Swapping My Love

~COMPLETED~Abby has to swap lives with a girl in her class for a month. Abby has no clue about this girl, her name is Waliyha and very private. she hangs around with all the cool kids, Abby doesn't know her at all. Read to find out more.


30. Party

This is just a warning that the next chapter will be the last!!!!! I'm thinking of a sequel so anyone want that? A sequel? Comment if you want a sequel!!! I dont mind cus I'd enjoy writing another!!!

Tommorow is my birthday and right now I'm freaking out, I've only a few more days before leaving Wally's house and returning!! Well maybe thats a little overdramatic but I'm freaking out okay?! I mean likee....what do I do? Yaser and Tricia ( she told me to call her Tricia instead of Patricia) have something planned but right now my mind is far away. I'll probably walk through my suprise party and keep walking, not even taking heed to the people gathered with all my presents and cake....if I get a party. Donn has been assuring me its going to be fine but I think otherwise.

Zayn and I haven't really been in contact since the other night, he has lightened his mood but he continues to blast music loudly from his room everyday and night and refuses to talk. Mind you, I don't try to talk to him. I guess maybe we're going our own seperate ways? I know I was begging for this but I kind of wanted to help make him and Perrie better again, it would be something to remember ya know?

I hop into bed and lie down, breathing in the lovely sent of the linen sheets and trying to block out the memory of all the nice things about Zayn. Things like how the top button of his shirt always seems to undo itself, how his melted honey eyes are dark and mysterious in the moon light, candlelight seems to illuminate his face and send dark sexy shadows across his face, how his honey eyes melt into pools of the golden syrup when he's upset, how he bites his bottom lip when in deep concentration....I shake my head.

These things about him are too attractive and every Directioner knows what I mean! He's too luxurious and angelic! How can one be so perfect and unique? I shake my head once more, ridding it of the thoughts that I have kept hidden for so long....and the few feelings I have towards him. I can not let this get in my way of becoming friends with him once more before leaving the house! I feel my eyelids get heavier as I drift into sleep.

I wake up to the sun streaming light through the window, damn! I fell asleep before closing the curtains! I look at the clock to see its seven o'clock in the morning! Well there's no way I'm getting back to sleep now, butterflies fly and dance around my stomach as I realise its my birthday today, one more year and I'm eighteen! It sounds exciting but getting hard feels bad too, I text Wally good morning before quietly getting dressed for school.

Waliyha's P.O.V:

I'm just worried I guess.....or maybe overeacting? Abby won't do anything with Zayn! How am I losing sleep over this, like seriously? I guess this is why I've been so quiet to her lately, I'm just pondering over what moves Zayn could be pulling on her. Everyone knows that he was a player before fame and most people change when they get famous, and most of the time its not in a good way. Well.....who's to say he hasn't changed? Its gotten me puzzled everyday now, seeing all the magazines with Abby protecting Doniya from the paps or her in town with Zayn, the allegations won't stop! Like, seriously! Abby isn't Zayn's girlfriend! Her has Perrie!

Maybe I'm being overprotective of Abby....or Zayn? I don't want him breaking her heart, I know what he's like and its not a good review. He's a heartbraker and always has been, nothing can change what he's like and I know exactly how this is going to end if I don't keep Abby away from him and we all know it won't end in...Happily Ever After.

Zayn's P.O.V:

Mum and Dad rushed me around the house throwing all kinds of weird and wacky decorations into my arms and shouting orders like 'throw that over the stairs!' and 'oh! over by the door!' I would have actually run off to town or somewhere to hang with the boys if it wasn't for the fact that this is Abby's suprise party, I know its crazy but this girl is changing me and its a good thing too.

Since I can remember I have played girls like video games and once finished, leave and get another. But the thing is, Abigail has some way of squirming herself into my mind everyday and every waking minute, I dream about her too but not in a creepy way. I've never respected girls and now I realise what a dick I can be, always pouting and acting up like a five year old if I don't get what I want. I was like that before One Direction but I guess I've only realised that now.

Once all the decorations are up, I hop in the passenger seat and sit quietly for the ride to Abby's school. I watch from the tinted window as Abigail makes her way out of school and walks up to the land rover, she's biting the inside of her cheek as she hops in and puts her seatbelt on quiet as a mouse. My driver and I both greet her before I inform her that we have to stop by Starbucks for a little while. She nods without a word, is she still upset with me over dinner?

We pull up at Starbucks and I hop out before walking around and opening her door, her face flashes from suprise to a couldn't care less look and hops out after me. We walk into Starbucks, Abby trailing behind me cautiously, obviously hoping that the crazy waitress isn't here again. I order two coffees and ask Abby to look at a poster on the far wall so I can order the list Mum gave me earlier for the party. I ask the waitress to hurry and put it all in the same bag quickly without letting Abigail see.

I hold the door for Abby on the way out of Starbucks and open the door of the rover for her aswell, suprisingly she smiles politely at me. Must be because I'm making an effort. Once at home, I quickly bound inside and knock the special code Mum told me to assure them I'm not Abby. I quickly shut the door behind me and leave everything in place, there's loads of people here, some from school and others from our family such as Mum and Dad.

Its not long before Abby somes in, looking rather pissed but that quickly changes when she sees her party. She thanks everyone as everyone begins to settle down and eat some food and chat to others. Abby leaves to get changed into something nicer for the party.

Abby's P.O.V:

I bound up the stairs delighted but also a little annoyed, they should have let me gotten chnaged before having a party! I guess how else could you explain to me without the suprise being ruined? I decide on a dark purple strapless dress with a ruffled skirt that has a matching purple bow at the waist. My feet are a little sore so I put on my silver strapped sandals with matching silver bangles on my right arm. I put on foundation, mascara and eyeliner before brushing my hair out. I leave my hair down and check myself in the bathroom mirror before going downstairs. The party is just amazing! All the 1D lads are here and some of my friends from school, Tammy bounds up to me followed by Jenny who is glancing around shyly. Tammy is wearing a bright blue summer dress while Jenny is wearing a red button down knee high dress. I hold Jenny at arms length and admire her,

Woah! Ye guys looks amazing! Thanks for coming!

Jenny and Tammy both smle warmly and give me tight hugs. Tammy is hugging me close so she's shouting in my ear when she replies,

Oh hun! Of course we came! You're seventeen now babes!

We all bust out laughing at her mimicing the Populars and their stupid high-pitched voices. Jenny and Tammy excuse themselves to go and talk to One Direction. All the boys are looking great in their different suits but standing awkwardly as they don't know what to do. They don't know anyone here besides Yaser, Tricia, Zayn's siblings, Zayn and me. They're standing pretty much clueless like lost pupies, hot ones.

Zayn pops up out of nowhere behind giant speakers and DJ equipment, he turns on the mic and loudly proclaims,

DJ Malik in thaaa house!!!!!!!! Happy birthday Abbyyy!!!!!! Now for some tunesss!!!!

I smile and mouth a thankyou, he nods and starts the first song, I laugh at his selection of song, Thrift Shop. Everyone starts dancing around and laughing their heads off, this party couldn't get any better.

Zayn is on like the tenth song when people start getting tired and thristy. Some head off towards the tables stacked with delicious treats while others sit on the couches talking to their friends. I ask Tammy to leave Jenny for a minute and meet me out in the hall, she nods and mouths 'one minute'.

I walk out to the hall and stand around for about ten minutes, I sit down on the last cold step of the stairs wating for her. My back is turned towards the kitchen door when it opens and someone walks into the hall. Me, being the fool I am, run straight into the person's arms thinking they're Tammy but I couldn't be more wrong.

The person gasps and studders back a bit as they support my weight in their arms. I look at their face and quickly squirm out of his arms and stand my own ground. I fold my arms, blushing and feeling so ashamed, its him!

Well someones eager.

He chuckles staring straight at my face, I tear my gaze from the ground to look into his honey orbs. HE chuckles once more before starting to talk,

I really want to tell you this but I'm afraid you'll run away and I don't even know if we won't be interrupted again.

I nod,


Its the first time I have talked to him in the last few days, he nods curtly before grabbing one of my hands in his and drawing closer,

You're changing me doll. I've never met someone like you that has this....this impact so big on me. The lads were wondering what the hell happened to me when they first came.....I changed that much. You changed me, you're making me a good person and I really need you...really want you. I need to tell you this before you leave because, well......I wouldn't bear it if you don't know how I feel. You can't leave without knowing the truth and you need to understand it. People will call this just a crush or a bump in the road for Zerrie but it isn't, its an impact and I want you.

 I tear my gaze from our joint hands to look into his genuiene sad eyes, he's serious! I gulp, he leans in close, his hot breath blowing puffs of air into my pale face. I lean in too as shut my eyes as our lips crash together and fit, like they were molded together. He pulls apart and looks into my eyes, pushing a strand of my hair out of my eyes, I blink rapidly at hwat I just did,

Well there goes my plan of helping Zerrie.

I only think this, I don't say it out or he'll be totally confused. He's about to lean in when someone starts to ppen the kitchen door, Zayn quickly pulls away and heads in the direction, He smirks at me once more before diving into the kitchen, swapping places with a frowning Tammy,

Whats he all happy about? You wanted me?

I nod and sigh, too starstruck to speak but somehow manage to get out the last few words.

Aaah never mind.

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