Swapping My Love

~COMPLETED~Abby has to swap lives with a girl in her class for a month. Abby has no clue about this girl, her name is Waliyha and very private. she hangs around with all the cool kids, Abby doesn't know her at all. Read to find out more.


5. Thats weird....


Zayn pulls away from trying to help me up to look at Wally, who is now standing in her bedroom door screaming at him. She quickly pushes him towards the room thats always playing music and carefully steps over me as she knocks him into that room and slams the door shut. I stare at the closed door before turning my eyes back to Wally who opens the door again to shout at him one last time,

I told you to stay in there! They're my friends! Why do you have to ruin my life? I love you as a sister but sometimes its your life that ends up ruining mine!

With that she slammed the door roughly and turns to me, she grabs my arm and helps me up before practically pushing me into her bedroom and slamming that door shut. She sits me on her bed and stands there with her arms folded, I gulp and loook up into her dark eyes.

Okay listen up! That....

She unfolds her arms to point her right one at the door,

Is my brother, you probably know him. Do-not-tell-anyone-he-is-home!

She leaned in closer so I could feel the warmth of her heavy breath,

Or I'll kill you. I've told all my friends he is on tour and they can't know about this, no-one can okay?! No going on Twitter or any of that crap and posting it okay?!

I nodded and took a deep breath as she gave me my own personal space at last.

But you will be hearing it in a nicer point of view from my parents tonight at dinner so here's a heads up! I'm just warning you cus my brother gets into a lot of bother when his personnal info has been leaked and it has happened in this house before. I don't really mean I'm going to kill you its just you will get into a lot of bother and none of us want that.

Don't worry, I'm not a crazed fan it was just a little shock when thee Zayn Malik knocked me over in the hall!

Oh sorry! I probably should have told you but then I thought that maybe you'd go all stalker mode and update Twitter like crazy! I just decided on telling him to stay in his rom but clearly he doesn't listen, its his Bad Boi profile that has gotten to him!

She winked at me and gestured towards the door,

C'mon! Dinner will be ready soon!

I nodded once more and followed her out the door and down the long hallway leading to the staircase. I made it down all the polished steps without falling and followed Wally into her living-room where her Dad sat watching a football game. Like their parents, Wally and Zayn are dark haired as well. Wally's father talks to us for awhile before getting up and handing Wally the remote, he leaves. Wally closes all the panelled wooden doors and turns to the music channels, I smile at her choice of song that comes on.

We'd be rocking round the clock,

feel that base around the block,

doesn't matter, who you are,

look around we in the stars

I smile and rock my head to the base but wally changes it again, I check my phone for Twitter until I hear a load groan coming from her, I look up at the tv to see a sleepy faced Zayn lying in bed,

One wayyy or anotherr,

I'm gonna see ya, I'm gonna meetcha meetcha meetcha meetcha

one dayy, maybe next week,

I'm gonna meetcha, I'm gonna meetcha, i'll meetcha

Then the camera goes to Niall in the shower, I burst into fits of laughter at his sillyness. Wally glares over at me but after being together for a few hours, we are now good friends. I stick my tongue out at her playfully and she returns it along with a gesture of her middle finger. We laugh for a good while, not realising that Zayn walked into the room,

Annnddd ifff, the lights are all out,

I'llllll folow, your bus downtown,

see who's hanging ouuuuttt.

Wally abruptly cyhanges the channel,

I'd say that part was one pf the hardest to film as the Tokyo people wouldn't stop screaming my name, that scene and the one where our two bodyguards are holding Harry....

I knew zayn was there by now as he came in singing his second solo of the song, I smirk at Wally who is raging over in the seat. Zayn smirks as well as Wally loudly exclaims,

The two of ye are in it! Ganging up on me!

I laugh as she gets up and storms out of the room,

I would go after her but I will get lost in this house so its your call man.

Zayn smiles at my ability to talk to him without fainting,

I would go after her but I'm just not bothered....

I laugh as he shrugs carelessly,

I'm Zayn by the way, sorry for knocking you over.

He stretches his arm out to me, I admire his tattoos,

I'm Abby and its okay, nice tatts by the way.

He smiled at me and purposely flexed his muscles so I could get a better look, I licked my lips sel-consciously. I felt myself go red, he looked at me, eyes twinkling. He lets out a deep chuckle, he knows he has that affect on girls everywhere, and probably a few guys. I smiled back, I put my hand up to my face as I did so, its a thing I have always done. I hate my smile so everytime I do, I cover it up with my hand. He pulls my hand down, I frown deeply at him. He shrugs,

Pretty girls shouldn't hide their smiles.

Then, out of the blue, he got up and left me sitting there blushing liek crazy. When I finally fixed my hair and made sure I wasn't blushing in the mirror, I left to try and find Wally. I heard people talking quite loudly, shouting would be too harsh as they are all family, in the kitchen. I poke my head around the door, there's a dark haired lady holding her head in her palms, leaning against the counter. Wally is shouting, pointing towards Zayn, who is leani9ng against another counter, looking straight ahead. The dark haired lady spots me and drags me into the conversation,

Well hello there sweety! Come in here and meet the family!

I can tell that she's glad for the distraction from the fight taking place with her children in front of her. She grabs me by the forearm and drags me into the kitchen, I go all shy and Wally crosses her arms, groaning at her mother,

MUUUMMM! This is what I'm trying to tell you! I know Abby here won't tell thats Zayns home but why is he home?! I know he's my brother and all but STILL, are you even listening to me?!

Wally's mum turns to me, totally ignoring the fuming Wally,

So hun, I hope you like rice and chicken!

I put on a brave smile,

Of course I do!

Well thats good, sorry about this...

She wraps one arm around my shoulders and points the other towards a still bickering Zayn and Wally,

But this unfortunately for you, is what life is like here!

She gives me a reassuring smile,

But look on the bright side! I'll be here to help you whenever you want! Especially with homework! Our Waliyha here isn't very bright!

Wally doesn't make any snide comments as she didn't even hear her mother, she is too busy fighting with Zayn,

I'll talk to you later about living here! Now go rest or do whatever you want! Did Waliyha show you the playroom?

Okay, thanks.

She gives me two pats on the back before succeeding on grabbing Wally's attention,

Waliyha! Zayn! Stop fighting! As you can see, we have a guest!


Waliyha and Zayn groan in unision, I smile kindly and follow them both out of the kitchen. Wally leads me to this playroom and Zayn follows behind me. Once we get to the door Wally stops and spins around, giving me a fright which causes me to jump back a little on to Zayn. I look up and he smiles down at me, Waliyha clicks her fingers,

Na-ah Zayn! You are not coming in here with us!

But I want to play my X-Box!


Yet again they both shout in unision, I laugh and step a bit to the side so they are facing each other without anyone blocking their views of each other. Waliyha quickly runs and kicks Zayn's shin, causing him to jump back so there's a clear path for Wally to run. She runs up the hall and dissapears, yet again leavign me all alone with Zayn. I'm forced to stay here with him as I don't know my way back to the kitchen from here.

I'm seriously going to have to learn my way around this house!

I sigh as Zayn stops limping around from his shin, he gives me a devilish grin,

I'll give you a tour anytime hun.

He winks at me and takes off,


I cry out, he spins around with another cheeky grin,

Yes m'dear?

I don't know how to get back!

I whine at him, giving him a puppy dog face, he sighs and throws me over his shoulder. I yelp as I thrash and kick him, he laughs as he walks down many halls and past loads of doors, going through a few of them before he opens one to the kitchen. Wally is standing by the sink, one arm thrusted firmly on her hip while her mother is standing there listening to her babble while washing vegtables,


Wally is glaring at Zayn who still won't let me down, their mother turns and smiles at me.

Well look who's comfy?

I smile and signal at Zayn, she gets what I mean very quickly.

Zayn put the poor girl down.


He moans, she signals to put me down and he abruptly obeys. I walk over to stand beside a clearly pissed Wally.

Oh! Do you like The Script?

She turns towards me,

Oh I love some of their songs!

Oh great! I got their new CD! Here! Follow me!

I follow her out into the hallways and up the stairs, down another hallway and into her bedroom. She points to a comfy looking couch over by the window seat, I obediently take a seat and watch her. I never really got a good look of her room, when you walk in the door you see her massive bed but you have to go round the corner to see it all. She has a window seat overlooking her back garden, the couch I'm sitting on a few feet away, the couch is facing a massive plat screen TV which is hanging on the wall beside the corner wall which has a door to her massive walk-in wardrobe. Under the flatscreen is a long press thing holding hundreds of CD's and DVD's. I gape at her selection, sitting on top of this cabinet is a DVD player, her stylish radio and a Nintendo Wii. She runs her pink varnished nails through her hundreds of CD's and stops at one,


She pulls it out and slots it into the player. Songs blast out through the room, I sigh and lean back in the chair. She reaches into her sparkly silver side table and pulls out a cute laptop case. She pulls out her laptop and joins me on the comfortable couch, she moves around a bit and sighs heavily. She gets up and drags the laptop with her to the window seat, she moves around a little there and sighs again. She tries her bed and gets up, she resolves to siting in the middle of her bedroom floor. I close my eyes and rub circles around my closed eyelids, it was tiring at school today. I didn't realise I fell asleep until I feel the weight of Wally dragging the couch down, She is shaking me violently like an earthquake. I open my eyes and blink for a bit, allowing them to adjust to the light of her bedroom.

                                                                                                                       After dinner Wally's parents call a family meeting in the living-room. I was reluctant to go at first as I'm not a part of the family but Wally's mum exclaimed,

Don't be silly! You're apart of the family now!

I think she was just trying to make me feel better as the subject was on me, my family don't have these things so I have no lcue what they're about. Besides me of course. Wally's Dad takes the seat and we are all here, I haven't found out the names of the rest of Wally's sisters as I have only seen them here and at dinner. Their parents told me to call them by their names, Yaser and Patricia. Yaser clapped his hands together and started,

Okay guys! Waliyha's school set up the P.I.C.L program and they chose Abby here to come to our house, now Waliyha will be staying with her for tonight and tommorow night as the school wants the exchange student to be comfortable. I know this will be a big change as a replacement for Waliyha, especially considering Abby isn't impatient, imoral....

Her father continued naming out things that Wally is, the things yo uwoudl only understand if you lived with her for long enough. Patricia cut him off with a loud cough, in other words, telling him to get to the point, he smiled at her and continued,

We all here need to make Abby feel at home and not make her feel uncomfortable or out of her comfort zone.

For some reason, Wally and Yaser both glared at Zayn. Who looked around innocently, Patricia continued on from Yaser.

Abby? We have breakfast together every morning at a half eight as school starts at nine. Zayn has his own driver and often times picks Waliyha up from school. We will need your number as we will contact you at last lunch the latest to notify you on who's picking you up that day. When you come home you are free to do whatever you please in the house, please notify Yaser or I if you are going out. As Waliyha already informed you, you cannot say a word to anyone about Zayn being here. No mention of it anywhere or there will be serious consequences....

I took a glance at Zayn fro mthe corner of my eye, he was looking odwn at his shoes intently,

We are not mean people but you must understand that he is famous and if he even gets a peek out the window from anyone, a hundred girls could be standing outside our front door within the hour. I hope you understand that its very life-threating being a superstar and that we need our privacy with our own son as well. We do have to share him with the world too you know?

She stopped talking and gave me a chance to cut in,

 I understand and promise not to tell anyone, I have seen on TV how crazy these fans are and believe me, I don't think I could take them being out there either. I fully promise that there will be no word of Zayn being in this house coming from me, its not my story to tell and it doesn't concern me. Thank you for giving me a roof over my head and I will treat Zayn like any normal human being.

Yaser and Patricia both smiled adoringly at me and my little speech, I gulped quietly as I realised everyone in the room was staring at me. I glance at Waliyha who gives me a quick thumbs up, I glance at Zayn out of the corner of my eye quickly so no-one sees and I see him trying to get a look at my emotions but I let my hair create a curtain around my face. Yaser stands up and claps again,

Well thats it so. Thank you Abby and I would like to let you know that we put our trust in you and I dearly hope you don't break that.

With that he dismisses the meeting and gives me a pat on the back before everyone leaves and he sits down to watch football. I follow Wally up the stairs and back to her bedroom, she jumps on her bed backwards so her face is staring at the ceiling. I take the window seat and watch her stare intently at her wall. Her bed is a four-poster bed so if she looks up, she's staring at the silver silk that matches her duvets and curtains.

That was a nice speech you gave there.

She turns her head on her matress so she's looking at me, I continue to look out in her garden.

Eh yeah, I suppose.

I hope you don't tell anyone because you and I could be good friends.

I glance over at her, she quickly pretends to be interested in her nails. Hiding the embarrassment of the fact that she could actually be friends with an unpopular girl. I smile and continue to once more look out the window.








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