A Feeling i've Never Felt

This story follows the life of Charlotte Reece. She goes by Charlie. Charlie is going to London for a month after graduating high school. She is more than relieved to leave all the grief and heartache from her town. but when she meets a certain curly haired boy and starts feeling ways that she hasn't before, will she just end up with more heartache? She's vulnerable and when he's with her he's different. They change each other, but how long can this bliss last?


2. Chapter 1

I grabbed my suitcase and car keys and ran downstairs. I had to get to the airport! My plane to London was leaving in an hour and a half and I have to do all the security stuff. I kissed my mom on the cheek then ran out the door. I pulled out the driveway and started driving to the airport. DAMMIT! I had to pick up my cousin. How had I forgotten that! We have been planning this trip since we were in sixth grade. We had just graduated high school. This was our parent’s graduation present for us. Man, this was an incredible present. I made a dangerous turn and zoomed to her house. Thankfully she lived two streets down from me so, I got there quick. I honked like thirty times. Then I saw her. She was a mess. I couldn’t help but a laugh a bit at her appearance. She was struggling down the three steps in front of her house with a giant suitcase and her hair all over the place. I got out of the car laughing and ran to help her. we quickly put all her stuff in the car and made our way to the airport. “ I’m so excited!!” she squealed as were pulling up to the giant airport and I parked. “ Me too! This is going to be the best summer ever!” I replied. “ Charlie, you can finally leave all the shit you’ve been through behind.” She said. I smiled at the thought. My name is Charlotte Reece. I go by Charlie. I have long brown hair that is wavy and I have green eyes. I get them from my mom. She is beautiful. I love her so much. I thought about what Julia, my cousin, had said. Could it be true? Is that really possible? For a whole month I wouldn’t have to deal with the grief and the constant reminders and the heartless girls who made me feel terrible, and for the first time I really believed this trip could turn out to be a good one. 

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thank you for reading this! it will be kind of slow in the beginning but i promise it get loads better! please tell me what you think about it so far! 

stay beautiful! <3 - marisa

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