Swapping My Love

~COMPLETED~Abby has to swap lives with a girl in her class for a month. Abby has no clue about this girl, her name is Waliyha and very private. she hangs around with all the cool kids, Abby doesn't know her at all. Read to find out more.


18. The Mystery Girl?!

Abby's P.O.V:

I wake up this morning smiling, Yaser and Patricia are refusing to let us go to school! Now I'm glad I swapped with Waliyha, Zayn hides in his room everyday and sulks, he won't talk to anyone. Its Wednesday, yesterday the whole family sat in the livingroom and watched telly. Well everyone, except Zayn. He stayed in his room sulking all day and blasting music so loud that you could hear it through the whole house. I sigh and throw on some loose clothes that I just found on the floor, a cashmere stripy sweater, plain whitewash blue skinny jeans, black stud embellished high tops and I leave my brown hair in waves down my back. I walk down the stairs quietly, eveyday this week I have been getting dressed in the bathroom. Safaa thinks I'm weird but Doniya says that she understands as this is all new to me. I feel like I'm Anne Frank in hiding, if only we had a secret annexe to hide Zayn in! The paps are getting worse and its really sickening. Doniya didn't feel like going out yesterday and frankly, I didn't either. But today is our last day of food so someone has to go shopping. I'm bringing Patricia and Yaser to the shops to get groceries. Safaa wanted to go but changed her mind when she saw how the group of paps got larger and Doniya decided to stay home anyways to make sure Zayn doesn't do anything stupid or reckless. 

Patricia and I wait in the hall for Yaser to get the car out of the garage. He pulls out front and we quickly hop out the front door and into the car. I sigh and slump in my seat. Yaser pulls out of the drive slowly, being careful not to hit any paps. We are nearly out when a crazy woman stands in front of the car,


I growl, Yaser and Patricia turn to me from the front. I sigh and pull down my window,


She frowns and slowly walks away in defeat. I smile smugly as we make our way to the shops.

I go in with Patricia into Asda, we need alot of food as we won't be able to get out as much as we would like. I stop at the newspaper stand, there's two or three magazines with me shouting at the paps. Doniya is just staring at her top in most of them. I pick one up and show Patricia, she sighs and throws it into the trolley.

I'll show Yaser, he will get a laugh out of this!

She smiles at me adoringly before taking off to get some lettuce and carrots. I walk over to the books that are pretty close, they have one of One Direction's books. I smile at it and pick it up, its a hardback. I rub my hand over the soft pages where there's pictures of Zayn. I smile down at his perfect quiff, whats wrong with me today? I'm smiling like a goon! I return back to Patricia, she's heading for the frozen aisle. I recognise a familiar girl standing over the icecream with her mum, I'm guessing. Her blond head of curls bouncing as she looks at all the types, I turn away as she looks up at me. I see her at the corner of my eye practically dragging her mum over to where Patricia and I are standing with the trolley. 

Hi Mrs. Malik!

She turns to me and wrinkles her nose, Patricia nods as Amie carrys on,

This is my swapped mum, who is Tiegan's mum, Rosa!

Rosa looks very nice in a warm, purple cardigan. I nod as Patricia turns her attention to them,

Hello there Amie.

I can tell that Patricia doesn't like Amie from the gleam in her eye. Amie bows her head of curls and continues,

Is it true that Zayns home?

Patricia shakes her head impatiently,

No, of course not! I don't know whats gotten into those paps these days! Unless they think Abigail here is Zayn!

Amie nods and drags Rosa away, she clearly only came over to see if Zayns home. Unless she's doing background check for Wally? Anyways, back to the point, what is she doing out of school?! I shake my head and ask Patricia can I go to the clothes section. She nods and I speed walk over. I look through the different coloured tops until I find the perfect one, its a plaid shirt with a black belt. I smile in appreciation. Someone grabs my arm, digging their nails into my skin. I wince and turn around slowly to be greeted by that stupid head of curls again.  She smiles like the b**ch she is and yanks my hair, pulling my head close to hers. She shout whispers into my ear,

Is Zayn really home? I know you're lying!

I release my hair, grunting in pain. I say each word clear and distinctive,

Zayns-Not-Home! If he was, trust me babe! If he was, I'd have it all over Twitter and Facebook! And you'd be the first to know!

She smiles in satisfaction and strides away in three inch pumps. I made my voice sound like one of those crazy Drectioners, as well as sounding liek one of the populars. I'm a good actress, I could probably hang around with them for a day! Maybe, I could mess their heads up so well!

After getting home, I pull the magazine out of the bag and run upstairs. I plop myself on the bed, on my stomach. I open up to the story and read,

Crazy or Just Overprotective?!

This girl, (seen in pics below!) was seen outside the home house of Zayn Malik on Monday! She was seen as pictured, shouting and fighting paps. Zayn Malik''s older sister, Doniya Malik, couldn't defend herself as she spilt all her slushie on her top! Clumsy much?! The other girl seen with her is unknown and is called 'The Mystery Girl'. We asked her if Zayn is home and we would believe her only for that deranged look in her eye and the fact that she was a little too overprotective! What do you think peeps? Follow us! @celebgossipofficial

I sigh and head downstairs, how could they say that about Doniya? It was actually them who knocked her slushie! I give it to Yaser who smiles at me before I leave. I shake my head sighing as I leave the hall, entering the kitchen. Doniya and Zayn are in the kitchen with Patrcia, complaining about the dinner. I smile politely and take a seat, I sit there quietly realising that I just got myself involved in another one of their family fights. They aren't really fights, that sounds harsh, they are just disagreements. I hide my head in my hands as Zayn roars at Doniya, whats gotten into him lately? I know him and Perrie haven't been going well lately but does he really have to shout? Ever since the paps starting camping outside, he's been nothing but a jerk to everyone, except me. He has totally ignored me these last few days and I really want to know whats his problem? He storms out of the kitchen and slams the livingroom door behind him. I turn back around to Doniya and Patricia who are both rolling their eyes at Zayn's dramatic departure. I smile uneasily, why is there always drama going on here?

Donn and I help Patricia get the dinner prepared until Zayn flies into the kitchen, swinging the door open with such force that it crashes into the presses behind it and damages the expensive wood. I take a step back, obviously affected by his sudden appearance. Zayn's face is tight and his teeth are clenched. He grunts and throws another magazine in front of Patricia, its not the one from earlier, its different.

Mom, I'm getting sick of this! Can I just tell them that I'm home? And tell them to piss off?

Patrcia stood there, hands on hips, biting her lip as a worried crease cripples her face. Zayn returns her stare with a powerful glare. I gulp loudly, everyone turns to me.

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