Swapping My Love

~COMPLETED~Abby has to swap lives with a girl in her class for a month. Abby has no clue about this girl, her name is Waliyha and very private. she hangs around with all the cool kids, Abby doesn't know her at all. Read to find out more.


29. Having fun?

Once finished my food, I rest the fork and knife down quietly on my plate. I suddenly lost my appetite halfway through my food so the other half of my food I pretty much shoved down my throat for the appearance of being fine but I'm not, I'm far from okay. I've been blind this whole time to think that Zayn and I could ever be something when the truth is, we're just two strangers that are fooling around messing with each others' heads. We can never be together, Perrie will always be in the background and besides, I'm underage and he's not therefore it can be classified as against the law which I ain't breaking at this age.

Zayn is glaring at his plate while raising the fork to his mouth to take another bite of his food, he grunts and coughs after swallowing. He realises I'm staring at him and glares up into my eyes, his honey orbs soften a little at my frightened expression but his mouth continues to be set in a firm line. I let my gaze wander over the darkened garden behind him, from the candle-light I can make out bushes that are fairly well kept and an assortment of trees and flowers. This seems like a nice place, expensive too but I suppose that doesn't matter when you're treating a person you love does it? But the trick is to find that one person, the one.

Zayn places the last bit of food on his plate into his mouth and lifts his head up, crossing his arms and resting them on the table while chewing angrily. There's a glint of anger shining like the blade of a knife in his honey eyes and I'm really beginning to worry now. Zayn is the type to hold a grudge and get angry easily, something I wish I could help but thats down to Perrie as they're in love and I'm not bothering them from now on. End of.

Zayn straightens up suddenly, I study his face before resting my weight on my hands which are gripping my chair and turn to see whats got him sitting up. Donn is walking over carefully, having a mind conversation with Zayn through their eyes. My eyes bounce between their faces like I'm watching a ping-pong match, I get tired and end up just staring at Doniya and how she walks over graceful as a cat. Her eyes study Zayn wearily before turning to me and smiling, answering my unvoiced question,

Thought I'd drop over and see how you're doing, I excused myself before leaving but I still don't think Niall has realised I'm gone.

We both turn in the direction of the irish blondie who's munching away at barbeque ribs, about ten empty bones already sitting on his plate. I chuckle as Donn rolls her eyes dramatically, her hands rests on the back of my chair as she uses the other to push a strand of hair out of her eyes.

So....having fun?

I glance up at her not sure if I should be honest or not considering that I'm not in fact having fun, not at all. I glance at Zayn for help but he shrugs carelessly and continues to slump in his chair once more. Donn gives me a worried look but I shrug and return a reassuring look, well I tried and I know that my mood is reflecting on my actions but how can you be happy when Zayn, your crush is sitting there grumpily like a ninety year old man? He's being childish and immature and maybe I just fell for his dropdead looks.....his personality is scaring me as well as lighting a flame inside of me.

How could he suddenly change like that? I mean...I have seen pictures that prove that him and Harry do get a little bit grumpy during videos and interviews when the rest of the lads are playing about and messing but I never experienced it in person.....I'm not sure if I want to now. Donn signals with her hands to go and a give a slight nod before turning in my seat wiping my eyes which started to water slightly.

Like who wouldn't? My idol, one of the hottest celebs I have looked up to for three years now has gone and shown me his true colours and I sure as hell don't like them, the mysterious Zayn gives me goosebumps but this Zayn is scaring me right now. He's been my idol, my everything and for him to turn around and be like this, I don't know. I never imagined him to be like this, especially after the other night when he opened up to me, like a real kind and genuine person not a monster.

I guess after watching Mean Girls I saw how everyone has a good side and bad but it just puts me off how much of his mood swings I have experienced these last few days. Waiters come and take our plates, bowing their heads at us before leaving, the awkward silence is actually for once.....bearable. I sigh and rub my tired face, this night has got me thinking and right now all I want to do is go home to my own bed in my own house and pretend it was only just a dream, some would question me on why I'd want to forget Zayn Malik but now I realise he's perfect for Perrie.

Listening to their conversation the other night made me realise that they will have their ups and downs and Perrie certainly won't want some flimsies here and there, if I get in the way well....they may never get back together. I want them to be happy and I know Zayn and I won't be happy together. We're just two different people in a crowd who just found each other....no love story...nothing. Just a hello and goodbye....I wonder if any of this would have happened if Wally swapped with another girl...maybe a girl who deserved this dream and wouldn't regret anything?

Well certainly a girl with sense anyways because we both know that if Amie came to live here, losing Zayn would be the least of Perrie's worries because none of Wally's family like Amie...they know what she's like. And it wouldn't be Perrie that would have told the paps about Zayn, no. Then they wouldn't be fighting! Thats it, I'm the problem here! I'm going to go to the office and make them swap me, well even if I can't swap now there's still the summer program! I can't get in here and be in the way over the summer, naa-ah. I'm not letting that happen because I'm sticking to my words, I'm staying away from Zayn and helping him get back together with Perrie, if I can't be happy that doesn't mean no-one else should!

~Two more favourites!!!

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