Swapping My Love

~COMPLETED~Abby has to swap lives with a girl in her class for a month. Abby has no clue about this girl, her name is Waliyha and very private. she hangs around with all the cool kids, Abby doesn't know her at all. Read to find out more.


7. Oh Thanks....

Turns out I have detention for the next two days, no thanks to Waly who just sat there and let me get detention. Though, what did I expect? Her to suddenly jump up and shout,

Oh Ms. Jones! I asked Wally to check up on my brother as you know, I get worried about him!

That excuse would have been fine as all those populars would get away with murder, but no. Why would she bother her pretty little ass to jump up and save her so called friend. The whole time she sat there looking down at her manicured nails, I shook my head and accepted my punishment. Once class was over,  I went straight to my locker and dumped my books, I get my next books and go straight to my next class even though there's a half of hour break left. Tammy stops me right before the door,

Where are you going?! I've been looking for you everywhere! What happened in your class this morning? People are talking about you everywhere!

I shake my head, she leads me to an empty classroom. She sits me down in a chair at the front and takes a seat on the teachers desk before getting straight to the point,


I huff and lean back in my seat, I blow my hair out of my eyes,

I was checking out Zayn Malik's profile on Twitter and the b**ch Amie, took my phone and handed it to Ms. Jones.

Tammy's eyes widen as she leans back on the desk,

No way!!!

I nod, rolling my eyes as I turn to take a look around the class,

Well anyways.......how is life going with that popular b**ch?

I shake my head and do another eye roll,

 She said yesterday that we could be great friends but she didn't even stand up for me today! She just sat there and looked at her god damn nails!

Seriously?! I'd bust her ass if she did that to me!

I know, I really wanted to at that moment!

Jenny nods as we both take deep breaths from our bitching,

So hows living with Jenny?

Changing the topic in hope of getting her to calm down, it just made her more hyper.

Oh you won't believe it! Jenny has a brother! Our age! And I'll tell ya! I'd pick him over both of amie's brothers anyday!

I do a dramatic gasp dripping with sarcasm,

No way girl!!!

She frowns at my heavy sarcasm but continues on,

He's super fit and single! He was talking to their older bro yesterday but get this! They were talking about me and how he wanted to ask me out! I pretended liek I didn't know and apoligised before walking out gushing red! Oh man you should have seen me!

I glance around absentmindly, she doesn't realise that I would be excited only for I have thee Zayn Malik living in my swapped house. I can't tell her because even though Wally betrayed me in a way, I certainly can't betray her! Imagine forever walking the earth with people pointing,

There's that b**ch that betrayed Zayn Malik! Quick! Get your pitchforks!!!

I shiver and smile up at Tammy who has now launched herself into another sentence, I just have to think,

Is she going to take a breath?

I didn't say it out loud as its my own thought but eventually the bell rang and I quickly hopped out of the seat as students filed in from break. I leave Tammy behind and quickly make my way to third period where Wally, is yet again in my class. There aren't any populars in this class with her which is strange as the populars take up probably half the population of my year. I sit in a seat tight to the wall in the middle of the class, Wally isn't here yet, not that I care. Paser and Patricia both have my numbers and are going to text me who's picking us up today.

                                                                           I keep my head down as I revise over what we did in the last class, all my subjects are honours but I don't find them that hard. I hear someone scrape the seat back and take a seat next to me. I don't bother looking up as I don't care. I have no particular friends in this class and mostly keep quiet, as usual. I don't have a problem making friends, I just don't like anyone in this particular class. The teacher comes in and sits, taking the roll. I keep my head down as I lose concentration on my study, I resolve to drawing squiggles on my copy.

Waliyha Malik...

I frown at her name, remembering this morning,


Her voice is quick but quiet, the voice came from right beside me. I peek out through my curtain of hair to see her studying me and my body launguage. She didn't see me looking so I decide to scare her, she turns to the teacher and back to me. I quickly sit up which causes her to jump a little in her seat, I smile to myself. I can see her at the corner of my eye, she is once again as ever, studying me. I lean back as the teacher starts the lesson. The teacher is a sub so people have swapped seats to sit beside their friends that they aren't usually alowed to sit near. My phone vibrates in my pocket, no-one can hear it but I can feel it on my leg. I pull it out to see a notification on Twitter, ok! I admit it! I clicked to receive notifications on Twitter from him! So what? You got a problem? I clicked the Tweet and used the school's Wifi to read it,

zaynmalik1d: Omg! Am I the only one who just adores strawberry milkshakes! Love them guys! Tell me your favourite flavour!

I smile and sneak a peek at Waliyha, who is also on her phone. I shuffle around in my seat to make it look like I'm fixing my skirt but I secretly peek a look at her phone, I swallow a gasp as I see that i'm not the only one who is watching Zayn.


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