A Feeling i've Never Felt

This story follows the life of Charlotte Reece. She goes by Charlie. Charlie is going to London for a month after graduating high school. She is more than relieved to leave all the grief and heartache from her town. but when she meets a certain curly haired boy and starts feeling ways that she hasn't before, will she just end up with more heartache? She's vulnerable and when he's with her he's different. They change each other, but how long can this bliss last?


4. Chapter 3


. I woke up from a terrible nightmare. Julia was still asleep so I just got ready. I took a shower and got dressed and ready. I then wrote Julia a note so she wouldn’t freak when she woke up. I walked down the street. It was a nice day. I found a small bakery that looked good so I went inside to get Julia and I some breakfast. I ordered a coffee for me, one for Julia and some like pastry things. The man handed me my coffee and as I turned around to leave, two coffees in my hand and a bag of pastries, I run smack into a tall boy. He had brow curly hair and the perfect body, which I could tell was rock solid. He was wearing sunglasses so I couldn’t see his eyes. He also had on black skinny jeans that fit his body perfectly. I swear I must’ve been in heaven. He was perfect he was god like. I had been so caught up in his appearance I hadn’t noticed there was coffee all over me. It took only a second before reality hit me. He pulled off his glasses and grabbed a billion napkins. “ I’m so sorry love!” he said in deep British accent. His eyes were green. They were beautiful. “ Don’t worry about it, really. It was my fault.” I replied as he rubbed my covered stomach with the napkins. I let out a giggle and he looked up smiling. It was as if my laugh made him smile.


Harry’s POV:


I felt absolutely terrible. I just made some lovely girl drop one of her coffees all over herself. I grabbed some napkins to help clean all the coffee off her shirt. “ I’m so sorry love!” I said as I rubbed her stomach. I was truly sorry and I hoped she could see that. “ Don’t worry about it, really. It was my fault.” She replied. Her voice was sweet and reassuring. She was American. She was the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen. She had gorgeous green eyes, long brown hair, and a tall skinny figure. She started giggling as I rubbed off the coffee. I don’t know why but her little laugh brought a smile to my face. I looked up at her smiling, which seemed to make her smile more and blush a little. She was so beautiful. “ That tickles!” she said laughing. I let out a laugh. I couldn’t help it. I don’t know what was happening but I couldn’t be tough macho man Harry when I saw her. She made me feel like I was completely at her mercy and we hadn’t even really talked. I stood up. I pretty much towered her small 5’4 frame. “ I’m Harry!” I whispered. I didn’t want to talk loud because I didn’t want anyone to notice me. “ I’m Charlie.” She whispered back, giggling. Her smile. I don’t even know where to begin. “ Well, I am terribly sorry for making you drop you coffee. Can I buy a new one?” I offered. I wanted more time. “ oh no thank you Harry. I have to get back to my flat. My cousin is probably worried, but thank you.” I wish she didn’t have to go. I wish I could learn more about her because it wasn’t normal for someone to feel the way I felt about some random girl. She smiled sweetly then walked to the door. On her way out I called to her, “ See you around” she smiled again and waved to me. I dint know what was happening but, I felt weird and changed. She made me feel different. I wish this could’ve lasted forever.


Charlie’s POV:

“ See you around!” Harry called to me as I walked out. He was incredible. Not only was he extremely attractive he also was such a gentleman and so sweet. He made me feel happy which was impossible for me. I just wanted to smile when I looked at him. I probably looked like fool, smiling the whole time.  

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