Swapping My Love

~COMPLETED~Abby has to swap lives with a girl in her class for a month. Abby has no clue about this girl, her name is Waliyha and very private. she hangs around with all the cool kids, Abby doesn't know her at all. Read to find out more.



Waliyha's P.O.V:

Its been killing me all day but I had to leave it. I mean I thought Amie would just give up and hand the phone back but that wasn't enough for her, I don't even know why I hang around with them. They jibed me enough about it afterwards for sticking up for her so if I did own up, I'd probably lose them as mates. I still see Abby's face, frozen with shock and betrayal. I wonder if she is going to talk to me, she looked really pissed as she stormed off and I tried apoligising but the words wouldn't come. I sat beside her but she wouldn't even look at me, she probably thinks its all my fault because Amie is my friend but she isn't. I don't even like Amie, I'd call it hate. The girl makes me want to get sick. She goes off on thses mood swings and it seriously pisses me off, it also pisses me off at the fact that none of these girls would talk to me until my brother got famous. Heck! They didn't even know I had a brother until then, I was just like Abby. Having a peaceful, lonely life with the exception of a few quiet friends. Now I'm invited to all these parties and told to go down town every Saturday, honestly I hate it but what can I do? Just give up my popularity and have people staring at me in disgust like Abby? She somehow finds a way of ignoring it as she doesn't care, how does she do that? Not care?

                                            After school I explained to her what will be happening but she looked tired and pissed. We both know the drill and I realised that I made her walk across the whole school just to tell her something she already knows, why am I so stupid? I guess I just wanted to talk to her and explain but I let her go as I knew that she has to make the journey all across the main building again. I sigh and leave school,

Heey li'l Malik! Me and a few people are going down town.......c'mon!

By that, Amie means that she's forcing me to go down town with her and he man-whore boyfriends. She never stops texting me but today I have lost a friendship I actually enjoyed, I'm too tired and angry to even reply to her. I shove my phone in my pocket and stalk over to my Dad's audi, he texted me at break to let me know.

               I'm about an hour home when I hear a car pull in to the garage. I quickly run up to my room and close the door, pulling my books out quickly and pretending to have been studying the whole time. I can barely hear Abby's soft footsteps as they climb the polished mahogany stairs and up to her room, I peek my head out my door to watch her room door close quietly. I don't want to have to do this but I go to her room. She is lying on her bed reading a book for english,

Hey....so is your parents going to pick me up?

She glances up from her book to look at my AV8's,

Eh yeah, I texted my dad the adress and they're picking you up at seven.


She nods her head at me and looks back down at her book, I try to make it better,

Look!......I'm sorry for today! I know I should have stood up for you but Amie would kill me!

She looks at me this time, disbelief written all over her face.

Amie could turn the whole school against me in a day! I'm sorry!

Skips twenty minutes*

We had a heart to heart and she forgave me, not too quick though. I had to will her to understand where I'm coming from but one of her sentences still stung me even though we're friends again,

I see.........you have to protect your popularity before anything else. I get it!

She never said sorry for what she said but I guess I deserved it. We spent the rest of the evening putting my crap together and exchanging numbers. We had dinner as a full family, (Including Abby as she is one of us now) for the last time before this month is up. Abby's Dad comes on exactly the time and Abby gives me a big, tight hug before I go out the door. Abby's parents own a new Volkswagen and I could honestly say I'm shocked. We got to her house, wow! She certainly doesn't act posh but hell!

Abby's P.O.V:

After Waliyha left, I returned to her room, she told me I could always play music and movies in here if I wanted to. She also said that I could use her bed as its more comfortable than the guest's. Patricia changed the sheets for me. That night, I got to know the rest of Waliyha's family. She has Zayn, an older sister called Doniya who confided in me and told me to call her Donn and another older sister called Safaa. They are all friendly and grew to me once I got to know them more. They all share the same trait as Wally whenever One Direction comes on TV, continuous groaning and moaning. But Zayn sits there and if its a song, he will sing along but if its an interview, he sits there and makes comments like,

Oh I remeber there! The hotel room had a massive indoor pool!

Ohhh! Thats where Niall knocked over the food stand!

Oh my god!!! LOOK AT MY HAIR!

At that last comment, he self-consciously patted his quiff. I had to laugh at all his comments but the girls sat there glaring at me. Only playfully, they don't hate me! Zayn grabbed the remote off Safaa and went to the music channel as Safaa kept switching channels everytime One Direction came on. He stopped at One Way Or Another and started singing along, when it got to the bit where they were doing the 'Joey' , he jumped out of his seat and started dancing and singing along. I hopped off the couch and joined in, I knew the video off by heart so I mimicked all the boy's actions. Zayn laughed and did the same, when it came to his second solo, he stopped singing and I didn't realise he stopped until one of the other boys started, he stood there and laughed at me. I frowned and stuck out my tongue as we both turn back and continue to sing and dance to the remainder of the song. When it was finished, Zayn went into the recorded section of their Sky and clicked on one.

While all my lovely ladies were at school, I went hunting and found all these!

He went back to the list again and I hear all the girls gasp as we all realise he had recorded all of One Direction's biggest hits such as, 'Live While We're Young' 'One Way Or Another' 'What Makes You Beautiful' 'Kiss You' I gasp and jump in excitement,


Zayn chuckles and ruffles my hair,

Looks like we've got ourselves a little directioner over here!

I smile as I gaze up in to his eyes.






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