Swapping My Love

~COMPLETED~Abby has to swap lives with a girl in her class for a month. Abby has no clue about this girl, her name is Waliyha and very private. she hangs around with all the cool kids, Abby doesn't know her at all. Read to find out more.


21. Time!


Okayyy guys!!!! Totally forget that Abby's 14!!!!!! She's 16 right now and Zayn just went nineteen last January! So REMEMBER guys!!!!! She's not 14! She's 16! I just made her 14 because in real life Waliyha is in fact 14, I think! So Abby is 16 YEARS OLD!!!!! Oh yeah! I'd like to thank y'all for commenting your ideas! They're awesome! I LOVE YOU GUYS! Maybe I say that too often! But i just wanna let ye know that ye arent underappreciated!!!!!! Big shoutout to all you guys on Twitter and here! Ly all!!!! <3 Oh yeah! There will be some cursing in this too!!!!!!! :)

Abby's P.O.V:

Okay so, Easters coming up and so is something else, my birthday. I never make a big deal of it and never have. Birthdays don't mean that much to me but when my friends are having their birthdays, I always rise to the occasion! Like when Tammy went thirteen when we were younger, I baked her loads of cookies, buns and different treats! She was so happy! We purposely rubbed it in the Populars faces! I still chuckle as I remember the looks on their obnoxious faces! Well anyways, back to the point. Its Saturday and Easter is falling on the 31st of March! My birthday is the 2nd of April, eep! I'm kinda freaking out because Yaser and Patricia found out because silly Donn told them, I just don't want them to make a big fuss over it! One Direction are still here, they're super loud! I didn't get to sleep until like three in the morning because they were shouting and laughing, they all decided to have a sleepover in the livingroom instead of spreading out between Zayn's room and the guest room where I used to be. If you asked me this time a week ago what I would think of living in Zayn Malik's house with the whole of One Direction downstairs, I would tell you that I'd give up food for months but now that I've actually experienced it, I have a whole new perspective of those guys! 

I put on my hot pink Jack Wills Limbury top thats like really nice crochet, my black skinny jeans, another pair of cream coloured combat boots that roll down to reveal warm fur, my white with black buttons dolly trench coat and I pull my hair out of its knotty bun and into a loose, messy high ponytail. I rub my tired face and put on bits of natural makeup. I tiptoe silently down the stairs, praying that the boys don't hear me and pull me into another one of their awkward conversations where we all chuckle quietly and scratch the back of our heads. Of course I had to jinx myself! Liam, who I must say is toned and gorgeous, comes out of the downstairs bathroom only in his Calvins! I gasp and dive into the kitchen but my combat boots click on the tiles which brings Louis out of the livingroom in his boxers as well. My hands fly to my eyes but I peek out through to catch the guys in front of me, practically naked. Well Happy Birthday to me! I hide in the kitchen nearly trembling, I eat my cereal but I think I'm put off my appetite for now. All the food Zayn threw out yesterday which I presume was for Niall is now all eaten or half eaten, empty containers everywhere. My head slumps, nearly falling into my bowl of soggy Cherrios and milk. This is why I need my sleep! I perk up when a half naked Niall walks in, confortable as a pig in muck. He's only wearing baggy grey sweats and nothing on his head. I gape at his bare torso from behind the curtain of my own hair, da-mn! A two syllable damn is fine! He thinks I haven't spotted him yet so he comes up behind me and presses his index fingers on either side of my ribcage, I jolt even though I knew he was there, I'm very ticklish okay?! A splash of milk flies to Niall's face, he yelps. 


Karmas a bitch!

I get up and put everything away. I leave him stranded in the kitchen while he shoves his hand into an open bag of crisps and muches at them a bit too loud. I laugh, throwing my head back and continue to the hall. Yaser said he's taking us for a walk today so thats why I brought my trench coat, it can get pretty cold in England at times! I sit on the botoom stair, messing with my phone until someone comes out of the livingroom, I cover my eyes and call out,

Are you dressed or fully clothed?

I hear chuckling as they take a seat beside me, I peak thorugh my fingers to see a dark head of hair.

Look, you don't mind the boys being here?!

His mood has changed alot since the other day, he's actually talking to me like I'm a human being! How great! He's much softer now and his eyes reflect like liquid honey, melting my heart.


I shrug, I start to pout while I continue,

Besides the fact that I'm not able to sleep, naked boys are running round everywhere! And well, the awkward moments when we sit together and no-one says anything.

Zayn chuckles and scratches his neck with one hand while the other rubs his dark stuble. I sit quietly without another word, staring straight ahead. I'm trying to forget the thoughts on how everyone is saying that he likes me, could he? I mean, I'm not that  much older than him, am I? Like, I am going seventeen in a few weeks! Two years isn't that much right? My dad is two years older than my mum. But he doesn't even like me! I'm just a child in his eyes and he couldn't care less about me or my exisistence! He gets up and offers his hand to me to help me up,

C'mon doll, lets get breakfast.

I don't object as he drags me to the kitchen, I just reply in my mind the sight of his golden eyes. They're like melted honey, so rich and dark at the same time. He leads me into the kitchen to an unsatified Niall. I hide behind Zayn's back and watch Niall look at Zayn. Niall clears his throat and speaks up,

So where's Abby mate?

Zayn shrugs as I step out from behind him, I do and I don't want to listen to one of their guy talks about me. God knows what they might say! We all stand there, the tension in the room is always so awkward and heavy! What do I do? I just sit there, I don't say anything weird or awkward like Louis does! Maybe they have a secret, I don't want to even think about whats going on in their heads. Niall waves awkwardly as he sucks in his breath and blows it out. He blew so much breath out it hit me dead in the face, I take a step back, rubbing my cold face. Eventually, after standing in awkward silence for ages, Yaser comes downstairs fully dressed unlike alot of our masculine company. Zayn is only wearing pyjama bottoms and walking around the cold-tiled kitchen barefoot, he looks like a modern version of a roman god with his bedhead and lucious lips. I sigh exasperated, how is he so perfect?! Its almost impossible, unbelievable. Wait, whats the hell is going on in my head right now?! Am I for real? I am not gonna fall for Zayn Malik, I'm not gonna end up like all those teenagers whos hearts were broken when Zayn annnounced that he was going out with Perrie Edwards. I'm not going to fall for his bad boy attitude, his god-like features, his sexy style, his charming personality, his fame, his constant mood swings that hurt me but make me like him more. Stop! This is what he's trying to do! He's trying to get to me! Thats all he's like, no different to any other guys who are just sad players and get with girls for more popularity! Yaser grabs his keys and lets me sit in the front of his Audi while the five boys somehow squash in the back which looks impossible. 

Yaser takes us to a wood. The trees all still have orange leaves as the weather warmed up for Spring yet. There's birds in the near distance singing songs of praise and because its quite early, we may catch the sight of squirrels running up trees. I walk alongside Niall and Liam on the trail through the beautiful woods, it took quite a while to get here and to be honest, I don't remember being here, ever. Yaser points out different trees and plants. Louis hops on Harry's back as Harrys runs down the long pathway. Leaves sit still at the sides of the wide trail, the occasional rustle can be heard from the trees with the slight breeze. I stretch my arms out, particially tired and particially enjoying the beautiful sights. None of the boys are taking in the beauty of the sights, except for Liam who is to my left and glancing around in wonder at every direction. Not just one, haha! Cheesy joke, much?! 

Its so.....

He begins in his beautiful english accent but stops when he can't find a word. I finsih for him,


I don't know why both of us are whispering, maybe because we're scared that if we shout, it will all dissapear or crackle in disfiguration. Either way, we are the only two besides Yaser that are enjoying the beauty of this magnificent wood. Zayn decides, of all moments, to bring up what to do now.

So dad...the boys and I were thinking!

Yaser puts on a melodramatic face of shocked sarcasm at the thought of Zayn and those fools thinking, (I mean it in a playful way!) We all look over at Zayn who stops to rub his stuble, something that I have now realised as a habit of his. We come to a lake thats water looks so pure like crystal. I stare at it in wonder as I catch Zayn staring at me, studying me like a project. I huff, its pretty nippy out here in the open, there's ducks swimming around the lake. Once Louis catches sight of them, he jumps up in excitement and chases the ducks around the big lake. He goes over the edge a little too far and falls in, Niall stands at the edge and throws his head back, laughing really loudly. Zayn prances over and pushes him in, Harry pushes Zayn in and picks me up. I yelp and wriggle about under his grasp. He must be super strong as he lifts me over his head, I scream as I fly through the air towards the pond but luckily my saviour is waiting for me. He catches me in his strong, protective arms and cradles me like a baby. Our faces inches apart, I feel his hot breath breath down on my face. I'm held captive by his eyes, oh his beautiful eyes!After our long walk through the beautiful         

So guyysss!!! Any clue who her saviour is???!!!!! I'm ending this chapter like this and hopefully updating tomoz!!!!!! xxx nite guys xx :) type your comments below on who you think is her saviour??!!!!!! :D luv you guys lots!!!!!!

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