A Big Mistake

"You were the biggest mistake of my life! I never want to see you again!" I shouted at Niall. "Brittany please don't do this." He begged grabbing my hand so I couldn't run away.
I looked into his eyes. His beautiful blue eyes that I had once fallen in love with. "I thought fairytales were real ever since I met you. Apparently I was wrong. I'm done with you Niall James Horan! Just leave me alone." I yanked my hand away from his grasp and ran into my apartment slamming the door shut behind me. I slid down the door and cried on the floor.
It seemed like everything in my life was falling apart. I never thought he would do that to me, but I was wrong. I made a mistake. A big mistake.


1. Preface

"Honey wake up! Please wake up!" I could hear my mom shouting at me. 

I wanted to say that I was fine, that everything would be ok, but my lips couldn't form around the words. I was too weak to say them. I felt myself being wheeled on a gurney. I knew I was somewhere in the hospital from the sickly smell of cleanliness. The wheeling stopped and I heard a door slam shut. 

"Clear!" One of the doctors yelled. 

I didn't know what that meant, but I soon understood when my whole body was 
shocked with an electric current. It hurt so bad, perhaps made me feel even weaker, like 
I was getting ready to go into a deep sleep. 

"Clear!" the doctor shouted again. I wanted to cry out in pain, tell them to stop, but I couldn't. 

"It's not working!" another doctor shouted. 

What wasn't working? What was wrong? What's going on? I could hear a woman sobbing in the corner. I realized it was my mother. I wanted to run over to her, hug her, cry out to her, tell her everything was going to be ok, but my muscles wouldn't even twitch. There was a long beeping sound that came from the room. This noise made my mother cry even harder. 

"I'm sorry Mrs. Roxo. You're daughter Brittany is dead." 

My mom screamed out in agony. I wanted to cry. My mom had never been like this before. I was her everything, ever since my dad left us. But wait, I couldn't be dead could I? If I was dead, how could I hear everything that was going on? I felt myself be wheeled into another room. My mom sat down next to me and squeezed my hand begging for me to come back. 

Suddenly, there was a bright white light up ahead. It was beautiful. Captivating. It was tantalizing. I wanted to step into the light, to live there forever. But I couldn't could I? 

I knew I had to decide soon since my feet were subconsciously walking towards it. I neared the light. I could practically taste it on my tongue. I bathed in it. Loved it. But my mind had a thought of it's own. I wasn't ready for this light yet, was I? I began to step away from it. It was my choice now. Do I go to this bright unknown light? Or do I stay and fight to be alive?



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