Swapping My Love

~COMPLETED~Abby has to swap lives with a girl in her class for a month. Abby has no clue about this girl, her name is Waliyha and very private. she hangs around with all the cool kids, Abby doesn't know her at all. Read to find out more.


17. Paps.

Abby's P.O.V:

I wake up in Waliyha's bed, not a big shock considering that i'm living here now. What annoys me is the noise coming from outside, what the hell is that?! Whatever it is, its the cause of me waking up. I open up Waliyha's soft curtains to reveal something that is not good, no, very bad, very very bad. There are tons of paps outside with big shiny cameras, holding them, ready for even a little shot to prove that Zayn lives here. One or two notice me and get ready to take a shot but I close the curtains just in time. I huff and go out into the hall, not caring that I'm still in my pajamas. I hear noise coming from Zayn's and Yaser's room to prove to me that I'm not dreaming and that it has woken up them too. I stand in my doorway, leaning against the frame while waiting for someone to wake up. Yaser comes out of the room and jumps at my sudden appearance, 

Abby? Did you do anything that you want to tell us about?

I shake my head and open my mouth to reply but Zayn cuts in before me, I jump not realising that he came out after Yaser.

No its not her, its Perrie.

Zayn's voice is stressed and angry, Yaser rubs his forehead tiredly and stalks back into his room, slamming the door shut after him.

Did they wake you up?

Zayn turns to me, still tired. I rub my face.

Yeah, kinda.

I'm sorry.

He looks at me with sad eyes, I just can't help but feel sorry for him. Being famous, you have no privacy and you can't even be home with your family without someone telling. I nod and turn for my room until someone grabs my arm, twirling me back towards him.

Everything's going to be alright.

His breath is hot in my face and we're only inches apart. I gulp and nod, he smiles cheekily and leaves me. I stand in the hall like a statue, my mind trying to register what just happened. I shake my head uneasily and float back to my room.

Once everyone's dressed, we all have a meeting in the kitchen. The whole family, except Zayn, had to run around the house and quickly close all the blinds. We all take a seat, everyone's quiet as Yaser and Zayn are both fuming over the incident. I sit quietly, I didn't eat anything this, morning as my nerves are all over the place and my palms are sweaty, 'did Yaser honestly think that I told on them?' I think silently to myself as Yaser glares at the flashes behind the curtains. What good is a picture of Zayn's house with all the blinds down? My hands are a little shaky and my breath is hitched. I nearly jump when Yaser speaks out, he doesn't even look at Zayn when he speaks,

How did this happen, Zayn?

Zayn glares at the kitchen door and coolly replies,

She was on the phone with me, she must have told them.

He growls at the word 'she'. He can't even say her name, though I know I wouldn't be able to either. Yaser grunts and speaks out to all of us,

We will have to go on lock down, Zayn, have they seen you at all?


Zayn grunts in reply,

Well then we will just have to lie or suffer. Abby?

My head snaps up at the mention of my name, I glance around to see that only Yaser and Zayn are looking at me, I nod in reply knowing that my voice is too wavery to speak.

I understand you have never been in this situation before, so listen up please. You will not be able to go outside if not accompanied by myself or Doniya as the paps are rude and may not let you by. They will also shout nasty things and may ask you alot of questions but just ignore them. If you are hurt easily I advise you to stay inside, what we do is we just stay inside and watch telly and play games. We always keep the blinds closed at all times, never peak out unless necessary. Understand?

I nod and bite down on my lip, Yaser shows a sign of smiling but turns back to Zayn,

Zayn please be careful, we don't want any trouble. We just want to see our son and not be pestered by the paps for once.!

I glance around in confusion, so this happened before? Thats when Donn leans over and whispers in my ear quietly so Yaser doesn't hear. 

It happened before, last time it was alot worse as they had actual proof that Zayn was here. We couldn't leave the house at all, we missed a week of school and all. The paps had enough gut to come and ring the doorbell and talk to us! Dad, I mean Yaser, threatened them and called the police. Some left but they came back again, we had no choice but to send Zayn to one of his band mates house.

She finishes and sits up straight in her chair, I gape and widen my eyes at her in question, she nods quietly as she returns her gaze to Zayn and Yaser who are now having a whisper fight. They were shouting at each other but it is whisper-shouts so we can't really make out what they're saying. I sigh and slump in my seat, there was no point getting all ready for school as we probably won't be going. Eventually Yaser directs us to our rooms to get out of our uniforms, I got changed in the bathroom as I feel like I'm being watched, even though the curtains are drawn. I slip into a cool outfit, I put on my only Gucci top thats a fine-knit cahsmere wrap effect top, my white rolled cuffed capris, my grey Toms, I put my brown hair back, tyed with a pink bow, my peach nail varnish is starting to wear off but I apply another layer before putting some natural makeup on. If the paps are gonna see me, I wanna look good! 

I walk over to Donn's room to see her door open, I still knock though. I walk in, interrupting her fight with a grumpy Zayn. 

You'd want to be careful Zayn!

Donn calls after him as he stamps out of her room, waving her off. She sighs and sits back on her bed, 

Whats up Abbs?

I sigh and join her on the bed,

Nothing, thats the problem.

Donn sits up and claps in joy, 

I know what to do!

My eyebrows pull together in confusion at her sudden cheerfullness, she grabs my arm and lifts me off the bed.

You have no school today and we have the whole day to do nothing!

She swings my arm back and forth as she leads me to the door,

So I'mma take you to town!

She pulls me out the door and down to the living-room where her parents are lying down. You can hear the music pounding from Zayn's room down here!

Mum, Dad, I'm taking Abby into town. Don't worry! I'll keep her safe! I know what the paps are like!

Her parents nod, obviously too tired to put up a fight,

Wait! What about Safaa?

Patricia calls after us, Donn just turns and replies loudly,

Screw her!

We walk through the massive shopping centre, Doniya pulls me over to a snack bar. They have all kinds of icecream and beverage. Donn insists on buying me what she got herself so we both get a cone with two scoops of Blue Surf on it and red and blue slushies. We struggle to hold it all as we are already being weighed down by the shopping bags. When we get home, the paps are still outside. Some have their own little camps which I find disgusting, how can they just camp outside someone's house and watch their every move? They take pictures of Donn and I but I'm having none of it, they push Donn which causes her slushie to go down her top, this makes me outraged.


I shove a man out of the way as I help a distraught Doniya make it to the front door. Another man comes up and takes pictures in my face, I lose it again and I grab his camera, I throw it as far as I can. It flies through the air and smashes against a tree, he turns to me outraged.

Hey! Thats my camera!

I turn to him, snorting,

Pity for you! Here my fist!

I throw my fist into his jaw and pick up my bags and slam the front door shut. Yaser, Zayn, Safaa and Doniya are all standing there. Safaa looks horrified while the others have smug expressions, I look down and make my way to my room, 

I'm sorry.

I call over my shoulder, I probably just made their situation worse, but somehow they were smiling at me?

After mellowing in the dark of my room for about two hours, Donn comes up and gives me a hug.

Everyone is proud of you, you know?

I stay in her arms, her hugs are always so warm!


My voice is muffled by her arm. She nods and holds my hand going downstairs. Everyone is in the kitchen watching Patricia making pizza for tea. I stand there quietly for a minute or two before speaking up,

I'm sorry! I just made your situation alot worse but they were being awful to Doniya and I felt so angry and......

Yaser cuts me off by speaking up,

You did right Abigail and we're proud of you. That was a brave move and I don't think our situation could get any worse to be honest.  It was a very nice touch by smashing his camera!  I wish we filmed it!

I look up through my eyebrows to see Yaser smiling down at me, Zayn is smirking at me and so is Doniya.

We honestly didn't think you'd take the paps but you were the one to protect Doniya!

Yaser throws his hands up in happiness while Donn cuts in,

Thank you for sticking up for me Abby, it was really nice of you to do that. My top is ruined! But you got him back by ruining his camera.

Donn winks at me and I smile at how everyone is being so nice to me. Whats the bet I'll be in the paper tommorow? I can almost see the headlines now,

Crazy child, friend of Malik's?

Smashes camera and hits paps, who is this mystery girl?

How did she do it?

Who lets her out? Crazy, belistic, thats how paps see it!

I wince at all the headlines that I make up, they will be alot worse but I don't care, none of this stuff has ever affected me.


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