the unicorn

charlie the unicorn is going on a adventure into the wild wilderness. On the way he meets lots of different characters bunnypigs, kowarlaphants and many more.


3. the wild wilderness

 " its up ahead guys. half an hour to get here but its worth it " said saphire "charlie because im the youngest here, can i get in my cloak and stay close, i mean close. only cause you know, the roomers going around, if go in, you dont come out? " asked dave 

" yeah sure, but dont dribble on me like you did last time" replied charlie. dave didnt answer. " ok, now theres deffinetly NO turning back. you know why cause we've been too scared of this adventure. and im not gonna let that get in the way of it!" said charlie loudly "but theres said to be trolls in here charlie" answered dave "all thats gobble-de-goop. no one has ever been in here its all made up nonsense. so stop listening to comlete strangers dave. ok. any way now thats over with, whats the matter with saphrie. OH NOOO shes having one of her holographic mind-videos after this, all her energy will be drained from her body."  charlie shouted worriedly "well thats good cause we have been stood here for 15 minutes and shes was still daydreaming so we can drag saphire on the emergancy sleigh we keep in case it snows. acording to my calculations we can make it one quater of the way through towards canyfloss island oh yeah i didnt mention when we reach the end of the wild wilderness if there even is one it then leads to an mithic candfloss island. its also said to be a mystery wether it actually is there or not" dave said scienctificly "ok mr brain box"said charlie sarcasticly "right now we're on 2 hours of walking"dave said tiredly "look dave look its the bridge isnt that the one quater mark?" charlie said excitedly "yeah yeah lets set up camp and put our heads down for tomorro." said half asleep dave. so charlie and dave set up camp, they made a warm fire and a purple tent with daves techie spay on the outside, to stop intruders intruding in the night. they tucked themselfs tight (including saphire) in cozy sleeping bags, with an extra fluffy blanket over the top. 2 padlocks on the zip one at the top one at the bottom and a 27 number code in the middle to be extra safe. then they drifted swiftly to sleep until the next day. 

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