Swapping My Love

~COMPLETED~Abby has to swap lives with a girl in her class for a month. Abby has no clue about this girl, her name is Waliyha and very private. she hangs around with all the cool kids, Abby doesn't know her at all. Read to find out more.


11. Zayn?

Zayn's P.O.V:

I stand there, gazing into her confused eyes, praying that she won't think I'm a creep after this. I don't realise that I'm holding my breath until I try to speak, I breath in a big gulp of air. I notice that the tension in the room is heavy and that Abby is just sitting there looking at me, I would enjoy it only for the fact that I just entered her room without waiting for a reply. She could have been getting dressed! Any creep or guy my age would enjoy that but I'd like to give her some privacy, I respect girls like that. I remember being with Perrie and how she expected me to be like that, but she also wanted me to stay there and watch her. Perrie is sweet and lovely but also loves the attention and even though I seem like that, I have changed. Since I've met Abby I feel like I'm sick of being famous, of all those tours worldwide and signings. All those concerts and photoshoots for the upcoming album, I feel stupid. Wasting my life to such needless things, forcing my family to share me with the world. I have loved it up until now, now I just think of it as stupid and it doesn't have any point. Come to think of it, what good does a photoshoot do? Put a pretty cover on our shiny new CD? I still remember going out to Ghana and watching those poor poor children take their last few breaths. Seeing those poor little children, not knowing what its like to be safe, healthy, loved. I felt so bad, all it costed was five pounds, five pounds to help those poor things. I still remember repeating those same words about a hundred times in the video we made, tears come to my eyes at this moment, thinking of them.

I look over at Abby, who is know worried,


I look up from the tears forming in my eyes, she jumps off the bed as I slide against the wall and curl my legs up. I rest my arms on my knees and place my head in my hands, she joins me on the ground.

Zayn? You want to talk about something?

I look at her innocent, worried face,

Oh Abby!

This moment when I start babbling, it comes from the heart.

Have you ever looked back on your last year of life and thought, did any of that have any real point to it? I'm just thinking now over all my photoshoots, shopping trips, love affairs, concerts, tour dates, plane rides, clubbing, album signing, there was no point to any of it! I cheated on Perrie and you should have seen her! She was broken! I broke a person! I make girls worldwide fall in love with me and I don't even know them!

Abby stops me from babbling by putting her small arm around my shoulders,

Zayn you can't help that! You have probably never met them in person and if you did, just to sign a paper or album! These people choose to love you and you can't help that! Think of Louis' Twitter! You know how he says 'Live life for the moment because everything else is uncertain!' See! You probably enjoyed when you were doing all that weren't you?

She flashed her phone in my face to reveal me performing at a concert and smiling at the crowd, Abby then brought up a video of me and the boys at the Japanese One Direction party and it showed me waving to the crowd and smiling. I smile through my tears at the memories I've had with the boys for the past two years. Its nearly three, Abby continues to show me pictures of me and the boys, on tour, at home. Videos and pictures, a pic that I especially liked was of Niall and I. You could tell it was only taken a little after being put in a band as Niall and I are both young, I'm wearing a tiger hat while Niall is looking off to the right. Abby sits with me and comforts me over my little breakdown, I must have fallen asleep as when I wake up I have cushions under my head. I look around to see multiple cushions under my head and a quilt on top of me. I look around to see mum and dad standing in the doorway shaking their heads in laughter, I look at Abby worriedly. Did she tell them? She shakes her head and smiles, I smile at them all and get up and head to my room.

Abby's P.O.V:

After the heart to heart with Zayn, I felt like a new, better person. I decided to show him pictures of him and the boys to remind him of the fun they have, luckily he fell asleep just when I found a picture of Perrie as I would have a hard time hiding it from him. He fell asleep quite literally on top of me, once I was sure he was conked I shrugged him off me and put pillows under his head. I gave him a quilt as well, I didn't want to wake him as he was so peaceful, he looks so at peace when he's sleeping. Like he has no burdens but today I saw a totally new perspective of Zayn Malik. He looks like a flirty, bad boy rebel but he's actually sweet and has troubles like everyone. But also like everyone, he hides them from the world and today, he opened up to me. I tried to resist the urge of kissing him but I couldn't. I change into my pyjamas in the bathroom and brush my teeth, I quietly pray that he's awake when I return but he isn't, of course not! He cried out all his energy and fell asleep, I kneel down and give his forehead a long, gentle kiss. I then walk downstairs and say goodnight to Yaser and Patricia and warn them that Zayn fell asleep on my floor and that he's too peaceful to move. They nod and wish me good sleep for tommorow, even though it will be a Saturday.

                                            When I wake the first thing I do is check that Zayn is still here, yes. He's snoring quietly in his deep sleep in the same position as last night. I smile and give him a morning kiss on the nose, I grin foolishly and go downstairs to find that I'm the only one up. Yaser told me to make myself at home as if it were my own house so I get out a bowl, cereal, milk and a spoon and proceed to eating my breakfast. After breakfast there's no sign of anyone getting up, I decide to check the time as I didn't when I woke. Its half nine, I got up so early! I go to the living room and watch the music channel, One Direction come on with Kiss You. I smile and cheer up instantly as I love this song, I feel Zayn's eyes bore into mine as he sits on the motorcycle. I lean forward slightly on the couch to stare further in to his eyes. I smile at him in the prison wear, he looks so nice! Well that doesn't sound creepy at all! He looks even hotter in black and white with his suit, I smile as I watch him pretend to ski. In fake snow! I laugh at how stalkerish my thoughts sound right now, I laugh rather loudly as I watch him wave his arms around on the fake surfing board and wearing those neon orange arm bands! Then him swimming away from a shark, I smirk at him. I laugh again as he gives Harry a big kiss on the cheek at the end of the video. I rewind the whole video and occasionly pause it to stare at Zayn's funny faces or just gaze into his chocolate eyes. I must have rewinded it about five times when Safaa comes in, thankfully I had it playing when she came in. She rubs her dark, sleepy eyes before going back to the kitchen.

Everyone wakes up except for Zayn and I eat a second breakfast, what?! I'm hungry okay! Afterwards I get dressed in the bathroom. I put on a linen tank top with lace insert to the back thats a turquoise colour and is quite loose, plain white skinny jeans, my authentic Vans that are grey and pink and a black studded leather jacket that has multiple zips everwhere with a leather belt at the bottom for design. Yaser and Patricia said that we are doing something fun today so I'm pretty excited, I know that we won't be able to bring Zayn as he is here in secret. It would be pretty cool if this house had an annexe, then Zayn could hide in it and pretend that the paps were like naziis. I shake my head clear of that and put some eyeliner and mascara on. I smile and fix my hair in the mirror, I go brush my teeth and return to see Zayn still out of it. I get Yaser and he brings Patricia with him, they stand in the doorway as I proceed to wake Zayn up. I shake him gently but he won't wake up, I stand up and walk over to the bed by the sidetable. Yaser eventually gets him up, I stand and wait for him to get up.

Zayn's eyes flash open groggily, he looks suspiciously at the pillow under his head without moving his head. He then lifts his head and looks at the pillows and quilt. He looks at me for what feels like ten minutes before looking at his parents. We all stand there smiling at his confused face, Yaser starts laughing and leaves, Patricia hot on his heels. I turn to Zayn to see him fall back down on the quilts. I stand there watching him, I know I shouldn't of but I let him fall asleep. He looks so peaceful and much younger asleep, I walk over quietly and plant a soft kiss on his forehead before leaving to go downstairs.

Little did I know that he wasn't asleep.

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