My Arranged Boyfriend

Harry Styles isn't exactly the 'one' for Haley Green. She isn't obsessed with One Direction, like all the other girls in school. She is the most popular girl at school. All the boys want to be her boyfriend. She tries to tell her parents she doesn't want to be Harry Styles' girlfriend. But they just won't listen. Haley decides she's going to make it as difficult for Harry as she can. Only until she finds herself falling head over heels for him.


11. The Party

Haley's P.O.V

We arrive at the beach at 6:00 to set up. I blast the music. 'Feel This Moment' comes on. "I need to ask you something babe." I take off running down the beach, "Gotta catch me first." I turn around, Harry stops and falls on top of me. I grab the collar of his shirt, pulling him into kiss me. "Awww!" I look up. "Justin!" Harry jumps up, running to him. I walk over to them, "You must be Haley. Harry's told me so much about you." I blush, and look at the ground. "Harry you've got a good one. Better keep her." Harry laughs, "Don't have a choice. But if I did I would." Justin laughs, "Is Niall coming?" Then we see Niall running to the beach, "JUSTIN!!!" "And your answer." I giggle. Shannon come running to me, "Why is Justin Bieber here!?" "He's pals with Harry. Go talk to him." I shove her to him. "Hi. I'm Shannon." "Wow. You're beautiful." "Hands off Justin!" Louis yells. I'm practacly rolling on the ground laughing. "You should have.. ave seen Louis face.!!" My other friend, Lila come down. "Haley, babe! Long time no see. OmG! Is that Justin Bieber." "Yes." "Sick party! So who's your boyfriend." My head shoots up, "YOU HAVEN'T HEARD!!! GET TWITTER!!" "It's Harry." Shannon says. "As in Harry Styles. Ewww. Why would you date him." Harry walks over and chuckles, "Glad to see I have fans." 

*45 minutes later* 

Harry's P.O.V 

Everyone has arrived, now. Mission 1. Get Haley drunk. I just have to see that side of her. Mission 2. Pull an all-nighter. "Haley have you drank before?" She nods, vigerously, "I get drunk really fast." I hand her a beer. "Just to let you know. I do some stupid stuff." I laugh, "Baby. That's why we're here." I grab her hand walking down the beach a little bit. I sit down pulling her with me. "Haley, I love you." "Baby. I love you too." She pecks my lips. I deepen the kiss by pushing herdow onto the sand. Her dainty fingers clenching my curls. I gently bite her bottom lip, looking for access. I push my tongue into her mouth. She moans. "Mhmm." I reply. After about 4 minutes we pull away gasping for air. Haley smiles. Her blue eyes shining. She leans in licking my bottom lip. Teasing me. I lay down on my back. She climbs on top of me. I smirk at how adorable she is. Her nose grazes my neck. "Haley." I moan. She looks at me, I wave my hand for her to 'Carry on' (A/N: fun.) Soft, plump lips meet my nose. They then trail down to my shoulders. She reaches for the hem of my shirt, "This has to come off."I nod, and help her lift it over my head. Sweet kisses trail down my body. I sigh. She's absoloutly PERFECT.

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