the unicorn

charlie the unicorn is going on a adventure into the wild wilderness. On the way he meets lots of different characters bunnypigs, kowarlaphants and many more.


2. adventures

" well what do you want to do today guys? " questioned charlie    

 "i dunno " mumbled dave . saphire starring into space STILL!!!!!

but without warning saphire randomly shouted out DANGER, TROLLS, VALLEY, CANDYFLOSS everyone stared at her

"dave charlie" saphire asked "what just happend what did i say" charlie and dave looked at her weirdly "eerrr," muttered dave. "anyway, i think we should go on our most wildest adventure yet what about you guys?where should we go cyber city,mental maze or you know where, the wild wilderness?!!?!!" repeated charlie "ok only if i can bring my invisibilaty cloak" asked dave "ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!"charlie and saphire laughed "fine lets go go go come everyone lets go go go!!" everyone shouted happily "we're off to the wild wilderness!!!!!!" dave chunterd

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