Swapping My Love

~COMPLETED~Abby has to swap lives with a girl in her class for a month. Abby has no clue about this girl, her name is Waliyha and very private. she hangs around with all the cool kids, Abby doesn't know her at all. Read to find out more.


25. Easter!

Abby's P.O.V:

He leans in closer to my face, his hot breath creating puffy clouds in the small gap of air between us. He opens his mouth to continue up gruffly closes it when we are interrupted again!

Zayn?! Abby?!

Zayn's driver calls out at the open to the alleyway, he can't see us as we're hiden in the dark corner of the alleyway but we can see him clear as day. Zayn sighs loudly, runs his hand through his ruffled hair and steps out into the open, revealing himself to the conerned driver.

Yeah mate. We're fine, just a little tired of the paps ya know?

I still have no clue what his driver's name is but he nodded and led us back to the rover. He parked it close to the alleyway so we could sneak in and not be disturbed by the humongess crowd of teenagers lined up outside Starbucks where we sat happily in peace just ten minutes ago. My body shook in anger, couldn't Zayn and I get a minute alone to discuss what he wants to tell me? Maybe I should be glad he hasn't gotten a chance to tell me, because after all it might be bad news like how we can't work or we can't be together and right now I want nothing more than for Zayn to pull me into a tight cuddle and breath into my hair, 'Its gonna be alright.' Oh if only! We all sit in the car in silence for the journey home, clearly our little day out hasn't gone as planned and whats worse is that I have two major tests tommorow and haven't a clue what to study or how it makes sense. My life is just so messed up! Wouldn't you think from an outsider's point of view that living with Zayn Malik from the famous band One Direction would be the coolest and hottest thing ever? Well its actually gotten my life all muddled up. I like Zayn and I think he likes me even though he hasn't said it yet, Zayn and I can't be together anyways and the One Direction boys are the noisiest, loudest boys I have ever met. They keep me up all night, now I remember the aftershocks of last night.

I wake up tiredly and glance at the time on my phone, what?! Two o'clock in the morning?! I listen out for what seemed to have woken me up, I hear Niall's loud throaty laugh and Harry shouting something I can't quite make out, what the HELL?! Why the hell would someone stay up this late?! Sometimes I wonder is living with the One Direction fellas worth it in the end? Wait, what end? I shake my head, trying to free my thoughts, they're all muddled up because I'm wrecked tired and it doesn't help that I have a test tommorow and two the next day. I pull myself out of bed and slip on my fluffy snow leopard print slippers and quietly make my way downstairs, even though there's no point being quiet as the whole house is probably awake by now. I check myself, making sure I look presentable in the hall mirror before going into the lads room. Harry is dancing around mimicking someone, only dressed in his Calvins. His back is facing me as he continues to dance like a fool, putting on a voice. He stops halfway and starts talking,

No seriously guys! She was all posh and trying to make a hit on me in this blue yolk-

Liam cuts him off, all the lads are sniggering, not because Harry is making fun of a girl, because I'm standing right behind him with my arms folded and smirking. I start filming a video of Harry dancing around, its actually really funny if you see it! The boys can't hold in their laughs, Niall throws back his head as he lets out his familiar, really loud laugh, smiling like a goon. All the boys are laughing so hard all their faces are red, I see Harry grin cockily, he thinks he's that funny? Well he's got another thing coming, Harry stands there,  arms folded grinning like he's a champ. Liam gives up and points behind him to me, Harry turns around grinning in confusion, his face goes an odd shade of red before going deathly pale. He lurches for the phone, I quickly end the video and slip it into my slippers. He growls,

"Ever heard of knocking dear?"

I smirk and regain my posture of standing straight and folding my arms,

"Ever heard of clothes sweetie?"

I reply to him cheekily, flasing him one of his cheeky grins, except I don't have dimples to play hide and seek on my cheeks. He growls and leaves to the far corner, pulling on a pair of pants. The boys are holding their fists up to their mouths, knowing Harry will kill them if they laugh at his stupidty but they can't keep it in and its not long before Niall busts out his loud cheerful laugh, giving way to the rest fo the boy's chuckles. Zayn is grinning at me proudly but I pretend like I don't notice and smirk at Harry who is lips are tight and clenching his teeth, the muscles in his face bursting like they're about to explode out of his face.I grin and leave, once I regain my warm position in bed, I sleep peacefully as the boys have totally shut up now. I smirk as I drift off, 'I totally put them in their place!'

I smile at the memory playing in my head, it was fun teasing the boys, and now I can blackmail Harry playfully but I know he's a sore loser and won't take too kindly to it. I look out the window smiling, my plans have just gotten more awesome!

Skipping some days!!!*

I wake up and look at my phone, Sunday 31st March 09:35. Its Easter!! Chocolate eggs and a lazy day, who can't resist that! On Friday, Wally informed me on what I'll be enjoying this weekend and so far its been awesome! I mean, all day yesterday the whole family had a fun day at paintball, which was suprisingly open, and then came home and had chinese takeout and drank hot chocolate while watching hundreds of movies! Today, nobody knows what Patricia and Yaser have planned but its gotta be awesome! My birthday is in a few days and I know they're up to something, they've been way too sneaky around me lately and I can tell somethings up, besides the sky! Haha, sometimes I wonder where I get these cheesy jokes from! I'm not really looking for anything for my birthday as I already have more than enough! You see, being the Directioner I was.....my heart used to stop at cute pics and videos of 1D but now that I'm living with them, my life is complete, for now. There's nothing really more that I wanted in my life, some people may call me sad but thats just how I am, take it or leave it...either way I don't care. I've had an amazing experience having fun with the boys that people would pay thousands of pounds to have and even then you wouldn't enjoy it because you payed so much, I'm so happy that my dream came true even though I probably didn't deserve it.

Yaser calls from downstairs to get into something fancy for dinner, I can't help but smile. The boys haven't really come public with being in town but Zayn has as he had no choice...that man caught us and there's been none stop controvercy over it, asking am I his girlfriend and what happened to Perrie. Like seriously, can't people just have coffee without people raising eyebrows I mean, they can do it with their best friend's brother and they aren't judged so why should I be? Hate doesn't bother me, and clearly the paps don't either as I showed them who's boss before. I decide on a champagne bubble dress that has flowy net-like material at the short skirt and from the waist up to the strapless top is rhinestones and jewels, its really cute and makes me feel like a rebel...somehow I don't understand but thats the bubbly side of me talking. I put beige leather strappy sandal heels on my cold feet, I shiver consciously thinking about the cold breeze cutting through them from the way to the car and into the restaraunt and making my poor feet even cooler. Lots of cute rhinestone bracelets to match the dress, they differ from thick to thin, loose to tight...they really hit the outfit off as everything matches.

I pull my brown, tie dyed hair into a messy ponytail and Donn messes with it for awhile until my hair is tied up but the tied up hair is in loose curls while are soft and shiny. Donn does my makeup as she's already ready, when I look in the mirror once she's done, I can't help but gasp. Donn has given me that sexy, smoky eye affect makeup surrounding my wide brown eyes, she's toned my skin all to match and put it in some way that I look like I have cutting-edge cheekbones, pale pink lips that looks so natural and a touch of eyeliner. My makeup is the fancy natural look thats so hard to get!

Donn and I walk down the stairs together, she's wearing a cute royal blue dress like Bella did in Breaking Dawn Part ll and it looks so good on her! She's wearing matching black heels and simples bracelets on her right arm. We take off to the garage as Yaser informs us the boys are splitting up between his Audi and Patricia's shiny red Mercedes. Donn and I have no choice but to split up as the boys have already decided who's going with who, I hop in Yaser's audi to be greeted by Niall...who's stuffing his face with crisps, Zayn and Harry. So in the other car it must be Safaa, Donn, Patricia, Liam and Louis. The boys sing along to some song that comes on the radio that they must know as I've never heard them sing it before. I lie back in my car seat, enjoying my own personnal concert from the boys.

So guys....I know what I'll put the sequel like if you guys want one so could ye keep commenting ideas? There's only about two fans doing that and I thank you guys! Its just.....I'm thinking of a way to make ye talk more here so here it goes! I'm going to request something belong all my ANs and I won't update until it happens....I know it sounds mean but I kinda want ye to be more forward with your opions so its like my own mini version of blackmailing except not mean or life threatning unless you love this movella so much that you can't live without.... and I highly doubt that so here goes our first trial! I'll keep it simple:

~One favourite


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