up at him. "Not many?"

"Exactly. Especially when i don't know them very well and they haven't really given me much reason too, other than the fact that they make great milkshakes." He winked.

"Then, why give it to them?" I asked cautiosly, sitting back in my chair.

Harry bit his lip sexily and ran a hand through his glossy curls. He shrugged carelessly. "I dunno really. Sometimes i just feel that i have to or i could be really missing out on someone wonderful."

Someone wonderful.

"I assure you i'm not that." I told him, shaking my head.

Harry shrugged again and pushed the sleeves of his shirt higher up his arms. "Well, that's a risk i'm willing to take. I'm giving you my number before one of the other boys does, okay?" 

"Before one of the other boys does?" I breathed, my eyes widened.

"Yeah." He lowered his voice further. "You don't really think we came in here because of the milkshakes, did you?" 

I stared at him.

I didn't get it. 

Why would you come into a milkshake cafe if you didn't come for the milkshake.

"I don't get it." I said plainly, continuing to hold his gaze.

Harry rolled his eyes and smiled. "You're funny. We came in here because of you dancing slutty on the tables, you idiot."

OH. Now i got it.

"Oh i see." I nodded, biting down on my lip softly. "Hmm. Well, if it draws in customers, then maybe i should do it more often!" I exlaimed.

Harry looked satisfied as he smiled broadly and closed his eyes. I stuck out my bottom lip with confusion and when he didn't turn and look back at me, i made a 'humph' sound and picked up his empty glass in a hurry before stomping to the counter.

I looked up at the strawberry clock while i was there. The four lads had been in the Cafe for an hour. A friggin' hour!

I had a good mind to go over and throw them out. 

But that would just be idiotic. 

So the boys didn't come into the cafe for the milkshake. They came in because i was dancing like a weird ass whore on the table. Literally, my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.

As i was about to make my way back over to the boys table, my blackberry vibrated on the counter. Stopping in my tracks, i frowned. Who'd be texting me? I don't get texts.

2 messages actually.

The first from Tracey. Sugar Tits.

I'm coming back early, bet the cafe was quiet 2day. Tidy and finish up early.

Oh good god. I recieved that like 20 minutes ago and the Cafe was an absolute state.

And the second one was from a random number.

Guess whoooo?? Get your arse back to this table now! hazzzzzzza xx

I looked up at Harry who was slouched lazily, his feet up on the trashed lemon shaped table. He just nodded once at me, and then i realized that Riley had given him my number already. What the hell!

Okay, i wasn't even annoyed.

Actually, i was quite glad.

Harry Styles had my number, it could be worse.

I walked back to the table and slammed my hands by Riley, who was engrossed in conversation with Niall. She looked up at me with shock, her big hazel eyes full of suprise.

"What?" She asked slightly bitterly.

"Tracey is coming back early and wants this place tidy and locked up." I told her. At the sound of Traceys name, Riley was off of her chair like a shot and staring at the boys with panic.

"You're going to have to go," She explained. "Sorry, our boss is coming back."

"She's really scary," I elaborated, when none of them looked like they understood.

"Ahhh, love that." Louis mumbled, letting out a cheeky burp and apologizing quickly. "Well i'm meant to be meeting Eleanor at....6 anyways, so i need to go. Perfect timing. Caaaam on lads."

I watched with slight sadness as all of the boys stood up and shrugged on their jackets and coats. Harry spent longer pulling on his jack wills quilted jacket, his eyes lingering on me for longer than necerssary.

As they left and said bye, all carefree and what not, Harry hung behind. By the time all the others were out and Riley was behind the counter, he came to my side. "Expect a call, Blake." He muttered quietly, before sauntering out of the room with enough sexiness to kill.

Expect a call, blake.

Yep. Thats right, i'm expecting a phone call from Harry Styles.

Me. Blake Taylor.


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