One Shots :)

These are some One shots I write. If you want one request it below with the boy of your choice. :)


2. Love dancing around




This was your first time as a professional dancer on dancing with the stars.  You weren't sure at all who your partner would be.  You were anxious to know.  You aren't going to find out till tomorrow afternoon, so you've got some time to waste.


You were waiting in the practice room with your partner to arrive.  He should be here anytime now.  You were really bored, so you just started randomly dancing around the room.


"You're a brilliant dancer."

You jumped and looked at the door way and there was your partner - 

Liam Payne.

"Hi, I'm your dance partner, Liam?  You must be Y/N?"

"Yeah!  It's nice to meet you, Liam.." You said trailing off awkwardly

"Well, let's get dancing." Liam said ready to dance


And you did.


Over the past couple weeks on Dancing With The Stars with Liam, you've grown a big crush on him but you haven't said anything yet.  You and Liam make a good team, so you haven't been eliminated.  You and Liam were practicing for the final dance when you slipped from your slippery sock, and you went flying on the floor.

Liam was across the room getting a drink and started laughing at your fall but then asking if you were okay.

"You okay, babe?" He said lightly chuckling

You just looked at him and started laughing with him.

After your little laughing fit he held out his arm for you to get up.

You grabbed his hand and he pulled you up, but when he pulled you up you decided to pull him down.

He fell down and it got really silent before you started laughing again.

You turned on your side and looked at him and he turned and looked at you too, but you were locked on his eyes and he was locked on yours.

You were both moving closer to each other and he moved the hair out of your face.

Before you know it you were sitting there kissing Liam Payne.

It was like heaven.  You knew it was cheesy but now you actually understood what people meant by saying they had fireworks on their lips.

He pulled away and looked at you smiling "Be my girlfriend." 

You smiled back at him "Yes." You said whispering


Those next few weeks went out perfectly and you ended up winning Dancing With The Stars.

"We won!" You said squealing at Liam

"I know!  Ya know something else you won?" He said smiling


"My heart." 




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