Then She Met One Direction

Blake Taylor was possibly the most innocent, unspoilt, untouched and kindest girls around.

Then she met One Direction.
And with them came destruction and trouble.

The innocence in Blake evapourated into thin air and within a month, she'd already: Broke her neon pink lava lamp, lost her job, recieved a slap from Eleanor Calder, called her best friend a slut (and meant it), and er, lost her virginity.



1. Milkshakes And Other Sexual Fantasies


I slammed a fresh vanilla milkshake down on the bright pink counter right as the chorus of 'Bubble Gum Bitch' began to blare through the cafe speakers.

"CREAM!" I shouted over the music, throwing my hands into the hair and grinning. I flipped my head down and threw my red hair back from my face, a small smirk set on my peachy lips as I rose back up.

"C-reaaam!" Riley yelled, her back too me as she tossed the dented can over her shoulder. I unecessarly bent my knee's and leapt into the air when it was meteres away, catching it effortlessly in my fingertips.

Spinning on my red converse, i shook it in time with the beat and then sprayed a generous amount of glorious white whipped cream ontop of my vanilla masterpiece. Reaching down to the 'decoration' shelf, i grabbed the first thing that my hand came into contact with, which was a box of caramelized cherries. I picked out the biggest, juciest one i could see and plopped it ontop.

"You want this one Ree?!" I yelled down to her, cocking my eyebrows. 

She was on a diet, but screw that diet.

"Indeed i do Blakey babey," She smiled, resting her elbows on the counter and blinking her big hazel eyes in my direction. "Slide that baddun up here will you?"

I made a small pout with my lips and grabbed the base of the pretty glass before pushing it perhaps a little too enthusiasticly up the marble side. Riley's eyes widened as it crashed into her hand and sloshed all onto the floor. I covered my mouth with my hand and bit my lip.

"Oops." I mumbled sheepishly. "Don't tease me."

"Idiot," She muttered, flashing me a toothy grin and lifting the glass to her lips. "Perfection as always," She frowned. "Why are mine never as good as yours? I swear to god, teach me before i get fired."

I laughed. Yeah, like my milkshakes were better than hers. 

Me and Riley had been best friends since forever and we'd been working in Baby Milkshake since forever also. We worked for possibly the scariest woman ever, but when she was out and it was quiet, we had the biggest blast ever. Today was one of those days. A rainy, drizzly day in London. Nobody was out shopping which meant no milkshakes were being ordered. By my book, that was bloody fine! Marina's sweet voice, my sweet milkshakes and my best friend were perfect, thankyou very much.

Oh and out of the two us? She was the prettiest. And more talented. And better milkshake maker. Period. 

She was also the naughtiest, sexiest, sluttiest one out of the two of us. I mean, she'd had sex with ove 15 boys for godsake, while i'm their staying nunish. Infact, i've considered moving to a nunary. I'd fit in well at one of those!

I didn't mind though. I was kinda proud to be the good one. Well, it had its perks, anyways. 

Sometimes, though, i liked to be risky. Today was one of those times.

I walked over to the blaring speakers and turned the dial. Louder. The room shook, and it almost felt like a sweaty club in there. If there had been more people and a whole lot of boys, we could literally pass it for some kind of candyfloss stripper joint.


She was right. We would be skinned.

I shrugged and hopped up onto the counter, swinging my legs over and landing gracefully on the other side. "She's out for the day!" I shouted happily, throwing my arms into the air and lifting myself up onto a table. The tables, by the way, were all made out of marble and were in the shapes of fruits. They were all pink and they were insanely cool.

Even cooler with me doing my perfected dance moves on top of them.

I began so sway my hips in time with the music. It was only 'Sex yeah' that decided to play next, which probably suited her much more than it did me. 

I ran my hand through my hair and snaked my body down to the table. Being a dancer certainly had it's slutty on fruit tables when your boss is out.

If anyone was walking past the shop window right now, they'd think i were mad. Batty, even. It probably looked even more slutty that i was wearing a floral bralet and the tightest pink jeans ever...

"SHIT!" She shouted. "SHIT SHIT SHIT GET DOWN!" 

I don't think i've ever got off of a table so fast in my life. 

My ankle twisted on the way down i was trying so hard to get my feet on the ground. "Ow wanker!" I muttered, clutching it. I looked up at her with wide eyes. The music was off all of a sudden, but our boss was nowhere to be seen. "What?" I asked, dumbfounded. Was she just being a dickwad wind up merchent?

"Customers. Famous customers." Riley hissed. I felt my big dark eyes widen. 

"DAVID BECKHAM?!" I yelled, leaping up from my seat and sprinting to the counter, slamming my hands down on it with such a force that it actually hurt.

"No, you idiot. Look!"

I spun around on the soles of my feet and peered out of the huge pane of glass, wanting so badly to see David Beckham. At first, i saw nobody but a few grannies. Then i scanned along to the menu bit outside and i saw five boys, who i was about 99.9 percent sure went by the name One Direction.

"Is that One Direction?" I asked, cocking my head to one side and staring at them.

One, two, three four, uh, five.

Curly...blondey, stripey shirt....uh, and baseball jacket. 

99.99 percent sure.

Wait! One was missing! The boring one...Liam?


Was it really them or where my eyes playing tricks on me again? Once i'd been walking down the trafford center in Manchester and i swear to god i saw David Beckham. When i went at a full sprint towards who i thought was the sexiest man alive, i shortly realized that it was actually just some random guy who looked extremely scared of me.

"Yes, it fucking is!" She snapped, grabbing hold of my denim jacket and yanking me behind the counter. I stuck out my bottom lip and frowned, shutting the little counter door behind me. 

"Why are they here then?" I asked, slipping my bum onto the side and shimmying up. She watched me with confusion at how calm i was behaving. I suppose i should have been jumping up and down or something? "If they come in, you serve them. Boybands are scary. Especially after they have just been watching me dance like an idiot on the watermelon table."

"Scary?" She asked, staring at me. "Are you for real? And oh, i'm sure they enjoyed it. Not sure how long they were there for, by the way. Shall we go out and see them if they don't come in? Why the fuck isn't Liam with them? What the hell."

"No." I mumbled, shaking my head. My hair fell around my face messily, all tangled from the dancing i'd just been doing. I didn't really care much for One Direction. Only David Beckham.

"P-lease! They are like fucking gorgeous and amazing and so nice! Talk to them with me, at least if they come in please!" She begged, running over to grab my wrists. My eyes snapped down furiously to look at her hands on mine and she quickly let go. She knew i hated being restricted.

"They're coming in now." I stated simply, looking away from her with a sigh. I was teasing, of course. I'd definately want to speak to them. 

But i was no directioner.

Riley on the other hand...

"I'm going to faint," She muttered under her breath. 

I rolled my eyes. "You will not faint." 

"I will."



I laughed and the door swung open. 

The four boys came in with a bang.

"I was literally loving it!" The curly haired one near enough shouted. "I had her there and i was just like yeah bitch you s- oh."

Yeah. Oh.

"Hello ladies!" Stripey shirt greeted us with a smile, Louis, i think was his name. I'm lying, i so know his name. How could i not know his name? They were on the X-factor for godsake.

"H-hi." Riley said, running a shaking hand through her dark hair. I could see her whole body trembling and honestly i found it so amusing. Riley never stuttered, or got caught up on her words. She never got nervous with boys. She was Riley for fucksake. "What can i get you lads?"

I shifted a bit on the counter. I was just sort of sat there awkwardly not speaking, watching the boys look at the big bright menu behind and above my head. The curly one stuck out his tounge, much like i do when i'm concentrating. We must be soul mates.

To break the slightly awkwardness of the situation while they chose their milkshakes, i reached over and turned the dial up a bit on the speakers. Marina's voice filled the room again, only this time, slightly quieter.

"Can i have the er, Strawberry blitz p-leeease." Louis asked, in a slightly strange, not normal voice. Niall, blondey, irish, started to laugh. I couldn't help but smile at his little laugh, he was adorable.

Riley turned and glared at me. It was definately a 'Hurry the fuck up and get the boy his strawberry blitz' look.

I hopped off of the counter and made my way to the milkshake machine. I couldn't help but notice that Curlys eyes followed me as i walked. He probably wanted me. Ha jokes.

"Anything else?" I asked, looking over at them. All of their pretty little faces turned to face me. 

"Can i please have, a vanilla one." Zayn, the hottest (in my opinion) asked. His gorgeous caramel eyes bordered into mine and i can't help but admit, i melted a little.

"Yep," I said, popping the p. 

Then it crossed my mind.

Where the hell were their body guards?! Why were they roaming the streets in the middle of the day?! Fair enough, it was a school day, but still. There were still fans everywhere!

I wanted to ask, but told myself not too. I'd only make a tit out of myself so best to keep my awkward gob shut. 

The strawberry one was done within seconds.

Followed by the vanilla. 

I was just too damn good.

"Anything else?" I mumbled to the boys, sliding the two that were done down the counter to them. Both boys caught them before they hit the ground. I raised an eyebrow. 

"What would you recommend, cutie?" Harry suddenly asked. 

I looked at him with slight shock. Was he speaking to me? 

Staring straight at me. Definately me.

"Uh. Strawberry and white chocolate...?" I suggested, shrugging my petite shoulders. 

"Sure. I'll have that then." He nodded once, his curls bouncing on his head.

I licked my lips and nodded, beginning to make my speciality. Niall told the boys he didn't want one as he wanted to save room for nandos. 

Whilst i was half way through spraying cream on top of Harrys milkshake, he slid along the counter to stand infront of me. My eyes barely flickered up to look at him but i knew he was there. When i did finallly look, he had a cocky smirk on his face. The other three were in deep conversation with Riley about shoes and i seemed that he wasnt being included. 

That or...he was just more interested in me.

"What?" I mumbled shyly, tucking a strand of wild red hair behind my ear.

"Nice dancing before," He muttered huskily, rasing his perfect eybrows into two arches. My body stiffened and i felt my cheeks flush red. "Really, i mean it. It was a sexy way."

Okay so i'd read stuff about Harry being confident and really flirtly, but wow.

Just wow.

I looked up at him, wanting to tell him that it was extremely rude to watch me while i endulged in a wild dance, but his eyes were already there. Staring. And when i opened my mouth to speak, nothing, absolutely nothing, came out.

I. Just. Stared.

And god, he was even more beautiful than in the magazines.

And he wasn't even my favourite.

What is life? 

I quickly grabbed hold of the milkshake and thrusted it at him, looking at the ground as he took it from my hand. I could not be sucked into the Harry Styles fan club.

He liked old ladies for fucksake.

"Thanks gorgeous," He murmered quietly, causing my breath to hitch in my throat. When i looked back up at him, he threw me a wink. 

And that was it.

I was definately part of the Harry Styles Fan Club.


WOO what did you think?

So if you like/hated it, tell me! mwaaa x 

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