A Feeling i've Never Felt

This story follows the life of Charlotte Reece. She goes by Charlie. Charlie is going to London for a month after graduating high school. She is more than relieved to leave all the grief and heartache from her town. but when she meets a certain curly haired boy and starts feeling ways that she hasn't before, will she just end up with more heartache? She's vulnerable and when he's with her he's different. They change each other, but how long can this bliss last?


5. Author's Note

Hello! I'm kind of scared/ nervous to post more because i don't know if its good or not yet... Do you guys like this at all? Should i keep writing more or should i start over? I'm going to post a chapter right now anyway because i already wrote out but please please please tell me what you think. it means the world to me. 

Stay Beautiful<3 - marisa

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