Swapping My Love

~COMPLETED~Abby has to swap lives with a girl in her class for a month. Abby has no clue about this girl, her name is Waliyha and very private. she hangs around with all the cool kids, Abby doesn't know her at all. Read to find out more.


15. When I Grow Up....

Abby's P.O.V:

I decide to text Michael later. Yaser and Patricia still haven't gotten up, I decide to check the garage nd see if the car is still there. Yaser's Audi is gone, I know that they didn't go out last night so they must be gone this morning. I return to the kitchen to facepalm myself over the fact that I didn't see the neon yellow sticky note on the fridge. I read it,

Dear Children, 

We have gone to the cemetry in the next town  as our neighbour's son is dead and is being buried today. We will probably be going to the local afterwards so we won't be back for a few hours. Safaa or Zayn, cook some potatoes and carrots as the meat is already cooked. Don't leave this responsibility to Abigail as she is a guest in our home. For lunch, there is chicken burgers in the fridge and burger buns left out to defrost. Try to be nice and make Abby feel at home!


Your Parents, Yaser and Patricia!

I smile at their cute way of signing off to their children, it must have been pretty sudden as they wouldn't take off like this, so soon. I check the clock, crap! Its ten past one, midday! I take the chicken burgers out and find a frying pan and oil. I heat the oil on the pan before putting two burgers on at a time. I defrost the burger buns in the microwave and continue flipping the burgers. I have two cooked when someone comes up behind me, I nearly slap them with the spatula until I realise that its Zayn.


He looks like a zombie, bedhead! He rubs his big hands over his gorgeous godlike face before blinking at me.


He groans at me,

You scared me you idiot!

He starts chuckling at me shivering with fright, I hit him hard on the shoulder.


Is for pigs, sheep and cows!

I finish for him , he grunts before reaching in the fridge for a drink. Not satisfied with the selection, he turns to the boiling kettle and makes himself a cup of coffee. He turns, now full awake to me. He then turns to the fridge, taking heed of the note. He takes about five minutes reading it as he re-reads it twice. He then turns to me, his eyebrows furrowed. He points to the note, I nod and smile. He shrugs his shoulders and walks to the livingroom. I don't follow him as I need to cook these burgers without burning. After cooking all the burgers, I leave the burgers and burger buns on a plate and climb the stairs. I knock on Safaa's door, I hear her grunt tiredly.


I enter quietly and instead of looking around, I try to wake up Safaa. 


I walk over and tap her shoulder, her eyes blink for awhile before her tired, shaky hands accepting the cup of tea I made her. I turn to the door and before leaving, I call over my shoulder,]

I cooked lunch downstairs, its burgers.

I close the door and pick up the other cup of tea I made for Doniya, I knock quietly again and repeat the same thing I did for Safaa except I talk to her differently.

Hey Donn Donn! Time to wake up! I made lunch! Its burgers.

Donn must be a mornign person as she wakes up immediatly,

Oh hey! Thanks!

She accepts the cup of tea from my hands, she pats the bedcovers for me to sit down.

Where's mum?

Oh they went to a funeral so I made lunch.

She smiles warmly, I'd love to have her as my older sister, she's so nice! I watch as her beautiful face frowns,

Abby you know that Zayn's a player and I'd never like to see you hurt. He's a bit old for you anyways but what I'm saying is that he plays with a girl's heart and then he runs. He did it all the time, even before he was famous. I guess I'm just trying to say that everyone knows he likes you and it won't be long before he starts making moves on you.

I nod, I squint my eyes in confusion when she mentions that everyone knows that he likes me, does he? I never noticed. Donn puts her long arm around my shoulders and pulls me close into a warm hug,

Don't let him scare you away, I'd love you to stay here and be my little sis!

I laugh and leave, reminding her a second time that breakfast/ lunch is waiting downstairs. I walk back down and make myself my own cappucino . I take small sips as everyone starts to slowly file into the kitchen, Safaa dumps her empty cup into the sink and sits in a barstool and starts eating a burger. Everyone starts to eat, there's an awkward silence as I now realise that everyone knew except me. How could I be so blind, so oblivious? I wasn't leading him on, I was acting like a little sister. Did he honestly think I was leading him on? I sigh and look at my feet as I take a bite out of my burger, I look up through the curtain of my hair so no-one can see me looking at him. He's glaring at me with his dark, mysterious eyes, he doesn't know  I'm looking at him. He kicks back his barstool and brings his burger to the livingroom, I glance up in confusion at his sudden outburst. Safaa rolls her tired eyes dramatically while Doniya pats me on the back while she's walking past. Donn and Safaa finish their lunch and leave, both muttering thank-you's. I nod and smile, I rack through my brain what I have found out today. This isn't happening! It can't be! Thee famous Zayn Malik fancies me! But what I'm worried about is my age, what are people going to think? Well now that I think about it, I can't be with him. He's legally an adult, nineteen years old and I'm fourteen. There's no way we'd work anyways, he's obviously going to go running back to Perrie after he's done breaking me.

I leave the kitchen and go back to my room. I can't contact Waliyha as I didn't get her number when she left, I guess I'll just get it tommorow at school. I pull out my school books and try to do my French homework, but there's one expression going through my mind that I can't help,

J'aime Zayn Malik

J'aime Zayn Malik

It means, I love Zayn Malik. I don't, do I? I don't! This is just the Directioner side of me! The normal side of me knows its wrong, it just feels wrong cus he's too old! He's hot and all, but still! At the end of the day, we both know he's too old and its not gonna work!

Maybe we will.......when I grow up.

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