Swapping My Love

~COMPLETED~Abby has to swap lives with a girl in her class for a month. Abby has no clue about this girl, her name is Waliyha and very private. she hangs around with all the cool kids, Abby doesn't know her at all. Read to find out more.


20. Problem?

I just want to start the next chapter with a big THANKS to all you guys, liking, favouriting, reading and commenting! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!! At one point I was actually gonna stop updating all my movellas because i thought they were bad until you guys told me they're awsome! I <3 YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!!!! I'd kiss y'all if it didnt sound so perverted! oh yeah i know how Abby and Zayn being together sounds creepy but im trying to make it romantic so here goes!!!!!!!

Abby's P.O.V:

Once I wake up, I sit up in bed and relax in the lovely peace. Its Friday!!!! TGIF!!!!!! I wallow around in my comfortable bed just enjoying how awesome this is right now! Next week, I only have that week of school and then EASTER HOLS!!!!!! They are returning our families to us, I mean the other way around! Well anyways, they're returning us to our families a month to the date so it will be the 5th of April that I'll be going home!!! Not that I'm that excited, I love it here!

I eventually drag my lazy ass outta bed and haul it downstairs. I'm still in my pjs but who cares? I'm in the safety of my home right now so who's gonna care? No paps! I love the sound of that! I'm halfway through my Cheerios when Zayn, who is wide awake, bursts into the empty kitchen and stars throwing things around. Its only me awake like most mornings, he's usually the last to wake up. He throws loads of food onto the kitchen table, crisps, sweets, cereal, bread, cheese, milk, Diet Coke, Coca Cola. You name it, he had thrown it onto the table. Whats this? Some kind of weird, junky breakfast? I'm not going to even bother talking to him right now, there's no point in trying anymore. I leave him be and continue my breakfast until he interferes with me. He grabs the spoon out of my hand, mid-air to my mouth, and throws it in the dishwasher. He replaces it with a fork, quickly. 


I say it harshly as he might not hear me through his thickness. He turns to me, almost impatient-like.


He's obviously in a rush and is really not happy for the distraction thats cutting off his time. I hold my hand out for the spoon but he firmly shakes his head and crosses his arms gruffly.

Is that all, Princess?

His voice is sarcastic and nasty, what the hell did I do? I shove past him as I go to dump the bowl in the washer, I smile nastily and use the same tone as him,

I was finished anyways, Darling.

He grunts and procedes in whatever the hell he's doing. If he's trying to make breakfast let him off, let him get into bother for being stupid enough to put food out like that for a morning meal. I shake my head pityingly at make my way upstairs quietly. Once in my room I pull on some lazy clothes, heck its Friday! I put on a grey sweater that has Awesome written in messy capitals, skinny blue destroyed jeans, my cool blue Vans, One Direction bangles that said I <3 and each of all the boys names. I honestly don't care what Zayn thinks of them as all the other boys are so sweet and kind so I do heart them. I pull my hair up into a messy bun and clip down the bumps. I walk downstairs to hear shouts and laughing coming from the livingroom. I open the door to reveal the thing that I wanted most forever. I think I just died inside.

The whole of One Direction is sitting in the livingroom! Niall, the blondie, is laughing super loud until I walk in. He looks me up and down and gulps, Liam sits there quietly. Unsure of what to do, Harry smiles. His left dimple pops out,

Hello, love. I'm Harry!

His english accent is to die for! I shake his hand quietly and nod, he smiles harder which brings out both of his adorable dimples. He looks so innocent when he smiles, in person! The Directioner inside of me is hopping up and down and screaming but the normal me is standing here quietly, not moving. Louis gets up and gives me a big hug, lifting me off the ground,


Zayn must have told him my name, I peer over in suspicion at Zayn, what else could he have told them? More to the point, why are they here?!  Liam stands up sighing, he brushes down his pants before shaking my hand. 

I'm Liam! Nice to meet you.

 I nod again and finally find my voice to one of the cutest guys in the world,


 Zayn pats the couch beside him for me to sit down I search his eyes for any hint of anger before reluctantly taking a seat between him and Louis, Louis leans in to whisper in my ear,

We've heard alot about you, love.

I pull away to look him in the eye, he nods his head answering my unspoken question. I shrug and take a look at all of them once more, how awesome is this?! 1D sitting in the same room as me! Talking to me like I'm their best mate! I smile in glee and do another few glances of the other four fit-looking lads here. It didn't take me long to get used to Zayn but it will take time for the rest, defo! Louis pats my knee, he looks down at my clasped hands and grabs my wrist. He yanks it up into the air like a trophy so all the boys can see,

Look at what we have here!!!!! A DIRECTIONER! Thats why she's so quiet!

They all laugh at me, I smile. Zayn chuckles and talks to all of them,

I kinda figured that out when she sang and danced along to all of our songs! she knows every one of them!

They all smile, Niall jumps off the couch and shouts out while doing the 'Joey' dance,

One way, or another. I'm gonna find ya, I'm gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha one wayy or another! I'm gonna win ya, I'll getcha, I'll getcha!

He sits down loudly, he laughs out really loud. I join in laughing with him as the rest of the boys turn to me to see my reaction to Niall's little performance. I decide to pick the cheekiest of the boys to question,

Yes?! Problem?

They were all staring at me but I have a feeling that talking to Harry would be the funniest at this particular moment.

Oh no! I was just taking in the beauty of your darling face!

He turns to Zayn,

How can you keep her in your house and still be okay?!

Everyone can tell he means it in a dirty way by his tone, I feel my cheeks flush red as the boys laugh and poke Zayn childishly. Zayn lets out low, quiet chuckles. 

I don't know Hazza, I honestly don't know!

We all join in laughing until Niall stops abruptly,

So man, why'd ya call us out here?!

I smile at him, I love his Irish accent so much! I'm also smiling at him because he asked the question that I'm dying for the answer to, clearly the boys don't know why they're here either. We all turn to Zayn who turns beetroot red.

Long story boys.........

So guys, keep commenting and telling me what ye think!!!!! Anyone got any ideas for the next chapter, dont be afraid! I'm really keen to see what ye guys think the next chapter should be about!!!!!!!!! xxx <3 did i mention that I LOVE YOU GUYS???!!!!! xxx thanks for being such great fans/readers!!!!! :)


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