Swapping My Love

~COMPLETED~Abby has to swap lives with a girl in her class for a month. Abby has no clue about this girl, her name is Waliyha and very private. she hangs around with all the cool kids, Abby doesn't know her at all. Read to find out more.


6. Oh crap!

Abby's P.O.V:

Wallly fulfilled her duties of waking me up once again, she left me to get in to my uniform. I sighed as I ruffled my hair in the vanity mirror, I would probably need a shower tommorow. I pull my schoolbag off the floor and leave my room, shutting the door quietly. Wally's bedroom door was still closed so I followed her previous instructions on how to get to the bathroom, after checking that it was empty, I walked in. The bathroom had a blurred window so light would come in but you wouldn't be able to see who's in here. The morning sun shines through, lighting up the clean white tiles. Everything is spotless, I leave my bag on the ground and pick my toothbrush off the stand. Once I finished, I washed my face and applied a thin line of eyeliner on and clear mascara. I pick my bag up once more and open the door, Zayn practically falls into me. My eyes widen quickly as I realise what he was doing, leaning against the door. He mumbles something and quickly cloese the bathroom door behind him, I don't plan on telling Wally, or anyone.

After the little incident with Zayn, I sped walk to Wally's room, I knocked and she let me in. I sat on her comfy bed as she applied the finishing touches to her natural makeup. When she was ready I led the way down to the kitchen where Paser was reading a newspaper with a plate of toast in front of him.

As we are welcoming a new guest into our house, I made pancakes!

There's a feast on the kitchen table, Wally leads me to a barstool and takes the one beside me. Others rush in and take their seats, all except one. Everyone is here except Zayn, Patricia takes a seat and we all dig in. Just when we are all about to clear up, Zayn himself rushes into the room with a sleepy face and grabs a few pancakes before bidding everyone goodbye and rushing out the door once more. Boy! He must be in a rush. No-one takes heed to his actions so it must be quite regular for him.


Patricia's voice rings out, he turns to her,

Will you bring the girls to school?

He nods once more and Wally leads me out into the grand hall. We grab our bags and I follow her mutely out the front door and into the garage. She runs her hand along the first two cars before stopping at an white Audi. I smile at the fast car,

Audi R8...V10

She ran her manicured hand along the bonnet, notifying me of the model. I smile nodding,


She smiles and walks towards the back doors, the lights flash as the car makes a beep. She hops in at the right side, I get in the left side as Yaser comes into view. All of us are quiet in the ride to school,

This kiss is something I can't resist
Your lips are undeniable
This kiss is something I can't risk
Your heart is unreliable
Something so sentimental
You make so detrimental
And I wish it didn't feel like this
Cause I don't wanna miss this kiss
I don't wanna miss this kiss


The car stops outside school, I hop out quickly. Wally walks ahead of me, not even waiting for me. I start to run to catch up when some of her popular friends come over and walk with her. I slown down and let them walk ahead about five yards. I rush to get my books before taking the journey through rush hour in the main building to roll class. Wally and all her friends are in the same spot as yesterday, not a book in sight. Thats why I go to my locker first as they all go after roll class, that and the fact that a lot of the time the teacher just holds us up and we end up being late rushing back to our lockers before taking off to the class that we are late for. Trust me, being in that situation on a Friday morning is not very helpful as I have Ms. Evans and she isn't a happy trooper. Especially when you're about twenty minutes late, trust me, its not very nice at all.

                                         After my first class I don't bother dumpimng my books back at my locker, instead I rush to second period History. I get to class five minutes early and put my books down, I don't know why I did the next act but I guess it was stupid. I pulled out my phone and checked Twitter under my desk, @zaynmalik1D is what I typed in. His profile came in to view, I smiled as the butterflies danced in my stomach. Wait, am I developing feelings for him? No! I can't! He's too old and inconsiderate of me. The teacher didn't come in yet but when a manicured thumb pulls my phone of my grasp, all I do is sit there and sigh.

Oh look at what we have here! Waliyha! Come! Little lonely girl has taken to stalking your brother!

I look out from my curtain of hair to see Wally come in to view before gulping at my phone, I recognise Amie, the b**ch who took my phone. Her big blond head is know bouncing from Wally's face to mine,

Waliyha! Is something going on here that I don't know! Cus you know that I'm the only one here who has met him and has been called cute by him!

The last sentence she shouts out so everyone can hear,

No, I don't even know the young one! Just give it back, we shouldn't waste our time on that!

I hide my shock from her speech as Amie shakes her massive head,


Our history teacher, Ms. Jones, decides that now is the time to walk in. Amie, who is now in full b*tch mode walks up to the top of the class and performs her little drama,

Ms. Jones I would like you to know that while you were making your way over here from the staff room, students have been texting on their phones!

Ms. Jones looks around the room at all the trouble makers, she doesn't give one glance towards me as I'm one of her only grade A students,

And who might that be, Amie?

Amie practically shoves the phone in the teacher's face,

Abigail Monroe's!

Ms. Jones goes deathly pale as she turns to me in shock, I slide further down in my seat.




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