Swapping My Love

~COMPLETED~Abby has to swap lives with a girl in her class for a month. Abby has no clue about this girl, her name is Waliyha and very private. she hangs around with all the cool kids, Abby doesn't know her at all. Read to find out more.


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Super shoutout to FatimaM and Lion of the Valley for saving the movella!!! Those galz were the two who commented and saved it....for now ;) xx here goes!!!.........

I glance worriedly at all the tables, maybe we could push a chair to join or push all the tables together? Maybe we could request another room?! I give the outdoor restaurant another sweep of my eyes before turning around to our company who are all taking in the beauty and making their way onto the wooden platform. I wave my arms a little, trying to grab someone's attention when a pair of eyes land on me, green emerald ones,  at least someone noticed me. He rests his warm hand on the small of my back and guides me to a table,  while whispering his hot breath in my ear and my surrounding jawline.

Whats wrong love?

I give up and scowl, people won't look at me sideways if I sit with Harry, would they? I mean...the only reason I'm freaking out is because Yaser and Patricia might make Zayn leave if he gets too close to me and it certainly wouldn't help the scene if we were on our own, at our own table, alone together.

Harry like a gentleman, pulls the chair for me to sit down. I smooth my dress down before walking over to sit when Zayn calls over, his face screwed up in annoyance,

Hey! Abbys sitting with me!

I glance over at Yaser and Patricia who are sitting at their own little table, looking out into the dark but warm night. Yaser glances over at Zayn and then me, I give him a questioning look before he nods smiling. I make my way over to Zayn's table, making sure well actually trying not to trip over my own two feet. I never have but its usually when I'm being watched I mess something up.

Zayn rises to his feet and walks around the table to pull out my chair like Harry did, only for this time I ruined the moment,

Are you gonna let me sit down this time?

He pretends to think about it and nods, grinning his hot 360 degrees smile at me. I smile politely and grab the chair and pull it closer to the table before sitting down. No way am I giving him the choice of being able to pull the chair from under me. We sit and talk about random things like before in Starbucks, he knows me alot better and the twinkle in his eye proves that he likes what he's hearing....even though its my story.

A bit odd that he is interested in it, those kind of guys are hard to find these days, mostly its just guys who wouldn't take you on a date and if they did, they would seat themselves down and make you pay for the food. I shiver, I remember quite well how I got one of those fellas and ended up saying I was going to the bathroom but actually hopped out the bathroom window and walked home, it was quite funny now that I think of it. Zayn's low but atractive voice brings me back to reality,

Love?! You okay?

I love how he calls me love, it sends shivers down my spine in joy. When Harry and the others say it, it doesn't have the same affect or it isn't even in the same thought in my head. I just dismiss when they say it as if they said 'Abby' . I glance over Zayn's shoulder into the night, I'm facing the darkened garden behind the outdoor restaurant as Zayn picked a corner table...how convenient is it that no-one can see my face or actions? Or even hear what I say....did he do that on purpose? To seperate us from the others....

I feel a tickling sensation on my lower right calf, I self-consciously pull my leg up and scratch it under the table. I sit up properly, glad Zayn didn't witness me doing that, the sensation starts again but stronger......I realise it isn't a itch or rash....no, its Zayn.

I look into his eyes which are dancing around, studying my shocked face. He brushes both his feet on my legs. There's no electricity out here, candlelit dinners...how romantic. The candle-light is lighting up his dark features with a mysterious shadow, his honey eyes are darker and dangerous, daring me to play the game. I glance around at everyone else, Donn is holding her bored head in her hands while looking away from her company across from her. Niall is stuffing his face with the bread placed in the middle of all the tables, not realising that his company is bored out of her will. Yaser and Patricia are happily chatting away, Liam is talking away to an extremely unhappy-looking Harry that isn't even listening to Liam, too busy blowing his curls out of his face and looking just as bored as Donn. Safaa and Louis are having small talk about something thats getting Louis all excited and jumping in his seat.

No-ones looking at us so I take this as a chance to join the game. I dare harder than Zayn and brush my hand lightly over Zayn's hands that are palced delicately on the table, then I sweep my finger tips over his soft face.....something I have always wanted to do and purposely tug on his lower lip. 

He closes his eyes, mesmorising the moment. His eyes fly open when I return my hand to my side, he begins to pout and bite his lip in thought. I gulp loudly which makes his head snap up and grin like a devil at me. I shrug myself down to half my size in my seat, whats his side of the game gonna be like?

I'm requesting another thing as all the things I have asked for so far have been delivered!

~One more fan!

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