Swapping My Love

~COMPLETED~Abby has to swap lives with a girl in her class for a month. Abby has no clue about this girl, her name is Waliyha and very private. she hangs around with all the cool kids, Abby doesn't know her at all. Read to find out more.


23. Abby?

Warning, there's cursing in this chapter!

Abby's P.O.V:

After going downstairs and talking to the drunk versions of everyone, I decide to go to sleep. My cheeks are still blushing from my encounter with Zayn which was very flattering near the end.

I wake up in the morning full of life, todays Tuesday. Yesterday, Monday, Wally wasn't at school. So, I couldn't find out how she's doing at my house. But today, I spotted her walking into school, head down, walking really fast. I tried catching up with her but she disappeared. Now, I have maths with her. She takes a seat beside me, silent as usual. I nudge her, she looks up at me, sulken eyes. I peer at her black bags under her eyes,

Wally....are you okay?

She nods, tired, incredibly tired.

I was.......sick yesterday. I don't think I'm better.

We sit during maths talking about what its like spending time at the other person's house. At lunch, Tammy attacks me.


Once I finally calm her down and come up with an appropriate excuse, she launches straight into her story.

OMG! LISTEN UP ABBY! Guess who Jenny lives with?! Her hot brother, Kevin! HE'S SO FIT! Wait, ssshhhh she's coming!

I look up at her in confusion as she smiles at something behind my back.


Tammy smiles warmly as the other girl sits and smiles at me.

After an awkward break of Tammy and Jenny talking about random crap, I get up to leave the canteen. Wally bumps into me when I'm leaving, she's suddenly bursting with life,

Oh! Hey! Abby! Um, lets walk to class together!

We walk to Biology together, she gets straight to the point right before opening the door.

So.....Abby, you and I are best friends so I'm going to give you a heads up, Amie is going to kill you. I don't like any of those popular girls and they use me to meet Zayn but I never let them, they are only hanging around with me because I'm related to Zayn. Before Zayn got famous, I used to be like you. Happy being shy and not noticed but now, they do nothing but stalk me and always make me go to town with them just so they can say that I was there. They don't like me, and vice versa its just popularity works that way, and it sucks.

With that, she dives into the classroom and sits at the back with her group of Populars, Amie is fuming. She doesn't bother me until the end of class but I didn't know that yet and I honestly didn't care that her crystal eyes were burning holes in my back during the whole class. No, I was too deep in my thoughts about how Wally confronted me so warmly, trusting me with a very evil secret that could destroy her whole reputation. But I'm not like that, she's my friend and even though she'll only be seen with me in private without her Populars, I'm not going to ruin that for her. They may be using her but thats not my problem, they aren't using me and heck no! If they come near me, I'll mess their heads up with fancy words and riddles that will leave them stuck in wonder.  Haha! That would be hilarious! 

After Biology, I walk to History, bored as ever. I  gasp quietly to myself after walking into class, Amie, blond head of curls bouncing around, is sitting in the seat next to mine. I take my seat quietly next to her, she tries to stay quiet but come on! Its Amie we're talking about! She spins in my direction really fast, causing my heart to jump a little. I give a weak smile to the worksheet in front of me while she taps, well actually stabs my shoulder with her pointy manicured nails. I turn ti her smiling widely, I'm getting a kick out of this! She pouts her freshly lipglossed lips and her voice is clearly angry but to normal people its just too highly pitched and annoyingly spqueaky. 

YOU told me that I'D be the FIRST to know if ZAYN comes HOME! How come YOU didn't tell ME.

She emphazises some of the words and makes her sound like more of an idiot than she already is, huh, never thought that was possible. She glares at me with her crystal blue eyes clearly not enjoying my company, never mind the conversation we're having. I shrug at her, deciding to play cool today.

Wasn't in school, babes.

Deciding on calling her 'babes' and 'hun' all the time will probably be one of the best decisions I've made all semester. It will score me points in her head and if they invite me into their little pose of friends, I'm going to destroy them like they have to my life over these past few years. She suddenly cheers up and practically pulls me off my chair and into her arms for an awkward embrace. She squeezes me in her tight grip that someone would call trying to stop a person from breathing but in Amie's head, its a hug. She talk into my ear as I hear those words that are probably the best news yet,

You should come to lunch with me today babes! I haven't talked to you in ages! We NEED to catch up!

For some reason, I can't explain, she emphazises 'need' to a squeal. The teacher turns from the board to look at Amie who is jumping up and down in her seat while clapping her hands that have a tight grip on mine. When the teacher sees its only Amie, she turns back to the board again, of course! The Populars get away with everything! Maybe its not a bad idea joining the group of them for awhile, I know well that Amie is only pretending to like me because Zayns home and I'm living in the same house as him, I love that! It has a nice ring to it hehe. I can get away with anything and act all snobby for no reason! Sure, they're doing to me what they do to Wally, pretending to be her friend but I don't care! I know they don't like me and the feeling is mutual but they don't know that I'm planning to ruin their fun, everything. I'm going to get my back and every other person who's life has been ruined because of these idiotic popular girls known as the Populars. I guess this whole mission will be my own twisted version of Mean Girls except nobody is getting hit by buses! Thats my rule! But my own version will be involving a few famous people as well. This P.I.C.L program might actually help my life, it cetainly improved my mission and made it a hell of alot easier. 

At lunch, Amie actually literally drags me to her lunch table where a brown haired girl sits, green eyes eyeing everyone and what they're wearing. There's electric blue highlights in her hair which actually give her emerald eyes a spark. I've seen her around the school hanging with the popular group but I don't know her that well, isn't she paired with the Jessica girl? The only other person at the table is sitting beside her and thats Tamika, she dyed her whole head of hair red. Not like Rihanna red but Holly from Geordie Shore red. Crazy red you could call it, Tamika's doe-like brown eyes are flying around the canteen, watching everyone and what they're doing. Her eyes rest on a guy and girl sitting at a table in the corner of the canteen, they're all alone and you can tell they're a couple as they are snogging and all lovey dovey. Tamika is glaring at them with such fury, if looks could kill the girl would be torn to shreds. I now recognise the girl and guy, the guy is Tamika's ex, James. I recognise him from Geography and also from the looks Tamika is giving him, you could put the pieces together from the amount of gossip flying around at the time they broke up. Everyone knew the story but only some people knew the people as there's loads of James' around the school. The girl sitting with him is Camilla, she moved to the school only recently. Everyone said it was because of James that she moved but aren't we a little young to be falling in love like that? She's a year younger than him but he still likes her, age is just a number I suppose. I could say that about me and Zayn if he actually liked me. Camilla's soft hair is creating a curtain in front of James' face so we can't see them kissing, not that we'd want to! Tamika remains her gaze on the loved up couple as Amie clears her throat and tries to get the attention of these girls.


Tamika! Ruth! This is Abby! She swapped with Wally!

Amie's voice dulls slightly when she mentions Wally. Ruth eventually tears her gaze from a punk girl wearing a piercing on her lip and eyebrow to glance up at me. She smiles politely trying to distract me from the fact that she does a full length check on how short my uniform is. I observe everything carefully and notice straight away that she's staring at my hair and then my face and then finally looks me in the eye. Amie shoves my hand into Ruth's to shake her hand, Ruth is distracted by my appearance to notice that Amie controlled her hands into shaking mine. Tamika automatically lifts her hand blindly, her gaze is still on James and his girl. I don't need Amie's help to shake her hand so I do it independantly. Tamika doesn't smile as she can't see me and even if she does smile, it would appear to look as if she's smiling at the couple that she's been glaring at all lunch. Amie sat me down and launched into her daily bitching session. I know they do it all the time: during class, during lunch, at home, at parties, to the person's face, at sleepovers, while watching the person. And right now, the time they're using is during lunch and while watching the person which is two at the same time but you know what I mean! Amie sits there practically bitching about other people to herself as I'm not listening, Ruth is too concerned in a boy in the canteen line and Tamika is definetly not listening. 

I mean like... who does she think she is?! Walking round here like..

I try and concentrate on what Amie is saying but its just too hard to concentrate on her obnoxious, annoyingly high-pitched voice and all she's doing is bitching constantly. Thats when it hits me, these two girls sitting alongside me are Amie's followers. I couldn't come up with a better name but they follow her everywhere and she always bosses them around! This is actually starting to sound alot like Mean Girls now that I think about it. These two girls always constantly following Amie like she's some kind of god, crazy right? 

After a boring lunch of Amie continuously bitching about someone, Tamika never tearing her gaze from her ex and his girl and Ruth constantly eyeing people up on who they are and what they're wearing. I guess you could call Ruth nosey to want to know what everyone is wearing and who they are. You could say that Tamika hasn't really gotten over her past relationship, or she's just planning a way of getting James back. Anyways, I'm going offtrack! After a lunch of sitting with the Populars doing nothing, I actually wonder if Tammy cares where I am? I mean, she's bound to find out that Zayns home and she knows that Wally's last  name is Malik so any idiot would be able to put the pieces together. Only people in our class know that I swapped with Waliyha but clearly good news travels fast as loads of Directioners and fans kept coming up to me during lunch and before and after class to ask me whats it like living with thee Zayn Malik. I just shrug and keep my head down, suprisingly Amie stood up for me the times she was there. When it came to my class where Amie wasn't there, I dreaded it, but they all must be on their phones or something as the Populars at the back practically screamed at me the minute I walked in the door. I recognise the girls. Tiegan, the girl who swapped with Amie is the first to speak up, blowing a bubble with her pink chewing gum and twirling a ginger curl around her slim fingers. Her green eyes search my face,

Heeeeyyy Abby!!! Sit with us!!

She swings back in her seat, smiling widely flashing her pearly white teeth. She's the splitting image of her mother except nothing like her personality-wise. Her mother is lovely but Tiegan, being a part of the Populars, says enough. Tamika is sitting beside her, glaring at James' back as he sits at the front row, probably to avoid her and her wistful eyes. She suprises me by looking away and smiling up at me from her place, swinging in her chair. Her illuminatic red hair is noticeable from miles away as she pushes a strand of it to the side. I smile down at her politely and take the seat that Tiegan is holding out for me, between the two if them. James' recent girlfriend, Camilla, isn't in this class as she's a year younger than us, like I said before. James usually sits on his own all the time besides some guy friends as company, I guess it sucks for him when his girlfriend is the year below him. Well it might actually let their relationship last longer considering if he saw her in most of his classes as well as at lunch and at the weekends, I'm pretty sure he'd get sick of her. Maybe thats what happened to him and Tamika?

Us three spend the whole class laughing and giggling, gossiping and the sorts while constantly swinging on our chairs. Its actually such a laugh when the teacher lets you do whatever you want! All because of one little decision I made, being friends with the Populars. I'm actually suprised Tammy hasn't come for me or even Jenny, like they should know by now and Tammy will surely be pissed off at me. I shrug it off and continue talking with my 'girlfriends' as Tiegan likes to put it. Tamika is actually a really fun person when she's not staring or glaring at James, she's super funny with a sassy atiitude. I know she geniunely likes me and not just because I'm living with Zayn, still loving the sound of it! I have a feeling she'd go great with Louis considering he's the sass captain but too bad he's with that student/ model girl, whats her name again? Oh yeah, I roll my eyes, Eleanor Calder. I mean, I'm happy Louis is happy but there's alot of speculation and Youtube videos to point out some clinks in their armour of their so called 'strong' relationship. I mean, they're really cute together but they never take funny photos or laugh it just raises questions in my head. 

Once the afternoon is gone, I get to my locker in no time. Absentmindly checking my phone waiting for a text from Yaser. Finally I get one, walking out the school's main doors. I open it up and read,

From Yaser~

Abby?! Zayn's driver is picking you up so you know! The Landrover!!!

I reply with a simple 'Okay thanks.' And slide my phone back into my school uniform skirt. I make my way out the gates and immediatly find the Landrover and hop in, I recognise the familiar shape of Zayn's shadow and his familiar quiff. He turns around and hits a few buttons and notches before the tinted screen comes down, he laughs at my shocked expression,

So Abby.....we're making a little stop before going home, that okay with you?

I nod in awe at his God-like beauty, oh the things I wouldn't do to him! I shake my head as I try to clear them of all dirty thoughts but when I meet Zayn's eyes again, they immediatly return. He grins widely as my cheeks flush red, he turns back to the driver and starts talking as he lifts the screen back down once again. 

Once at their destination, I hear Zayn's car door open and his tall shadow dissapear to jump outside. A few seconds later, my car door is opened, Zayn holds it for me and beckons for me to come along. I look at me unsure but he nods and beckons once more, I hop out and follow him to wherever he's going. We walk down a cement path, Zayn got a baseball hat out of somehwere and slides it carefully onto his gelled quiff. I smile at his toned back, I'm walking behind him and hiding in his shadow even though he's the famous one and should be hiding but people ignore him as its a busy afternoon and probably not bothered enough to care. Zayn stops in front of a Starbucks and holds the door for me,


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