Swapping My Love

~COMPLETED~Abby has to swap lives with a girl in her class for a month. Abby has no clue about this girl, her name is Waliyha and very private. she hangs around with all the cool kids, Abby doesn't know her at all. Read to find out more.


22. I need to talk to you.

I stared into his eyes as he stared into mine. Things got quieter as everyone stopped what they were doing and turned to watch us. There was a pause of silence before he wades back to land and plops me on my own feet, I'm actually suprised when I walk back over to the sighing Yaser who looks very unhappy. Only a bit of my coat got wet and its at the bottom. Eventually all the boys climb out and you'd think they'd try and dry themselves off? No, not these boys. Instead they start pushing each other back in. Yaser decides to not act like a strict father and take a seat on the nearest bench, he watches them laughing silently. He actually looks like he's enjoying himself very much. I take a seat next to him and pretend like I'm looking at the trees instead of my crush and his friends. Woah! Where the hell did that come out of? Well anyways, all of the boys play in the field for another twenty minutes before deciding that they need to dry off and also because they got tired. They're all soaking wet and Yaser doesn't even care which I find hilarious. They're still kidding around oon the walk back to the car. Yaser grabs towels from the boot and I help him spread them around the backseat so the car won't be soaking. We all hop in and enjoy a quiet car ride home. 

Once settled in at home, Patricia agrees that they should all go out for drinks at the local later on. Safaa is at a friends house and Doniya is going out with them so I'll have the house to myself! I'm not afraid, just kinda creeped out to be in someone elses house all alone for the night. Well, not the whole night, just a few hours. Its not that bad anyways, I'm okay with it in my own house so why should this be any different? Besides the fact that I've never been alone in this house before. It sounds creepy but I'll make it through! Alive, is the question. Okay just stop! My mind is going away with itself and I'm getting delusional and paranoid!

I sit on Donn's bed as I watch her get ready. She's wearing a hot pink skater dress that looks like there's a strapless hot pink dress covering her body while there's crotchet flowers around her shoulders and bare neck. She puts on hot pink heels that have straps crossing over her toes and a strap around her calves. She's carrying a black envelope clutch with lots of different nagles on her left wrist. There's white pearl bracelets, beige diamond ones, copper coloured rhinestone ones and more pearly ones along with the rest. Her outfit is really pretty, she curls her dark long hair into loose curls and leaves them down. She puts hot pink Kate Moss lipstick and Essence black eyeliner on, no foundation exactly like me! She adds the touches with Rimmel black mascara and uses an eyelash curler to finish the look off. I smile from her bed as she twirls in her dress, looking in her full length mirror at her beautiful dress. She giggles like a little girl as she does a full turn in the mirror again. She picks up here clutch and slips her lavender purple Blackberry into it followed by her thin, chic purse. She pops her makeup in aswell and turns to me,

I wish you could come. You're more like a sister to me than Waliyha ever was.

I laugh, a weird feeling rising in my tummy. I feel like a child saying tummy instead of stomach. Well, anyways! She continues on, pouting like Wally does when she wants something,

I wish they'd let you! I mean, you're not that young! 16 is actually pretty old!

I laugh at her trying to make a joke of the situation, I don't really want to go out to be honest. Just staying in, chilln, relaxing, chillaxing. The usual, oooh! Movie! I leave Donn in her room to I dunno, do stuff, while I walk across the marble tiled hall to my room/ Waliyha's room. I decide to get into something more comfortable for the movie, I put on a black tshirt that has 'Zap' on it, and yes! I know it may match Zayn's tattoo but I bought it when I didn't know him and didn't fall for him. I put on those baggy ganster leggins that I don't even know if I can even call them leggins. My favourite pair of Converse, cheetah print pink and black, they're the normal ones that are cut at the ankle, not high.  I pull my hair out of its messy ponytail, I rub my temples gently. It started giving me a headache, I must've tied it too tight. I leave my hair down as I'm not risking an horrible earthquake headache. I walk back out into the hall and go back to Donn's room, the door is open like I left it. I check that she's dressed before entering. She glances suspiciously at my top before returning to her figure in the mirror.

Hey Abbs!

I smile and give a wave of my hand as I watch her back, she looks at my reflection worringly in the mirror. I shrug at her,

Abbs are you sure you can stay here on your own? I don't really want to leave you here on your own.

She turns around to face me, folding her arms sternly which reminds me of teachers. 

Yeah, I am fine!

Her shoulders rise about an inch as she looks at me in suspicion.

I really don't wanna leave you!

I threw my hands up,

Donn! You're going out! You got all dolled up and you look gorgeous! You're going out and having fun, you hear me?!

She smiles and bites her lip nodding, I get up and give her a hug before walking her downstairs. All the boys are downstairs, Niall and Liam are the only ones wearing shirts and ties, well trying to! Niall is walking around with his shirt open shouting,


When he spots Donn and I, he blushes scarlet. While Liam is looking in the hall mirror trying to tie his tie. He's frowning deeply muttering,

How does she do it?!

I'm guessing he's talking about Danielle always tying his ties for him. Donn walks up and helps him while I go help Niall find his tie. I follow him into the livingroom, once in I totally regret agreeing to helping him. The room smells rank and there's clothes everywhere! Suitcases lay strewn across the floor half empty and clothes all around them. I hold my wrinkling nose. I spot Harry at the far side of the room with only a pair of dark denim jeans on, he's having a pillow fight with a halfdressed Zayn. Zayns only wearing a pair of skinny black jeans. When they spot me, they drop the pillows and hold their hands behind their backs awkwardly like boys who have been caught causing trouble by the teacher.  I laugh halfheartedly and continue to search through the heaps of clothes. After about twenty minutes I pick up a blue tie and throw it at the irish boy who's back is facing me. He jumped and spun around, he grins and picks up the tie.


Why does everyone call me that? I suppose its a cute nickname? I shake my head, it was just sitting there! I decide to tease him and see what happens,

Where'd ya find it?

He looks puzzled as he does another glance of the room, I smirk to myself,

In Harry's suitcase!

Niall was smiling until I mentioned it, he suddenly shouts,


Harry, who was talking to the boys and Donn in the hall, comes into the room with a queer look on his face, he's not drunk is he?!

What did you say!?

Niall storms up to the near-drunk englishman, pointing his big fist at him. I take this as my cue to leave. I bid everyone a farewell, including Yaser and Patricia and give Doniya a hug. I then proceed to watch my movie. I walk up the stairs, almost bouncing up, I'm that excited! I go through Wally's movies, of course she won't mind me watching one! She told me I could watch them when she left, come to think of it, I wonder how she is, staying at my house. I shake it off and walk up to her hundreds of movies. I look through them all and decide to pick a horror, so what? I pick up one that I was meant to go see in the cinema but never got round to it, The Woman In Black. I slot it in the player and plop myself down on the couch right in front of Wally's flatscreen, man! I need to come here more often! 

I'm at the point just after when the man see's the woman in black on his first trip to the house when I need to pee. I know! TMI! But who cares? I'm the only one in the house, or so I thought. I'm shaking a bit after seeing that scene as I walk timidly to the bathroom. Scary movies are a hell of alot worse when you're in a house on your own. I walk out of the bathroom, finished. After watching scary movies, I tend to look behind me alot of the time just to make sure it isn't real and there isn't a ghost about to jump on my back. I shiver and look into the dark bathroom, I walk towards Wally's room while looking at the bathroom. Thats when I notice the light on in Zayn's room, what the hell?! Zayn hasn't gone in there in days! He's been in the livingroom! I scream and run to the stairs, checking behind me to see if anyone chases me. My feet slip on the marble tiles as I took off my converse, I trip on the first step of the stair and prepare for the crash landing into the hard, wooden stairs. Instead, someone catches me and holds me upright. I keep my eyes shut and thrash about, screaming louder. The person tries to calm me and grab my limbs so I can't kick them. If I can just trip them up then I can use them as a shield falling down the stairs! But instead, they keep trying to stop me from screaming. I shout louder, a big hand is put over my mouth. I spit on their hand and lick it to gross them out, they withdraw their hand. I'm about to give the killer blow of knocking them down the stairs when I hear a famliar voice shout,


I open my squeezed shut eyes to see my saviour holding me again. Seriously? Second time today like! I sigh and wrestle out of his arms while his honey coloured eyes watch me intently. Its a bit awkward between us now considering:

A) I know that he likes me, in a creepy way.

B) He's a bit too old to date me but likes me anyways.

C) He knows that I know that he likes me.

D) He makes a scene look so romantic between us when EVERYONE is around!

E) He keeps saving me and is making him feel needed 

F) I HAVE RUN OUT OF EXCUSES! My mind is just shouting KISS HIM!

I shake my head, laughing. My clutch my now sore stomach, laughing so hard I nearly fall down the stairs. Again. He leads me to the couch in Wally's room, I didn't notice until I sat down as the whole time I was laughing too hard to know my whereabouts. He sits extremely close to me, facing me, our faces inches apart. I feel his hot, heavy breath on my face for the second time today. My breath hitches, he smells so hot. His scent smells like.....jasmine and vanilla. I've always loved those scents, he leans in further and he holds both my hands in his big, strong ones. He opens his mouth, about to talk but closes it when nothing comes out. I lean in but he interrupts us,

I need to talk to you.

I open my mouth to reply when we're interrupted by keys in the front door, I jump up and walk to the door. I turn to him one last time before leaving,

So, why didn't you go out?!

It was in my mind since he scared me to death earlier, did we sit in silence that long?!

Eh...I didn't want to leave you all alone.

I nod and take off downstairs, smiling like a goof at how he stayed for me.


Hehe sooo guyyyysss!!!!! sorry if some of ye guys thought it was Liam!!!! im sorry but i had to make it Zayn!!!!!!! xxx tell me what ye think of him trying to tell her how he feels but then there's an interruption?!!!!!????? COMMENT GUYS XX LOVE YE!!!!!  I decided I'll sign off like that everytime!!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!

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