Swapping My Love

~COMPLETED~Abby has to swap lives with a girl in her class for a month. Abby has no clue about this girl, her name is Waliyha and very private. she hangs around with all the cool kids, Abby doesn't know her at all. Read to find out more.


13. Some Nights

I smile at her, she's got to be a Directioner? I smile, she flicks a strand of her wavy, ginger hair away from her face. Mick pulls out a piece of paper and pen out of nowhere and starts scribbling down stragedies, I realise that the map is a graph drawing of the whole field where we will be paintballing. I look around to see that no-one else has a map, I snap my head back to Mick.

Heyy! Are we cheating?!

I kinda shouted it, causing the people close to us to turn. The only people that were near to us though was Chantelle and he mates. Mick gives me a queer look,

Of course not! I've been here so many times that I remember every turn and twist in this joint! Now there's loads of different fields but thank god we will be shooting in Field B as my best map is of that field. We go here every Saturday and every Wednesday in the holidays!

I glance in disbelief at Katie who nods, confirming everything Mick just told me. I narrow my eyes in suspicion,

Then why do you guys want me on your team?

Mick opens his mouth but no words come out, Katie buts in,

Mick always invites the pretty girls to join us when we are looking ofr a new member! Thats how Chantelle joined!

I notice how Katie's voice gets dull at the mention of Chantelle, I bet she isn't the only one. I laugh self-consciously and glance at Mick, who is blushing like crazy. Us three discuss tea stragedies for another ten minutes before the clock above the door shows that we onyl have twenty minutes left. Mick and I head over to the computers to erase me off and put me in their team. We decided the teams and picked paintball colours. 

On the red team there is: Mick, Me, Chantelle, (I know! Feel free to do the eye-roll along with everyone else who ended up on her team). On the blue team there's: Kevin, Katie and Conner. I kinda feel bad for leaving Katie all alone with two guys as she seems fragile but I know the guys will take good care of her. Mick starts to show Chantelle and I how to aim and fire but clearly the only one listening is me.

You pull back the plastic thing here and..... Chantelle! How are you gonna fire if you don't learn how to?!

Chantelle lets out a big huff and tears her eyes away from the back of a familiar looking guy. I try to get a better look but Chantelle purposely steps in to block my view. She smirks her lipstick red lips and brings her attention back to Mick's annoyed face,

Michael! I go here all the time! I know how to aim and fire and all that crap!

You actually don't! They got new guns and paint! You don't listen do you?!

Michael walks towards the stand with all the guns while Chantelle walks in the complete opposite direction, to the guys that still look familiar to me. I watch Chantelle as she leans in and whispers in the guy's ear, his head turns to her smiling face. I only see the side of his face but he is so damn familiar! She whispers another thing and laughs a really loud bitchy laugh. She glances over at me everytime before leaning in and whispering something else, I stand my ground and prove to her that its not bothering me. I jump about twenty feet when Mick comes back, practically shouting in my ear,

I found the perfect gun for you Abby!

He excitedly drags my reluctant arm over to the stand, the supervisors instruct us to hurry up as there's only ten minutes left. Mick hands me a gun and starts babbling on about what its called and the power it has. I smiel and nod, every now and then glancing over at Chantelle and Familiar Boy. I turn back to Mick and try to listen in but all I hear is muffles and watch his lips move.


I know its not Mick's voice as his mouth stopped moving, I turn to see Familiar Boy. I look at him, willing myself to remember where I saw him before. Maybe on the street? Or in a shop? He smirks his badass signature smile, I suddenly remember. I'd say what clogged my memory would be how badass he is.


He nods, smirking again.

You know each other?!

Chantelle's voice raises another octave to make her annoying pitchy voice even squeekier, if thats a word. Ry and I both shrug at the same time, Chantelle is clearly outraged and angry that I know her friends and that I actually do know some cool people.


Ry nods in my direction, I smile as Mick stares at me wide-eyed. Chantelle turns her head slowly and dramatically. Her lips, that are plastered with lipstick, are slightly agape. She quickly shakes her head and closes her mouth. I laugh quietly at her dumbfounded expression. The five minute bell rings and we all say goodbye to Ry except for Chantelle, who puppy-dog follows me over to his mates. Ry and I finish up choosing guns and entering them in the computes. The clock countdowns, Chantelle is nowhere in sight. I shrug and turn to Mick who is repeatedly making sure that I know our strategdy, once the clock tolls the doors are pushed open. I don't take time to look at my surroundings as I'm pretty sure about it from Mick's map, I follow him to where we are going to start.

After about half an hour, I lost Mick. Thats when Chantelle came out of nowhere carrying a gun, she must have sorted out her crap when I wasn't looking. I glance around to finally enjoy my surroundings, Chantelle won't shoot me, she's on my team! Us two are both in an open space, trees dotted around the circle. I turn back to Chantelle, who is standing there smirking at me. She shoots me on the chest, I cry out and clutch my chest. I've only gotten shot once in the leg and thats not painfull but she was standing pretty close to me and my chest is a very sensitive spot for me.

The bitch, (Chantelle) takes off into the forest like a coward. I groan as I'm sure there's going to be a bruise there tommorow. I shoot three lumps of grass in the ground, I hear multiple shots and 'Ow!'s coming from the distance. I hear another round of 'Ow!'s after shooting the grass again, did I shoot an animal?! I see the grass move, I quickly run off and run through my memory what could come up, a tree or anything! I remember about five yards from here is a massive bush that not many people bother about. I sprint to it and hide, the people I shot soon came into view. I realise that I got them in the highest mark range! Go me! They run away at the upcoming sound of shots, they were getting closer. I see Mick come into view, I can tell thst he's being chased. He desperately turns around looking for shelter,

Psstt!! Mick!

He glances in my direction and spots my eyes through the hole in the bush, he quickyl scrambles in and not long afterwards, his attackers arrive. He gives me a thumbs up. We silently watch until they leave, he turns to me.

You're not so bad eh? Wait! Did you shoot yourself?!

He points his index finger at the big red blob on my torso, I shake my head biting hard on my lip. He pokes it gently, I squeeze my eyes shut. I'm debating if I should just tell him, aah yeah!


Chantelle did this to you?!

His eyes widen in fury, the subject of Chantelle doesn't help any situation involving Mick. I nod my head quietly, looking down.

Skips warfare of paintballing*

After that, Mick and I left the bush and attacked a load of people. It turns otu that I'm actually pretty good at shooting things, strange as it sounds. Michael is a pro at paintballing! After changing, everyone has to hand up their suits to the supervisors who count up the points. After sandwhiches and tea, they call us to announce the winners.

Okay! Okay!

The main supervisor calsl out, clapping his hands loudly to try and get everyone to quiet down.

We have counted up the points, we have a winner and a runner up. I would just like to say that the only team that had a denomination was Team Red who had a player that got shot by another memeber but luckily, it didn't cost them the game. Tema Red are the winners!

Everyone claps loudly, Chantelle of course is the first to hop up and accept the prize even though Mick and I found out that she sat in a tree for the whole game. Mick went up next and I followed. We all got a five pound voucher for Penneys and a free month membership to this place that had to be used this month for some reason.

Yaser and Patricia were proud of me and talked to me the whole car ride home even though the only thing I wanted to do was sleep for a year maybe? I trudged up the stairs and went to Wally's room. I pause in the doorway as I see Zayn's tall figure lying on my bed.

Some nights I wish I could control the earth.






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