Save Me

Emma doesn't know what to do with her life anymore. Her brother, her best friend in the whole world, has just passed away from cancer and she's running from her own problems. She begins to drink, suffering hangovers almost every morning. Her life feels empty, until she meets a boy who throws her life into a quite unexpected loop. She finds herself falling in love, and learning that you always have to face your problems; but you never have to face them alone.


5. Look Who Can See!

Emma's P.O.V

"Oh," I covered my face embarassed that there was yet another boy here to see me hurling up my guts, "How many of you are there exactly?" I asked, my voice quiet.

All three boys errupted into laughter, "Well theres 5 of us," The newest addition to the pack of boys explained, "Theres me, my name is Zayn,"

"And me, I'm Niall,"

"Well I knew you already, as of this morning," I smiled at Niall. He was quite the funny boy. He reminded me a lot of Owen. And suddenly I wanted to find a bottle a vodka.

"And I'm Harry," Said the one who had carried me here last night when I passed out. The name suited him because so far, the only physical feature I could pick up on was his tall stature and his big hair. He tossed my contacts at me and I made a horrible attempt at catching them. I couldn't see so what was he expecting? "Oh my gosh I forgot you couldn't see," Harry giggled.

"Hmm... how weird considering at was my contacts you were throwing at me," This made all the boys laugh and I smiled, satisfied with myself.

"And your name would be?" Zayn asked.

"Emma," I heard myself say without even thinking.

"Well, Emma," Zayn emphasized my name and leaned against the door frame, "Harry and I will leave you two too it," he said gesturing twoard the toilet, and with that they both left the bathroom and went downstairs.

"You really cant see can you?" Niall asked, genuinley curious.

"Nope, why do you ask?"

He laughed as if it was obvious, "Oh, I was just wondering,"

"Which is why I should probably put these in," I said getting up and ignoring his previous statement. I looked into the bathroom mirror and focused as hard as I could on my eyes. I popped one contact in and then the other. I stared at my reflection for a while. I looked horrid. My usually tan skin was a lighter shade and my mascara was running down the corners on my eyes. I ran the faucet and began to clean up, "Do you think Harry would mind if I took a shower?" I asked, turning twoard Niall. Too my surprise he was quite attractive and i couldn't help but smile. I had just been barfing into a toilet with an attractive boy I had just met this morning. How charming.

"Probably not," Niall said getting off the floor and brushing off his underwear. I hadn't even noticed he didn't have a shirt or pants on until now. I could feel my face getting red, "Oh sorry, I'll be going to my room now so if you need anything don't hesitate," he said with a wink.

I watched him walk out just to be sure and began to strip down to just my socks. I searched for a towel and layed it in front of the shower. Before hopping in I looked around for some advil or some sort of pain killer. My head was still spinning and throbbing. Just my luck, I didn't find anything.

I couldn't help myself but sing in the shower. It had to happen, I loved too sing. My friends back home always asked me to sing for them. They said I was good, but I never really let it go to my head. I belted out the words to my current favorite song, "Funny you're the broken one, but I'm the only one that needed saving," The words seemed to fit my life pretty well. I did need a saving and I needed one now.

I rinsed the conditioner out of my hair and tried to scrub the stench of alcohol off of my body. I had probably been to just about four clubs in the past couple days. It made me feel wrong and guilty, but I couldn't help. It was my only escape from my own mind. The music was loud, and I couldn't hear myself think. Tons of guys hit on me, but I never went home with one, thak God. I was still a virgin and I wasn't going to give that up to anyone while I was drunk.

I stepped out of the shower and dried myself off. In a panic I realised that I didn't have a change of clothes. I slowly opened the door to the bathroom and looked out into the master bedroom. There, on the bed, lay one of my outfits that was in my suit case. Harry must have grabbed it while he was getting my contacts. I shut the bedroom door and let the towel fall to the ground. I threw on the outift. It was a simple pair of dark skinny jeans, a loose and black blouse, and a balck belt that matched.

I found the hair drier that's attached to every hotel room all over the U.S. Or at least every hotel I've ever been too. I combed out my hair and quickly dried it. My hair was so long and I was very proud of it. It was the only part of myself that I liked. It stopped halfway down my back and was extremley blond.

I sat on the floor, thinking of my next move, "Well I could check out?" I whispered to myself. No. I didn't know where I was going. What's that point in leaving? Hell, I didn't even know where I was. And so there was my next step. Too find out where I was.

I drug myself up and picked up all my dirty clothes, folding them into a neat pile and laying them on the master bed. I gathered my thoughts, which was very difficult considering my head was still throbbing. I could make it go away if I had a bottle of vodka. No. Stop. I didn't need any alcohol at 11 in the morning. I needed to go downstairs and find Harry and Zayn. I walked out of the bedroom and found the kitchen. Harry was sitting, his back to me, at the kitchen table. I didn't see Zayn anywhere.

"Hey," I said sheepishly, startling him.

"Oh, sorry I didn't hear you come in," Harry turned to face me. I was stunned at how beautiful he was. His big hair sat in a curly mess atop his head. He had big pink lips and hypnotizing emerald-green eyes. He smiled and his teeth where perfectly straight and white.

"It's okay, sorry for startling you," I apologized. Harry stood and it suddenly dawned on me, "You look sort of farmiliar, do I know you from somewhere?"

"Well, I mean, probably," He began, but he was interrupted by the woman on the TV.

"For all you Directioners out there," she said in a preppy voice, "Harry Styles was spotted last night, carrying a girl back to his hotel room. We aren't sure of the details, but we are sure there's something going on," I stood, stunned, facing the TV. I was staring at a picture of me passed out in Harry's arms in the hotel hallway.

What. The. Hell.


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