A Big Mistake

"You were the biggest mistake of my life! I never want to see you again!" I shouted at Niall. "Brittany please don't do this." He begged grabbing my hand so I couldn't run away.
I looked into his eyes. His beautiful blue eyes that I had once fallen in love with. "I thought fairytales were real ever since I met you. Apparently I was wrong. I'm done with you Niall James Horan! Just leave me alone." I yanked my hand away from his grasp and ran into my apartment slamming the door shut behind me. I slid down the door and cried on the floor.
It seemed like everything in my life was falling apart. I never thought he would do that to me, but I was wrong. I made a mistake. A big mistake.


8. The Birthday Disaster (Part 1)

Brittany's Point of View 

About a month has passed since the incident of my dad and I. The police found him in an ally way and promised me that he would be in jail for life. The boys offered for me to move in with them, which I gladly accepted since my mom was never home. I've gotten closer with the boys then ever. Louis and Zayn were like the older brothers I never had. They constantly teased me all day, everyday, except when they went on their strange outings which I never was invited to for some reason. Liam was my father figure. Every time I needed advice I would always go to him. He was actually really good at it. Niall and I became an official couple. He invited me to share his room with him. I liked cuddling with him at night. He was like a warm teddy bear. Harry was...odd. He used to be close to me. Closer than the other boys at least, with the exception of Niall. But, ever since Niall and I announced we were a couple, he became colder to me. I don't know why though. I thought it was because he might of had a crush on me, but I realized I was wrong when he came home every night with a different girl to shag. Well, anyways, that's my life. Now back to the story! 

I woke up tangled in Niall's arms. I loved waking up this way. He was warm and soft. And he held me close to him. It made me feel special. I rolled over on the bed and quickly pecked Niall on the lips. He smiled in his sleep, which made me laugh. I went to the bathroom and took a nice long hot shower. I knew that the boys wouldn't be up this early so I had the house to myself. I hummed Happy Birthday to myself as the warm water ran over my naked body. It was my birthday, obviously, but I didn't tell any of the boys because I knew they would make a big deal over nothing. After all, I was only turning 18. Nothing special about that too me. I climbed out of the shower and changed into this: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=63838172. I wanted to go sexier today since it was my birthday. I had decided I would be extra nice today and cook breakfast for the boys. I headed towards the kitchen. It was dark. I flipped on the lights to go pick out what I wanted to make. 

"Surprise!" Liam, Louis, Zayn, and Niall had shouted. Harry just stood awkwardly in the corner. They were holding up a giant tray of chocolate chip muffins (my fave). On each muffin was a letter in icing. It spelled out Happy B Day Britt. 

"Wow! You guys are amazing! How'd you even know it was my birthday?" I asked. 

"I called you're mom." Niall replied. "I wanted to make sure that whatever day it was, it would be special." 

"Awww." I cooed. I ran over and hugged him. He pecked me on the lips quickly since the other boys were in the room. 

"Ewww go get a room." Louis said, pretending to throw up. 

I purposely kissed Niall again. Everyone chuckled except Harry. Niall blushed a faint pink. 

"You guys are the best." I said. "Thank you." 

"Not a prob little sis." Louis said picking me up in a hug and spinning me around. 

"Yeah we have another surprise too!" Zayn said also hugging me. 

"What is it?" I asked. 

"You get to meet Dani and Eleanor." Liam said. 

"Oh My god! When?" I squealed. 

"In about a month!" Louis shouted. 

"Oh." I said disappointed. "I thought I would meet them sooner." 

"Well, they would have come today, but both their jobs require them to stay longer in America." Liam added. 

"That's ok! I can still have fun with my boys! What are we going to do first?" I asked. 

"Well, we would love to be with you on your birthday, but we need to be somewhere." Harry said. 

I looked at him. it was the first time he had spoken to me in weeks. "That's ok." I said dejectedly. "Go have some fun." 

"It's not that fun babe. It's work." Niall said pecking me on the cheeks. "We'll be home by eight o clock tonight. Then we're going to a club since you're legal."

"Will I ever get to find out what you guys are doing?" I asked. 

"Maybe someday, just not today." Liam added. "We would love to tell you, but it would make all our lives harder." 

"Wait, so you guys aren't spies, where if you tell me, you'll have to kill me?" I asked.

"I wish we were spies." Louis whined. "That would be the coolest thing ever!!!" he high fived Zayn. 

"Right, well we better be going. Bye Britt. And sorry I can't be with you on your birthday." Niall said pulling me in for a hug. 

"It's fine. Really. go do whatever you guys have to do." I said. 

As soon as they left the house I grabbed a bowl of cereal and flipped on the tv. I picked up a spoonful of cereal and munched on it. 

"And it looks like Niall Horan has a very special lady in his life." The announcer said.

I choked and spluttered on my cereal. Why was she saying Niall's name?

She clicked her remote control and a picture of a blonde teen boy was shown on the screen. I gasped. That wasn't just any boy. That was my Niall. She clicked her remote again and a picture of me flashed up on the screen. Why was I on the tv too? 

"If you want to find out who this special lady is, tweet Niall about it online on twitter. She clicked her remote and a twitter address flipped up on the screen. 

I grabbed my laptop and went on google. I searched Niall Horan. Millions of pics of him flashed up on the screen with him and the boys. My boys. What the hell was going on? I clicked on a picture of the five boys on a stage with screaming girls in front of them. It lead me to a youtube video with the title "What Makes You Beautiful- One Direction." I clicked play. It was the song I liked. They were singing a live concert in front of millions of girls everywhere. It was huge! My jaw dropped. Those were my boys singing in front of girls. There was a sidebar with a video title of "Niall Horan and his mystery girl". I clicked on that video too. It was me and him walking down the road next to the London eye. I recognized him in his beanie wearing the tank top that I loved so much. I knew it was me because I was wearing the exact same outfit that was in Niall's closet. I couldn't believe that we had been dating for a month now and they still hadn't told me about this. I had a right to know since I was living with them! 

I ran to Niall and I's room. He must have a written schedule somewhere. I flipped through his side of the room. On his desk was a stack of papers. I sifted through them until I found a calendar book. I flipped it open and found today's date. He had a heart circled around the square that had Brittany's Birthday written in it. I smiled at his thoughtfulness, but I was still pissed he never told me. Under my name there was an arrow that pointed downwards. He had written "Practice" with the name of the theater written on it. 

I grabbed my coat and decided on taking a little adventure to where they were practicing. I hailed a taxi and told the driver the address I wanted to go to. He dropped me off at an older building. It was dirty, not really the first place you would think a world famous band would practice. I pushed open the front doors anyways. I could hear the faint sounds of music being played in the distance. I didn't recognize the melody but I could hear the boys laughter as one of them sang. The singer sounded a little bit like Liam. I traveled down the hallway and came across a security guard. I put my finger to my lips telling him to be quiet and held up my phone with a picture of Niall and I kissing. He nodded his head in acknowledgment and allowed me to pass through.

I traveled further down the hallway. The music got louder. There was a door off to my right. A sign was taped to it that said "Audience Seats". I pushed it open quietly and climbed up a set of stairs. It brought me to a giant area of seating. I chose the farthest row up and in the back so that way the boys wouldn't notice me. I sat in the middle seat of the row. 

My eyes found Niall right away. The boys were standing in a row with the microphones in front of them. Niall's hands were clasped around his mic as he began to sing a solo line. After he was done singing it was Louis' turn. He sang his line. Then the rest of the boys joined in and that was the last of that song. 

"Alright boys. You have to sing one more song, then you can go home early. You've been doing a really good job today."

The boys cheered and the chords for a new song picked up. Liam sang, then Harry, then the rest of the boys, then Niall, than Louis, then Zayn then all of them together. There voices sounded wonderful together. They sang out the last chord. It was oddly silent after they were done singing, kind of like they had cast a spell over the crew watching them. I took that as my cue. I stood up from my seat and started walking down the stairs clapping slowly. The boys turned around in confusion until all five pairs of eyes found me leaning against the rail. They all had a similar look of shock in them. 

"Brittany." Niall gasped.

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