Swapping My Love

~COMPLETED~Abby has to swap lives with a girl in her class for a month. Abby has no clue about this girl, her name is Waliyha and very private. she hangs around with all the cool kids, Abby doesn't know her at all. Read to find out more.


3. Chapter Three

Abby's P.O.V:

Once science was over I made straight for the canteen, not even bothering to go to my class where all our lockers are. I dumped my books on one of the canteen tables knowing that they were going to be stolen. I honestly don't give two f**ks right now. I sigh and push my hair out of my face in the line, a group of girls at the back of the line start pushing. The girl in front of me falls to the ground, I grab her arm and help her up. She smiles at me and I straight away recognise her, she's that Jennifer girl that Tammy is swapping with.

Hi Jennifer isn't it? I'm Abby, Tammy's friend.

Yeah you can call me Jenny, is she nice?

Oh yeah! She's really nice once you get to know her.

The canteen lady coughs to let me know that I'm next, I say a quick goodbye to Jenny and grab a wrap. I pay for my lunch and find Tammy. She's holding my books and talking to Jenny,

Abby this is Jenny, the girl I'm swapping with.

Hey! Again...

Oh! So ye met already?!!

Tammy sounds annoyed that she couldn't introduce me to her new friend, I shrugged it off and returned Jenny's cheeky grin.

Thanks for my books, but I'd rather go to detention instead of spending time at this girl's house.

So you did this so you'd get in trouble?!

Jenny's voice is incredulous, Tammy nods as she knows my usual behaviour consists of giving up all the time. Jenny eyes are redy to pop out of her head.

                                                                                    After break I had to go to my lockers. I had to get my books for my next five classes, only one after lunch and then hometime. I sighed as the lockers came into view, as well as the populars. A few ignored my exsistence but tohers gave me looks up and down. I ignored them totally and bent down to the second last locker row where mine was. I got my books for the next three classes as five was too many. All I have to do is survive this month and then I'll be grand, I'll be able to sneak home veryday to my peace and quiet.

                                                                                  The bell rang to end the fifth class after break, so its now lunch. People call it eighth period because its the eighth class as and the same with all other classes. I left the remainder of my books in my locker and headed for the canteen where Jenny and Tammy sat talking with unfamiliar girl.

Abby, this is Poppy. My friend from my old school!

Jenny was more than happy to notify me the presence of the unknown girl. I smiled as we all had lunch and got to know each other more. Last class when I started to kinda panick, I hadn't seen Waliyha since Roll Class so how am I meant to get to her house. I walked into my last class, I was very jumpy. There was a group of the populars walking in right before the teacher, jesus! They are like wolves hunting in packs! I noticed the dark haired girl with tan skin, she walked past my desk and came to sit beside me. She sat straight, facing the front of the class, I glanced at her out of the corner of my eye and realised that she was doing the same. Neither of us didn't say anything until the end of the class, neither of us made a move and the teacher and all her friends were long ogne. We were the only two in the class, I made to get up and pack my bag, she followed me out of class and to the lockers. When I was done I turned to her, expectantly. She gave me her hand,

I'm Waliyha......I guess you're coming to my house...

Eh yeah, I'm Abigail but everyone calls me Abby.

She nodded and followed me all the way to my Dad's car, she helped me with my luggage as there was kids everywhere hauling suitcases into other people's cars. She smiled at my Dad's brand new car, I followed her to where she took off to. She stopped in front of an really bright, white, Land Rover. I took a minute to admire it before following her to it. She tapped on the driver's window before the boot opened, it took the two of us to haul the suitcases in. There were three black suitcases in the boot but the boot is massive and has plenty of room left, Waliyha opens the back doors and hauls out two pink suitcases and dumps them in the boot too. We both hop in the back seat, I put on my seat belt and look up to a grinning Waliyha. I look at her curiously as to what she's smiling at. We stop when we are in the middle of town and someone hops in to the passenger seat. There's a tinted screen seperating the front of the jeep to the back so I can't really see them that well. They turn in their seat to face Waliyha,

Where's my Wally?

I can't help but giggle at their nickname for her, they turn to me,

Well hello there!

I see the Driver's shadow hit him in the arm before Waliyha kicks the seat in front of her, which is the passenger seat. I laugh along with Waliyha until we pull up at their house. Its pretty big and really nice. It takes Waliyha and I awhile to haul my bags up to her grand house and the two strangers from the front didn't help us. Once we step in, I catch a smell of lavender and jasmine. I breath happily as I love both those fragrances, their hall is very grand with a big staircase going up both sides and a massive chandelier. I smile as she shows me the grand kitchen.

Thanks for the massive help guys! Much appreciated!

Wally shouts out to no-one in particular, I smile as she gives me a tour of the house.


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