The Heartbreak

Rydel has everything she wants. Her dream boyfriend, awesome friends, nice house. But there's something missing. Follow Rydel Lynch on the journey of a lifetime.* Rydellington/Rarry fanfic*


1. Loud

(A/N: Each chapter, the outfits will be posted in the comments)


I pull my car into the school parking lot. I see the school flirt, Harry Styles waiting by my regular spot. I park Chubbs and hop out with my book bag, being careful not to break my new Steve Madden shoes.

"Styles, what are you doing?'

"Trying to get the prettiest girl to go out with me."

"O-okay. It just can't be past 8:30 because I have band practice." I stutter out and giggle at the end

"How's 7:00? tonight?"

"Okay." I walk to my locker grinning and see my friends Julie and Crystal waiting for me with expectant looks on their faces.

"Hey guys!"

"Don't hey guys us!" Crystal says.

"We saw you talking to Harry!" Julie says. Julie is like a sister to me. She's also dating Harry's friend and band mate, Niall.

"Oh. That. It was nothing but Harry Styles asking me out tonight!" I squeal.

"Well your lucky were gonna help you get ready!" They say in unison. I grab my books from my locker and walk arm in arm with them to our first period class.


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