A Feeling i've Never Felt

This story follows the life of Charlotte Reece. She goes by Charlie. Charlie is going to London for a month after graduating high school. She is more than relieved to leave all the grief and heartache from her town. but when she meets a certain curly haired boy and starts feeling ways that she hasn't before, will she just end up with more heartache? She's vulnerable and when he's with her he's different. They change each other, but how long can this bliss last?


3. Chapter 2

We went through all the security and checked in our bags then walked over to the gate. Well we were kind of speed walk/ running. As soon as we got to the gate, over the loud speaker they called, “ FLIGHT 227 TO LONDON, ENGLAND NOW BOARDING.” I let out a sigh of relief. We had gotten there right on time. We slowly boarded the airplane and found our seats. The plane took off and I soon fell into a slumber of peaceful dreams for the whole flight. I was woken up bye Julia shaking me. Its always hard for me to wake up because, in my sleep I don’t have any worries and I’m happy. I’ve only been to London once in my life. I went when I was like 9 but I still remember what a great trip it was. My whole family was there. We were all together and we had so much fun. We walk in to the Heathrow airport and Julia’s eyes go wide as she looks around. I laugh a bit then pull her outside. We catch a cab and drive to our flat. We are going to be here for a whole month so we decided we would need to go grocery shopping and stuff. As we drove we both looked out the windows to see all the places we could go. It was late though and we were both extremely tired even though we had slept the entire plane ride. We got to our flat, paid the driver and changed for bed. I fell asleep as soon as I hit the sheets. Once again I fell into a land of pure happiness and wonder. There was hope for everyone and love was still kind

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