Love or Drama? (One Direction)

When liam Payne from One Direction has a girlfriend who he has been dating for a year named Zoey and Harry Styles has a girlfriend who has been together with for 8 months named Alison, what crazy things will happen? Will Liam even ask Zoey to marry him? Will she accept or decline ? Will things go out of hand when the weeding comes? Or will Zoey and Alison just live every girls dream and have a perfect life with no drama? --- Based on my dream lol---


3. It was only a dream

Harry's POV:

I was watching Ally sleep because I was up early and was thinking about what to do with her today when I saw here crying. Oh what should i do I thought and started to shake her to get her to wake up.


Ally's POV:

Harry was yelling at me and shaking me and telling me to grow up it was over and to never talk to him again. I woke up to find Harry actually shaking me, I was sweating and was crying. I turned and saw Harry he right away asked "What wrong?" I got so mad I staring crying again. Harry healed me and kept asking me what happened  I relies ed it was just a dream and backed out of his hug and said " Harry would yo ever break up with me?" 

"No never why what happened?"

"Harry i had a dream you broke up with me and never wanted to talk to me again" That's when I started crying again.

He took my hands and said "Look at me love, I would never do that and it was only a dream please dont cry."

"Sorry , ya your right it was only a dream."

"No need to be sorry now lets get changed and i'll take you out for brunch and then will go and see the boys?ya"

"Sounds good." I said. 

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