Save Me

Emma doesn't know what to do with her life anymore. Her brother, her best friend in the whole world, has just passed away from cancer and she's running from her own problems. She begins to drink, suffering hangovers almost every morning. Her life feels empty, until she meets a boy who throws her life into a quite unexpected loop. She finds herself falling in love, and learning that you always have to face your problems; but you never have to face them alone.


2. Party At the Ice Machine

Harry's P.O.V

"Aye, Harry, we're out of ice. Can you go down and get some?" Niall yelled from the kitchen. He was compltley drunk and I couldn't help but laugh at him. All the other boys were in bed, but Niall had made me stay up with him so he wouldn't be alone while watching TV. Instead, he had tried to get me to drink with him and when I refused he shrugged it off and drank his ass off.

"Sure thing, I'll be right back," I said, grabbing the ice bucket. To be honest, I didn't want to go back to my room for a while. Not unless Niall's drunk ass was passed out or he went to his own flat. It's not that I dont love him, because I do, I just wanted to go to bed. We had a concert tomorrow (or should i say today?).

As I pressed the ice bucket to the machine I heard someone's voice.

"Oh my fucking God," they whispered to themselves. Thinking they had seen me and were going to attack me i dove behind the ice machine, "why do I keep hitting the wall?" They yelled. I couldn't help but laugh. I could tell she was drunk by the way her words slurred. She walked up to the ice machine and began pooring ice into the bucket. I did a double take as i realized how beautiful she was. Her blond hair was thrown into a messy bun, she hardly had any make-up on, she was tan, with piercingly blue eyes. I stood there completley mesmerized.

"Is someone there?" She asked scared. I must have sighed or hit something while I was staring at her, because she was now looking in my direction. I stepped out from behind the machine and fixed my hair.

"Yeah, sorry," I felt my cheeks getting red. She squinted at me for a really long time. She actually squinted quite hard as if she was trying to see me, and then errupted into a fit of very cute, but very drunk, giggles, "What?" I couldn't help but smile at her compulsive laughter.

"Don't get me wrong or anything," She mumured, " but you have got some extremely big hair,"

I laughed along with her for a few moments. She was a funny drunk, and she obviously couldnt tell who I was, and by the way she was squinting at me I could tell there was something wrong with her vision.

Suddenly, she began to look very pale, "Are you okay?" I asked, putting a hand on her shoulder. She was begining to sway back and forth.

"I'm awesome," She giggled. And with that she passed out and fell into my chest. The ice bucket cluttered to the floor with a loud bang. Shit. I thought. I obviously couldn't just leave her there. She was so beautiful, someone might take her or hurt her or she could get thrown out of the hotel. I would have to take her back to my room. I picked her up bridal style and left my ice bucket on the ground.

When I entered my suite, I found Niall passed out on the kitchen floor. I laughed silently too myself, he looked as if he had been dancing the inchworm because his butt was up in the air.

I layed the girl in my bed and flipped her onto her stomach. I pulled off my shirt and pants so that I was only wearing my Calvin Kleins, and crawled into bed beside her. I thought about it for a moment and realised that if he woke up the next morning next to a stranger, she might get the wrong idea and start to panick. I grabbed a pillow and searched the hotel room for a blanket. Sighing, I flung my body onto the couch and was out cold before my head hit the pillow.

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