Swapping My Love

~COMPLETED~Abby has to swap lives with a girl in her class for a month. Abby has no clue about this girl, her name is Waliyha and very private. she hangs around with all the cool kids, Abby doesn't know her at all. Read to find out more.


24. Bethany. Starbucks

Big shoutout to my bestie, Lion Of The Valley!!!!! She's my brunette friend!!! Cus ya know, every brunette needs a blond bestie!!! xx you go girl ;) hehe xxx commenting what ye gys think so far?

I dive into the Starbucks building quickly as I want to hide my blushing cheeks, I look up at a smirking Zayn, too late. I take a look around, its pretty clean round here, am I seriously thinking this right now? There's more important things to consider besides how clean a café should be! Customers wouldn't really come if it wasn't clean! Zayn walks up to the counter and leans against, looking at the cashier directly in the eye. The poor girl, she's trying to act professional but ends up twitching ever so slightly and trying to avoid his gaze but who can do that? His honey coloured eyes capture anyone's attention and don't let go until he looks away and he does love toying with people's minds to get what he wants. I've been in his company long enough to learn that. The cashier girl stands up straight, fidgeting with her hands unsure of what to use them for, Zayn must been staring into her eyes too powerful for her liking and she's now shifting around uncomfortably. Zayn switches his leg to lean on as he tilts his head towards the wide eyed cashier girl,

My order?

The girl quickly nodsbut her voice is unaudible. Zayn smiles and orders,

A coffee for me and...

He puts his arm out to me, a questioning look floating on his face,

And for my lady...

Nothing thanks.

I'm glad my voice comes out strong, the cashier's eyebrows fly up her forehead when Zayn's voice says 'My lady' .

Oh Abby! Order something.

I can't help but notice a hint of impatience in his mannered tone, I nod, my throat suddenly dry.

Cappuchino thanks.

Zayn smiles at me, face beaming as he turns back to the girl. Zayn puts on his brightest, fakest smile possible as the cashier straightens up after glaring at me and smiles at Zayn innocently.

Sure thing sweetie. 

Zayn chuckles while holding eye contact with me, he holds my gaze as he continues,

We will be having it here.

Zayn leads me over to a small set of two barstool metal chairs and a tall matching table. His back is facing the main counter and because I'm facing it, I can't help but notice that the cashier girl is giving me death glares, whats her problem? Jealous because I'm having coffee with thee Zayn Malik? Hah, she gives me another glare and I give her one back. She snorts loudly which causes Zayn to turn in his seat to look at her, he gives her a strange look which she returns with a fake smile. He turns back in his seat chuffed while I glare at the idiot who is now occupied with a customer. Zayn is watching my face intently, I won't meet his gaze as I'm too busy meeting the one of the cashier b**ch. Zayn frowns, eyebrows furrowing in confusion,


I nod,


I don't meet his gaze but I can see him slump further into his seat.

Whats wrong?

I turn to him, finally agreeing that I don't want to look at your wan over there anymore,

Oh nothing. The cashier just keeps glaring at me though.

He frowns in distaste, upset that someone would be mean to me, thats just the brother side of him, ignore the rumours yet again of him liking me. Zayn stands up and comes over to my chair, turning it to face a different way while I'm still sitting on it. He then moves the table as well and his own chair. We are both facing each other and we cannot see the counter or the nasty cashier so its no suprise when we both jump when she speaks out from behind our shoulders,

Here you go Mr. Malik.

She smiles fakely at Zayn and looks down at me, wrinkling her nose like I'm the garbage disposal heap. I decide to play it cool and smile kindly at her, she gives me a nasty look before leaning for support on the back of Zayn's chair. She clearly didn't expect me to play nice, Zayn clears his throat but she still doesn't remove her gaze from my eyes, he finally grabs her attention by speaking up,

That will be it thankyou...

He peers up at her nametag,


She smiles and slides something into Zayn's jacket pocket before leaving. Zayn and I sit talking here for ages, mostly about school and who we are as seen as we don't know much about each other, well I know LOTS about Zayn but he knows nothing about me. We sit and chat about different random things until a man just comes running up to the window, I spot him out of the corner of my eye but decide to ignore him as he's probably crazy but then I remember I'm having coffee with Zayn Malik and if one word gets out, there will be a hundred people with cameras waiting outside. The man reveals a silver, big shiny camera from behind his back and blinding flashes go off, Zayn's face turns from smiling lovingly at me to pure fury at the man. The man finds this even more interesting and starts flashing the camera more and at a quicker pace aswell. We both jump up out of our seats and run for the doors, the piece of paper Bethany put in Zayn's pocket falls out. As we pass the counter I slide it to her smiling coldly,

I don't think he'll be needing this, he has Perrie babes.

She opens her mouth to say something bitchy but I walk away too fast to even let her say one word. Zayns waiting at the door, eyebrows furrowed in confusion for the hundreth time today. He holds the door for me like earlier.

What was that about?

 He asks curiously as I duck outside quickly and make a run for the rover. I shrug at him, the man with the camera comes running up but keeps his distance from me as he knows what I'm capable of. He keeps taking pictures with his stupid flashing cameras, Zayn is following in suit but leads me away from the rover and into an alleyway, we run for about five minutes before we have lost the crazy camera guy. I pant but once I finally regain my breath, I have no choice but to question,

Why didn't we just go to the land rover? It was right there, we could have hid?

Zayn gives me a incredulous staring game with his honey orbs before replying cooly,

I have told you before that we need to talk and I was gonna try until that..

He points at the direction we came from,

Son of a bitch followed us and got pictures. Can't have a minute alone!

He throws his muscular arms up while sighing heavily after our little exercise run. I nod quietly, frozen to the spot, paralyzed. He tries to grin but ends up grinning goofishly at me. I try to smile back but my face is frozen with no emotion at all. He leans in closer,

Look we-

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