A Feeling i've Never Felt

This story follows the life of Charlotte Reece. She goes by Charlie. Charlie is going to London for a month after graduating high school. She is more than relieved to leave all the grief and heartache from her town. but when she meets a certain curly haired boy and starts feeling ways that she hasn't before, will she just end up with more heartache? She's vulnerable and when he's with her he's different. They change each other, but how long can this bliss last?


6. Chapter 4

When I returned to the flat I saw Julia sitting on the sofa watching tv. “ Morning Julia!” I said smiling as I walked in. she looked surprised. “…Good morning..” I laughed at her slow talking as she curiously looked at me. I just kept doing what I was doing. I handed her the pastries and she dug in. I then quickly went to my room and changed out of my coffee filled clothes. That whole day we just walked around the area by our flat. We wanted to see what it was like. Because it was our first night in London we decided it would only be right if we went clubbing. I seriously couldn’t be more excited. This day just really couldn’t get better. I wore a black, skin-tight dress and nude pumps. I’m not gonna lie my mom wouldn’t really like my outfit. We walked to the club because we had seen it earlier today while we were walking. I walked in, followed by Julia. It was incredible. Because of my age in America I couldn’t go clubbing but here I could and I could drink! We both went and got some drinks then sat around and people watched for a while. Everyone was so close and no one was like crazy drunk yet because the night was still pretty young. I decided I wanted to go dance. Julia didn’t want to join. I had a few beers and I have to admit I was a bit drunk. Not really drunk, I still had all my senses but I felt a little buzz. I got on the dance floor and had a blast. Some desperate guys started grinding with me but I would just walk away. Boys couldn’t ruin my fun! I literally went so hard. Ive never been much of a partier but I didn’t know any of these people so who cares! Julia had eventually gotten up and joined the fun after a few beers for her aswell. I went to sit down for a bit. It was pretty late now. I was sitting in my chair and checking my cell phone. A very attractive guy who looked a little bit older than me came up to me. “ Hello gorgeous..” he said with a smirk. “ hi” I said shyly. “ ohh I’ve gotten lucky. Innocent American girls are my favorite…” he growled. I stood up to walk away. My heart was pounding o hard against my chest I wanted to scream but nothing came out. He grabbed me and pushed me out the back door to a small narrow alley. It was dark and cold. He led me to a group of guys. I inferred they were his friends. They are going to kill me! I thought.

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