Swapping My Love

~COMPLETED~Abby has to swap lives with a girl in her class for a month. Abby has no clue about this girl, her name is Waliyha and very private. she hangs around with all the cool kids, Abby doesn't know her at all. Read to find out more.


8. Stay far from....

Once class is over, I bound out quickly and jot out in my head why she would watch him. Sure, he's her brother but she's always fighting with him to leave her alone so why? Maybe she's just concerned? Who cares? I shrug it off and continue to class.

End of day*

Waliyha bids me a goodbye as I turn for the library,

I'll tell my parents and they'll text you on when and who is picking you up!

I nod curtly, she didn't seem to realise that I haven't said a word to her since this morning, before the incident. She flashes me a bright, fake smile and a wave of her perfectly manicured hand before taking off, leaving me in the deserted hallways. I try to contend my anger as I speed walk through the halls to the library, Waliyha made me walk through to the main door just to say like five words, like wtf? She does realise that I'm probably late for detention? I walk in just before the supervisor who eyes me warily, probably judging me in his head,

Just another troubled teenager that causes nothing but trouble.

About ten minutes in he decides that he has a problem,

I have to go to my car, I'm watching you all now! Ten minutes!

He takes out the door and closes it behind him, rather quickly. I stay in my seat as I was when he was here, until a rather badass looking boy walks up to my desk. He leans both his arms at the front,

You do realise he ain't coming back?

I gape at him, he's fit but what?

Eh, excuse me?

You heard me, he-ain't-coming-back! You got me this time hun?

I grin mischeviously at him and jump out of my seat, purposely kicking it behind me. It makes a loud crash, he smiles back at me. His eyes are dancing as he puts his arm around my shoulders and guides me over to his group of friends.

                                                  Turns out his name is Ryan, we were all chilling out with his friends when this guy, who they all call 'Dog', shouts,

GUYS! Ten minutes left! you know the drill!

Everyone jumps into action, resuming to their seat, pulling out books looking like they were studying but only I know they weren't. Just as if magic, the supervisor comes back, looking satisfied with himself. I smile back at Ry who is leaning back in his seat like he's having the time of his life. Detention after school is pretty awesome hanging with his friends. When the supervisor grants us the pleasure of going home, Ry slips his number into my pocket. I smile at him and leave, once out the doors I pull my phone out and read the new message.

From Yaser:

Abigail? The same white SUV that picked you up the other day will be doing the same today! Same spot as well! Its Zayn's driver, Shane! Make sure to say hello please, and do take a seat in the back! -Yaser!

I nod at my phone and retrace my memory to the spot, as promised by Yaser, the white SUV was sitting there. I hop in the back as asked and welcome the first shadow in the driver's seat,

Hi Shane!

I see a smile spread on his face, he picks up a crumpled piece of paper,


Haha yeah!

What landed you with detention?

Waliyha's friends.

Even though the glass is tinted, he can still see my frown. He puts on a knowing face before turning to the front. The second shadow turns to me now,

Hey Abby!

I'd recognise his deep, luring voice anywhere. I gulp down the lump in my throat before responding, my voice wavering like crazy,

Hi Zayn...

My voice isn't as cheerful as it was with Shane but thats the affect he has on me. He makes my stomach dance and he takes me out of my comfort zone. Too much for my liking if you ask me. I see his smile through the blackish glass, I nod to myself while making a mental note in my head,

Stay far from Zayn Malik as possible!


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