Swapping My Love

~COMPLETED~Abby has to swap lives with a girl in her class for a month. Abby has no clue about this girl, her name is Waliyha and very private. she hangs around with all the cool kids, Abby doesn't know her at all. Read to find out more.


12. One Way Or Another!!!!

Abby's P.O.V:

I went into the kitchen to see Yaser and Safaa having a heated conversation, I quickly left but it was too late.


Yaser's cheerful voice drags me back into the kitchen,

Safaa and I here are deciding which would be best for Safaa, go out with us today or spend time with her boyfriends?

Yaser made air quotes with 'with her boyfriends'. I smile as best as I can,

I haven't really gone out with boys that much so my opinion doesn't really count.

I made for the door but yet again, Yaser drags me back into the fight.

It does!

Not really...

Safaa agrees with me and nods along with me, she looks up at her father's disbelieving face.

We'll discuss this later, go out for today but remember that we are going to talk later.

Safaa quickly leaves the kitchen without another word,  I smile awkwardly at Yaser and leave. Patricia quickly leads me back in to the kitchen again!

Donny can't go so its just us three and Safaa!

She sighs but Yaser confirms my worst fears,

Its actually just going to be us three.

I glance at the door of the kitchen, willing Zayn or Wally to walk in so I won't have the whole day of awkward silence with their parents all alone. I sigh in defeat and give a triumphant smile. 'This will be fun!' I sigh quietly to myself as we all head to the garage.

Zayn's P.O.V:

Was that all a dream or did she really just kiss me? She seriously couldn't have, I can't believe I ended up crying in front of her! I actually told her everything that goes on in my head! (Besides my feelings for her, which was the only thing I meant to say to her! But ended up being the only thing I didn't say to her!) I sigh in defeat and lie in my makeshift bed, I hear people moving around in the kitchen below. Once Dad's Audi pulls out of the garage, I get up. I change into grey sweats and a baggy t-shirt before heading downstairs. I scratch the spiky stubble on my face and grab a box of cereal. I head to the living-room and turn on MTV's music channel, I open the cornflakes and take handfuls before stuffing them in my mouth. I stop when a video of me and the boys come on, its 'Live While We're Young' . I lean back into the couch aand sigh, there is a million great memories that we had making that video. I remember Liam questioning the scene producers,

Flashback of the making of Live While We're Young*

I watch Liam as he stares at the massive tent in confusion, he shout/whispers to Niall who is closest to him,

Who has a bloody couch in a tent going camping? Like, seriously! Sometimes you'd wonder about these people!

He struck his arm out, pointing at the scene managers. Niall laughs, its his typical irish laugh thats loud and sounds really funny but cute compared to all of our english laughs. I chuckle and bend my head down as the cute stylist storms past, she obviously heard Liam's smart remark. Liam has been quite.......well.......eh....moody! Thats it! Moody! Him and Danielle are having problems all day, one minute she'd be texting him all lovey dovey like management told them to act and then the next minute she is ringing him telling him to grow up. The rest of us are concerned for Liam as management are making him be with Danielle but he just shakes his head and walks away, we were trying to make a nice scene in the video by the campsite. The only problem was that Liam was having a hard time smiling and everytime the producers took a cut, he would quickly pull out his phone and text her. Harry and I got so annoyed at how Danielle was affecting Liam that Harry just snapped and pulled the phone out of Liam's hands before throwing it in a bucket of water at the side.

Liam shouted and they had a fight but Harry reasoned with him and made him realise what Danielle was doing to him. We can never stay mad at each other for long, we are all mates again within five minutes. Liam sits down again and continues to complain about a couch beign in a tent.

End of flashback*

I smile, Abby is right. I don't regret making those lovely memories of us boys fighting and making up again. I don't care how wrong or twisted that sounds because I geniuenly love the boys and I wouldn't be able to live if something happened to one of them. Even a minor broken leg would affect me, I'd get to the nearest airport and get to them A.S.A.P! I love my four faithful best friends and nothing will stop me from getting to them in their time of need. There is a few things I regret doing in the last two to three years but the amount of memories I enjoyed out-number them. I stuff another fistful into my mouth as Britney Spears and Will.I.Am comes on, I rock my head back and forth to the tune but change it as I realise its censored. I hate that they do that to really good songs, Thrift Shop comes on. I actually love this song!

Abby's P.O.V:

Yaser and Patricia have taken me to paintball! I was pretty shocked when we pulled up, I actually thought they were taking me somewhere stupid! I smile as I pull on my gear over my light clothes. Because I'm fourteen, I'm allowed to go paintballing. I grab my gun and enter it in a free computer, I stand and wait for Yaser and Patricia. We are brought with a group of random people to the firing range where we are told what points you get for shooting people in what areas. Everyone is given a different paintball colour so that when the game is over, they check everyone's suits for your own colour and they count if up fro you. If you're on someone's team, the team has a colour. Everyone decided if they wanted to be in groups or not, I let Yaser and Patricia be on their own teams. I stood there all alone as I let Yaser talk to Patricia about team stragedies, a boy around my age came up to me.


Eh, hi.

Are you on somebody's team?!

Eh, no.

Wanna be on mine?!

Eh, sure!

He was really cute with sandy coloured hair and hazel eyes, I followed him as he guided me over to a big group of teens my age. He introduced everyone,

This is Katie...

He pointed to a ginger haired girl with green eyes, she reminded me of a tabby cat. She smiled and waved,

This is Kevin.....

He pointed to a boy around his height with dark hair and unbelieveably bright blue eyes. He looked like he was daydreaming, he glanced up at the mention of his name. I smile at him, he looks at me questionly,

This is Conner....

He pointed at a ginger boy who reminded me alot of Ron Weasly from Harry Potter. I smile at him too, his brown eyes follow my every move. Weird.

This is Chantelle....

The girl he points at turns around, I nearly widen my eyes. She is unbelieveably pretty, her eyes are crossed between green and brown and her chocolate brown hair is in soft, shiny waves down her back. She is so pretty! But by her body launguage, I can tell already that she's one of those snobby bitches that know she's pretty and uses it with guys to get her own way. She turns to they guy who brought me over here,

Eh, Michael? Who tha hell is this?

Michael, I presume, turns to me sheepishly.


Wait! So you're telling me you brought her here and you don't even know her name?

He starts panicking so I jump in and save his ass from a bitch attack.

He does its just he couldn't pronunce it so I told him to call me Abby.

I hear a few people in the group mumble 'heyy's and 'hi abby!' but Chantelle stood there motionless. She glares at me before turning back to whoever she was talking to. Michael sighs and turns to me,

Thanks! She can be a right pain sometimes! Oh yeah! I'm Michael by the way! You can call me Mick! Nice to meet you Abby!

 His hazel eyes dance around my face before settling on the Katie girl,


He calls her quite loudly, everyone here is so energetic! Besides Chantelle, I roll my eyes already making up my mind that I don't like her.


Come here!!!

I see Katie bound over, leaving Conner and Kevin to stand together.

Whats up Mick?!

We need to discuss our team stragedy!

Oh yeah! We are going to beat these guys One Way Or Another!!!

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